Trump and Bannon Chat on Climate Change

November 15, 2016

Washington Post:

Today, Trump is president-elect. And Bannon, a top executive at the hard-right Breitbart News who helped guide Trump’s victorious campaign and has been named a senior White House strategist, is set to be one of the new president’s most influential advisers.

The clearest public sense of how the two plan to work together — and what policies Bannon will probably try to push — came over the course of nine one-on-one interviews on Bannon’s radio show between November 2015 and June of this year.

In those exchanges, a dynamic emerged, with Bannon often coaxing Trump to agree to his viewpoint, whether on climate change, foreign policy or the need to take on Republican leaders in Congress.

At times, Bannon seemed to coach Trump to soften the harder edges of his message, to make it more palatable to a broader audience, while in other cases he pushed Trump to take tougher positions. He flattered Trump, praising his negotiating skills and the size of his campaign crowds.

In the December interview, Bannon presented the problems of climate change and the Islamic State as a binary option — offering Trump, in effect, the choice of fighting one or the other.

“Do you agree with the pope and President Obama that [climate change] is absolutely a path to global suicide, if specific deals are not cut in Paris, versus focusing on radical Islam?” Bannon asked, referring to the negotiations that eventually led to a global climate agreement in Paris last year.

Trump said that what other people considered to be climate change was probably just weather. Radical Islam should be the focus.

“We are fools,” Trump said, meaning the Obama administration.


2 Responses to “Trump and Bannon Chat on Climate Change”

  1. redskylite Says:

    Here’s another expert lending his disquiet and alarm at the situation. Dangerous is a mighty powerful word, not used lightly and you can be sure that Jeff Masters and Bob Henson fully understand that.

    Trump’s Proposals: Dangerous to our Climate’s Future

    “Trump has made it abundantly clear he disagrees that humans are changing Earth’s climate, and he has questioned whether our climate is changing at all. This places him at odds with the leaders of virtually every other nation on Earth.”


    Before Joining Trump White House, Steve Bannon Ran A Website That Viciously Attacked Climate Scientists

    Delingpole: Climate Change Is “The Greatest-Ever Conspiracy Against The Taxpayer.” In an article promoting a speech he gave to the World Taxpayers’ Associations in Berlin, Delingpole wrote: “Climate change is the biggest scam in the history of the world – a $1.5 trillion-a-year conspiracy against the taxpayer, every cent, penny and centime of which ends in the pockets of the wrong kind of people.” In the speech itself, Delingpole similarly claimed that “the global warming industry” is “a fraud; a sham; a conspiracy against the taxpayer.” [Breitbart News, 3/28/16]

    Breitbart Writer Called Earth Day And Climate Change A “Scam.” Then-Breitbart contributor Jeffrey Jena penned an article in April 2009 headlined, “Beware the Earth Day Scam.” Jena wrote:

    Today the granddaddy of all financial scams will be launched again. It is known as “Earth Day.” Do not fall for this scam! This con game may seem like a new idea, but it’s been around since the seventies, just like Mr. Obama’s “new” idea about saving the country by building some light rail. This scam seems to pop up every Spring in one form or another. This scam has also been circulated under the names; “Global Warming,” “Climate Change,” “The Green Movement,” and “Ecology.” Recent variations have used the names “Carbon Credits” and “Cap and Trade.” [Breitbart News, 4/22/09]

    With Bannon as advisor, we are done as a world, economy and civilisation.

    Those that need to sweat to stay cool are doomed and those that don’t will survive and rule the world, such as North africans and the desert dwellers that have evolved over thousands of years to conserve bodily fluids and function well with internal temperatures that would be rapidly fatal to any caucasian, especially those from the north, and the Aryans. DODO’s of the future by their own hand

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