SNL’s Biting Take on Putin/Trump/Tillerson Administration

December 18, 2016


4 Responses to “SNL’s Biting Take on Putin/Trump/Tillerson Administration”

  1. dumboldguy Says:

    Watched it live on TV and it was great. There are HUUUUGE questions about the interlocking personal and financial relationships between Putin, Tillerson, and Trump, and Trump’s postponing for a month his “tell us all how he’s going to avoid conflicts of interest” press conference is worrying. Let’s hope that the Senate really digs into Tillerson’s relationship with Putin and the Russian fossil fuel interests and shows us what’s lurking in that “swamp”.

  2. Loved it…

    Putin, oil and the warming arctic.. I watched this short video by Financial Times called Frozen Dreams: Russia’s Arctic Obsession… it talks about the soon to be lifted sanctions… it was interesting..

    • dumboldguy Says:

      Interesting? Yes, as an illustration of the lengths the human race will go to in order to plunder the planet, as well as a look at the thinking in Russia, a failed country that doesn’t yet know it’s dead and is going to keel over. Just as Miami will soon become the poster child for stupidity regarding SLR, Russia will be the poster child for oil and gas development in the arctic, a place that should be left to the reindeer, narwhals, walrus, and polar bears.

      The main thing keeping Russia upright is the fact that it’s the world’s #1 exporter of crude oil and the #2 exporter of natural gas—–nearly 70% of Russia’s export income comes from fossil fuels. Putin and his gang of thugs (the so-called Russian Mafia and Oligarchs) have stolen the country for personal gain, and the average Russian is sucking hind tit. Life expectancy and population are declining in Russia, and sad places like Tiksi are going to become more common, particularly if and when the SHTF and we finally begin to move away from fossil fuels in a big way and Russia’s ace in the hole becomes stranded assets.

      If the sanctions are lifted and Tillerson, Putin, and Exxon are given a free hand in Siberia and the Arctic Ocean by Trump, it will be one more nail in the coffin for the planet. The suspense is killing me. Crown King Stupid and let the games begin already!

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