Colbert on Fake News

December 8, 2016

10 Responses to “Colbert on Fake News”

  1. Comedy news is better than real news! Colbert is awesome!

  2. otter17 Says:

    The likes of Colbert here and Last Week Tonight, Daily Show, etc, at least go into some detail on the subjects. Yes, it is all for laughs but the deep research is often there.

    This compared to the 24hr cable news networks that don’t cover any subject in any real detail, but repeat constantly through the day the latest big story while superficially covering a smattering of the rest. There are some exceptions with shows like Rachel Maddow that go deep into a subject, even showing graphs and source references (awesome!). Still, though, just imagine all that air time now wasted on repetition that could do deep dives into subjects. A show could air daily that focus on AGW/climate change and debunking myths like Skep Sci does. A show (or multiple shows) could be focused on debunking the daily inaccuracies or fake claims being popularized.

    If only the focus was on cultivating broadly informed viewers, rather than just telling them what the latest occurrence of the day happens to be. I’m not old enough to know the Cronkite era, but was there a time when national journalism had more depth than just being the national stenographer?

  3. skeptictmac57 Says:

    I love this piece so much! It takes me back to the best of The Colbert Report days.

    • otter17 Says:

      Haha, very true, and in some sense I think he is better than ever. I liked his O’Reilly-esque persona as a spot-on parody, even more than the Daily Show often times. These segments he does now, though, have a more honest, personal feel to them in some way, a biting wit to go with it, too.

      In the face of such a collective insanity as #pizzagate, the best antidote is to laugh… and possibly have some defense on hand for your local business/property.

  4. dumboldguy Says:

    Yes, a great piece of work by Colbert.

    The alt-right moron that came to DC with his assault rifle to “investigate” pizzagate was all over the news here in the DC area. I thought it was interesting that a crazy white guy that took hostages and actually fired an assault rifle was taken alive and unharmed. Might have turned out differently if he was black.

    • skeptictmac57 Says:

      Almost certainly, and if he appeared to be muslim we’d never hear the end of it, and the motive would have been quickly swept under the rug.

  5. andrewfez Says:

    Over the last 16 years, we’ve lost the 4th Amendment, we’ve lost parts of Due Process and Right to a Fair Trial with drone strikes and Guantanamo, we’ve lost free and fair elections with Citizen’s United and its 1970’s predecessors, and now the establishment is coming after the First Amendment.

    It starts off with the Government saying what is fake news, then it graduates into limiting that which the Government considers fakes news. At first it’s just Alex Jones and Brietbart that pay a price, but in the end when you have a madman like Trump in charge, it’s eventually the climate science that the Government deems as fake news.

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