Colbert on Fake News

November 20, 2016

Facebook finds, in poll, readers actually don’t like being mislead.


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  1. dumboldguy Says:

    Good (and highly relevant) find by danial posted on another Crock thread. Check it out. Apparently Flynn and Trump both listen to fake news, and in Trump’s case that equates to listening to his “gut”.

    danialcblog commented on The Appointment of General Flynn.

    Michael Flynn, Trump’s national security advisor, believes fake news and partisan conspiracy theories

  2. florasforum Says:

    This is nuts. Does anyone think or care about the First Amendment? It is not up to Facebook (who, btw, constantly manipulated the Trending list in favor of Hillary Clinton’s campaign this year and subverted top trending Wikileaks posts) to censor media, to determine what is TRUE. It’s bad enough that they police breast-feeding pictures. If they do this, they are not a tech company, they are just another media venture – and, like with many others this year, it will become obvious who they are working for. And then, they, too, will become irrelevant. This frenzy to pin blame is sickening and irresponsible. If you want to know who is to “blame” for Trump, go visit the Rust Belt! Go visit towns that have were literally destroyed when NAFTA took away their livelihood. 60,000 factories in the U.S. have closed! Bernie Sanders had this in his speeches, over and over and over again. (Did any Clinton fans even take a moment to listen?) Think about that. Think long and hard about how many towns, how many Americans’ lives, have been destroyed financially. Then think about how many have gone bankrupt because of out-of-control health care costs. Then think about the young people struggling under massive student loan debt with no hopes of good jobs or being even able to afford a home!

    If we continue to be willfully blind, nothing will change.

    • IMO You are looking in the wrong direction.

      Consider Siri and Cortana etc.

      Technology was going to give us a better world and we would all benefit, automation and AI

      Have you ever watched Mega Factories, I think it is Hyundai has a mega factory, iron ore in one end and a finished car at the other end with huge capacity and production, staff, a few dozen

      I read in the SMH an article about Ford, in that it highlights that US carmakers in the US lost Billions last years yet Toyota manufacturing in the US made $8 Bill profit on locally produced vehicles.

      As automation and technology impacts further and further up tyhe food chain, who will have a meaningful job that can pay the bills and debts and keep food on the table and a roof over their head.

      This delusional economic Randian system will collapse

    • otter17 Says:

      As troubling as unnecessary economic hardship may be, it isn’t necessarily in anybody’s best interests to be ingesting fake news that is attempting to be passed off as real. The folks that may have righteous anger won’t be at all well informed and intellectually armed to make decisions or do something about their righteous anger.

      If true concerning manipulating the trending algorithm, sure, that probably shouldn’t be in Facebook’s mission, but something can be done about these obviously fraudulent news articles while maintaining free speech.

    • andrewfez Says:

      I agree these social media companies shouldn’t be policing content. All that does is give these alt-right idiots a victimhood narrative which they leverage to grow in popularity as defenders of Free Speech.

      And incidentally if we had a functional MSM, willing to hold politicians accountable instead of coddling them for interview access, we wouldn’t need Wikileaks to air the establishment’s dirty laundry; the MSM would be Wikileaks.

      Shutting down the conversation for your political rivals is deleterious on multiple fronts, one of which is you don’t get to hear their actual concerns but instead your bubble’s biased caricature of their concerns which are designed to be ridiculous and dismissable.

      Ex. 1: Brexit. Yes, some people were probably tricked by the economic renaissance propaganda, but a lot of them actually were voting with their economic and social interests in mind in a rational manner; such far from the media caricature that they hate foreigners on the basis of race. When I listen to pro-Brexit individuals this is what they’ve said:

      1) the London Bank did a study and found that the influx of migrants is significantly dropping the wage rates for lower class workers; the UK has about 1.5 million unemployed at any given moment and about 700,000 open positions. Some feel this is by design to make the EU competitive with China.

      2) the only way Greece can get out of secular decline is by leaving the EU, diluting its currency and creating a trade surplus, like Canada did a few decades ago when they were stuck in economic stagnation;

      3) Rotheram Rape Scandal: For years the police and relevant politicians allowed gangs of young Muslim men to target and rape young teenage white women (to ‘teach’ them a religious driven moral lesson about ‘the sin of sexual promiscuity’) with no fear of arrest or punishment. The reason they did that was because they lived in terror of being called racists for seemingly targeting young Muslim men. Thousands of rapes went unchallenged by the law. This is just one of several examples throughout Europe of where sexual assault or other crimes by migrants (or their offspring) is being left unchallenged and swept under the rug by the law in order to avoid anti-immigrant sentiments, but in reality, all this does is create more anti-immigrant sentiments and push people politically rightward, as evidenced by recent elections.

      4) In Germany you can be arrested for criticizing the immigration policy or bringing to light the uptick in crime related to bringing in a million poor, unemployed people with essentially no vetting. One man tried to make a Facebook Group about this and was arrested.

