DAPL Protesters Digging In. Here’s What they Need

November 23, 2016


Looking for something for that hard to please relative?
Fuck them.
Do something that will make a difference.


Sacred Stone camp
P.O. Box 1011

202 Main Street Fort Yates, North Dakota

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“The dangers imposed by the greed of big oil on the people who live along the Missouri river is astounding. When this proposed pipeline breaks, as the vast majority of pipelines do, over half of the drinking water in South Dakota will be affected… It must be stopped. The people of the four bands of Cheyenne River stand with our sister nation in this fight as we are calling on all the Oceti Sakowin or Seven Council Fires to do so with our allies, both native and non native in opposing this pipeline.” 

Joye Braun (Cheyenne River)

Here are supplies needed by indigenous activists at the DAPL pipeline protest site, from my friend Lee Sprague, a native activist who is on site:


Waterproof Lights,
Portable Lights 1000+ Lumens, and batteries. To light triage, and work areas.

20 under bumper White LED lights to light up Triage for Hypothermia, Rubber Bullet Wounds, tear gas burns on hands

Ear plugs with strings. For LRAD sound canons. It hurts.

Space blankets, hundreds.

Instant Hand warmers

Indgant Body warmers

Portable Mr Buddy Heaters and green propane canisters.

Mittens, gloves, hats, blankets for hypothermia.

Ponchos, Waterproof outer wear-

Gas masks, with replaceable cartridges. I went through 4 gas masks in one night.

Motorcycle helmets, full face shield for face protection

Hockey equipment

Sticks of fatwood for fire

Outer waterproof protective gear

Shin Guards

Green propane canisters for Mr buddy heaters

Insulation. Standard R-13+ with backing.
4’x8′ 1 inch Blue or Pink Insulation panela.

Shingle nails, 1 inch, 2-5 lb boxes.

Small insluted. windows, easily framed, two square feet or less, ten of them, for our Winter shelter. New construction.

10×8 and 12×16. Heavy duty silver/brown tarps

2-Winter Work Trucks, with plow, 4 wheel drive, trailer hitch. Crew Cab, 4 Doors.

4 Wheel Drive passenger van.

2 Military Grade 6-10 person rubber boats, w/ 100 HP outboards.

2 -16’+ Zodiac Boats.

12 jet skis with trailers.

2 -10’x20′ Heavy duty carports, for rescue boat, and truck.

Things will get worse, before they get better. Our peoples are committed to peaceful resistance. We need these items to hel keep water prtectors safe Winter conditions will be up to 20° below zero, with strong winds.

We are not leaving.

I am unable to answer all questions and comments at this time. Yes to all. We need help, we don’t know we need.

People have brought items for us, we did not know we needed.

We are facing sever winter conditions now, and in the future. The rivers and small ponds are icing up already.

Most important, we need you, here at OCETI SAKOWIN for Thankiving Dinner.

Chi miigwetch.

4 Responses to “DAPL Protesters Digging In. Here’s What they Need”

  1. Gingerbaker Says:

    Why not skip the middle man and immediately escalate to the Official Bundy Armamentarium? It’s government-approved, after all.

    Let’s see how fast they decide to blow someone else’s arm off when faced with hundreds of people with assault rifles and sniper rifles.

    Don’t forget who made this violent in the first place.

  2. Looking for something for that hard to please relative?
    Fuck them.
    Do something that will make a difference.


  3. […] Source: DAPL Protesters Digging In. Here’s What they Need | Climate Denial Crock of the Week […]

  4. Where should people mail supplies on the list? What is the best address / info on where to mail items?

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