Canada’s Provinces Pricing Carbon – and it Works

November 25, 2016

8 Responses to “Canada’s Provinces Pricing Carbon – and it Works”

  1. lerpo Says:

    Even one Conservative party leadership candidate is advocating a federal revenue neutral carbon tax:

  2. A revenue-neutral federal price on fossil-based carbon may seem implausible in the US, but Citizens’ Climate Lobby has been actively pursuing this and has significant progress to show for it.

    Donald Trump’s election poses a threat to the Clean Power Plan and the route of EPA regulations for reducing carbon emissions. Thus the route through legislation enacted by the US Congress is now all the more important for addressing climate change. The fact of anthropogenic climate change, and the need to act to mitigate it, is widely recognized by a large majority of Democrats and about half if not slightly more Republican voters. If Americans are willing to take this issue to their members of Congress and insist that they work on it, we could get to bipartisan action on climate change in the US Congress.

    What the Canadians have done is phenomenal, and proves that carbon pricing/taxation can work. That should offer hope and motivation to us here in the States.

  3. mbrysonb Says:

    The opposition here has been loud and stupid (one of the favourite and most ridiculous complaints is that we ‘only’ contribute a small percentage of global emissions — though of course our share is far out of proportion to our population….). It’s an uphill task to get through the propaganda and politics, with the right-wing press (that is, most of the press) working hard to undermine every attempt to do anything.

    • dumboldguy Says:

      Yeah, it seems that the world is being overrun with right-wing stupidity. Right after the election, I made a run for the Canadian border but got turned back by the border patrol (see picture). After what you said here, I may wait for a while before I try again. If things get bad enough down here, I’m going to bring a bigger gun and shoot my way in (and a dead moose will feed a lot of illegal immigrants).

      • dumboldguy Says:

        Sorry, I didn’t know that was a pinterest link. For those who don’t want to sign up, go to this reddit link for the pic

      • dumboldguy Says:

        WTF! Three thumbs down? I’m going to do my Trump imitation and go into a state of high dudgeon here. Mess with the DOG and feel the canines!

        What are you three losers objecting to? Are you PETA and think this is moose abuse? Are you upset that the CBP member depicted is not decked out in a fancy uniform like Dudley Doright of the RCMP and so presents a bad image? Are you Canadians and suffering from some sort of inferiority complex that has taken away your sense of humor? Are you Americans who are upset by the idea that any “Real ‘Murican” would even think of going to Canada to escape Hitler (oops, I mean Trump)? Or that the Canadians would reject us just like we rejected Jews who were trying to escape Trump (oops, I mean Hitler) in the years before WW2? Are you anti-gun and object to the talk of “shooting my way in”? You don’t think mooseburgers are an appropriate food for illegals from America (considering they’re probably much healthier than Big Macs)?

        What? Come out from behind your anonymous thumbs and engage!

  4. Gingerbaker Says:

    It “works” does it?

    In B.C., a 6-cent increase in cost of a gallon of gas “works”, does it?

    Nobody outside of the Canadian Carbon Tax Boosterism Club thinks it works, and neither does Dave Roberts:

    In Alberta, there is little to no evidence that their $15/ ton CO2 (applied to just 2% of emissions!) has decreased emissions, although they are going to ramp that up starting next year. So far – bubkes.

    Where is the hard evidence that these carbon taxes actually work?

    This highlights the ridiculousness of the entire carbon tax idea – you simply can not price carbon high enough to reduce emissions without regressively harming families. You can not come anywhere even within shouting distance of recovering environmental damages – gasoline would be $500.00 per gallon.

    This is a fracking joke, sadly.

    If you want to reduce emissions => => build RE infrastructure and deploy it.

    • dumboldguy Says:

      One should never interrupt GB when he’s on one of his RE rants and tilting at the windmills—-he tends to fall off the horse and injure himself. As was said in the clip, the U.S. is likely never going to institute a carbon tax, and other things are going to have far more impact on RE—–like Trump.

      A link popped after the video that is well worth watching—-Thom Hartmann interviewing Ralph Nader. Nader is of course promoting his new book, but he makes some pretty good sense here. (And GB will love what he says about Bernie)

      Somewhere just before 7:00 the statement is made that Trump (who doesn’t read books) kept a copy of Mein Kampf next to his bed and read it often. That was news to me, so I looked around and found that it was even worse than that. The Hitler book he kept next to the bed was My New Order, which is far worse in its implications. Read this terrific piece and understand.

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