      5) Brexiter’s want American style migrant vetting, because they feel most of the people pouring into the EU are not actual war refuges but are just economic migrants taking advantage of several EU state’s open borders, no background check philosophy. They lament on the notion that a state can have ‘open borders’ OR a ‘generous welfare state’ but it can’t have both, and most people like the latter too much to allow for the former. Couple this with the fact Germany not only doesn’t vet, or has lax vetting, but they try to bully other states into taking their non-vetted migrants.

      6) Brexiters want American style melting-pot integration of immigrants. They think the EU is doing it wrong where they are creating colonies or ghettos of people who have no desire to integrate into a secular social framework, and who don’t think of themselves as Britons, Germans, etc. first. Many Muslim ghettos in the UK have Sharia Councils that enforce non-legally binding (but socially binding) rules on their occupants.

      7) Indeed the equivalent of our ‘America Number One – Woohoo!’ type nationalistic rhetoric is considered racist in the UK. Again Britons are starting to grow resentful of the authoritarian left setting the narrative that ‘any national pride shall be deemed racist hence forth’ and people are putting up protest votes as a result.

      So when you listen to your opponents, you get a more nuanced view of their perspective. If we don’t listen to these people’s concerns we’re just going to push the EU in a more politically rightward direction.

      • “I agree these social media companies shouldn’t be policing content. ”

        Why not? They’re not the government. I’ll acknowledge that they’re not my dining table either, but a commercial organisation has no free speech _obligation_, just as no individual person has any such requirement placed on them, equivalent to the restraint on the exercise of power of the US government.

        In my role as host of a dinner party, or a cafe’s role in how it expects its business to be conducted, or an employer expects civil and respectful speech in how employees deal with each other and with clients, any person or organisation can set its own rules on what may or may not be said and on how and when certain things should be handled.

        Our rights to free speech are not impinged by granny or auntie forbidding profanity in her house, nor by a school insisting that only true, checked, valid scientific information is presented and used in science lessons and assignments, nor by parents insisting on please, thank you and other well-mannered expressions. A commercial organisation like Facebook is entirely at liberty to be extremely careless or extremely, moderately or scrupulously careful about the validity or truth of material they allow to be distributed on their system. Just looking at FB’s ludicrous rules on displaying pictures of breast feeding or breast self-examination indicates verifies that.

        They are entirely free to choose which way to go in all things – nudity, profanity, obscenity, factual information. Most of us would hope for a preference for validity if not an insistence on double-checked, independently verified truth.

        • dumboldguy Says:

          Well said, and Andrew makes some good points also. As long as the social media companies and the MSM are motivated by the profit motive, however, we will never get this straightened out. And “algorithms” in all their myriad applications will be the death of us all.

  3. indy222 Says:

    I disagree with “nothing will change”. Things WILL change. They’ll get spiraling down the toilet WORSE.

  4. Enter CO2 and cognition

    From Robert Scribbler blog

    Watching the NFL today and seeing an unbelievable number of missed point afters it set me to wondering… These athletes are at the upper edge of what we can achieve as humans. Is the elevated level of co2 in the air starting to effect our ability to preform at our very best? According to this study from Harvard’s and some others,,
    cognitive abilities start to suffer at 400 ppm in indoor situations. If your required to preform at the highest of levels this will start to show up at your upper most working capacity. Cognitive responses have some influence over physical motion especially at the upper limits of ones abilities. These co2 rates are known to be much higher in bigger urban settings. This set me to thinking that maybe some of the “thinking” that goes on in the board rooms and political arenas that control our mutual destinies is suffering from more than just greed. Maybe we are all suffering from less than optimal out comes from our decisions due to something as simple as to much pollution

    Read the Harvard artivle and results and graphs.

    The average office has at least 500ppm CO2

  5. mailtemp1234 Says:

    Google was proven to favor Hillary both in search results and in Wikileaks, yet no one speaks about this, perhaps the most disturbing issue. The elite media was outrageously smearing Trump and trying to character assassinate him and saying nothing about Hillary’s Foundation and the Clinton machine selling out America so they could make millions.
    NAFTA = Clinton’s = globalization = elitists manipulating the masses.
    Globalization has made a few people on this planet very rich it also has made china the worse CO2 polluter as there are NO regulations there. Communism will never change anything because it is a flawed system that feeds off true free enterprise countries. Leftist fools think they understand the world yet they will destroy everything in there stupidity to promote Sanders like Democrats they install people who will do absolutely nothing but pander to globalization and government bureaucracies and have zero tolerance for anyone that disagrees with them.

    • dumboldguy Says:

      In the spirit of the holiday, I am going to provide Demented Turkey suits for the likes of this demented “gobbler”. Measuring him right now as I read his FOURTH comment of the day.

      “The elite media was outrageously smearing Trump and trying to character assassinate him” Lord love a duck! Wrong in so many ways:

      1) Most important—-Trump has no character to smear.
      2) Trump is the one who generated so many outrageous lies and flip-flops for the media to spread. He did that in order to distract everyone from 1) above and the fact that he has NO knowledge or understanding of government, as well as to motivate and outrage his ‘base”.

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