Condition Orange: “White Nationalist” is PC Journo-Speak for Nazi.

November 15, 2016

Across the political spectrum, observers are horrified by President elect Trump’s latest appointment to be his chief Advisor.

If Glenn Beck,  Amy Goodman, CNN, Seth Meyers, Samantha Bee, are horrified that your choice is a racist, anti-semitic, Putin loving, self-described “Leninist” bomb thrower, and the best conservatives at the National Review can say about it is, “..Steve Bannon is not Josef Goebbels” – you may have a problem.

National Review:

If ethnic and religious minorities are worried, it’s in part because Donald Trump and his intimates have spent the last several months winking at one of the ugliest political movements in America’s recent history.

Right Wing Watch:

On his television program last night, Glenn Beck sat down with some of his staff members to discuss the election results and Donald Trump’s transition into the White House. During the conversation, Beck once again issued a warning about Steve Bannon, the former head of the right-wing website Breitbart who has been tapped to serve as President Trump’s chief strategist and senior adviser, saying that if Americans accept Bannon’s elevation into the White House, “then we are racist.”

“If you know Steve Bannon’s agenda and his vision of America, it’s not pretty,” Beck said, falsely claiming that nobody in the media has been paying attention to the racist alt-right that Bannon has championed and insisting that is why the American people are not more alarmed by Bannon’s rise.

Beck said that Breitbart, under Bannon, was an arm of Trump’s presidential campaign from the very beginning and will now essentially become “state-run TV” that pushes the alt-right ideology on the nation.

“Nobody is looking into it. Nobody really cares,” Beck said. “When people really understand what the alt-right is, this neo-nationalist, neo-Nazi, white supremacy idea that Bannon is pushing hard; I hope they wake up because, if not, we are racist. If that’s what we accept and we know it, then we are racist. I contend people don’t know what the alt-right is yet.”


Brad Griffin, a blogger who runs the white nationalist website Occidental Dissent using the pseudonym “Hunter Wallace,” said he thought Bannon’s hiring showed Trump would be held to his campaign promises.
“It makes sense to me,” he said. “Reince [Priebus] can certainly get more done on Capitol Hill. He will be an instrument of Trump’s will, not the other way around. Bannon is better suited as chief strategist and looking at the big picture. I think he will hold Trump to the promises he has already made during the campaign. We endorse many of those promises like building the wall, deportations, ending refugee resettlement, preserving the Second Amendment, etc. There’s a lot of stuff in there on which almost everyone on the right agrees.”
Griffin added, “We’re most excited though about the foreign policy implications of Bannon in the White House. We want to see our counterparts in Europe — starting in Austria and France — win their upcoming elections. We’re hearing reports that Breitbart is expanding its operations in continental Europe and that is where our focus will be in 2017.”
Jared Taylor, who runs the site American Renaissance, echoed those comments, saying Bannon would help hold Trump to his campaign rhetoric.
“There has been some waffling on some of candidate Trump’s signature positions: build the wall, deport illegals, end birth-right citizenship, take a hard look at Muslim immigrants, etc,” he said. “I suspect one of Steve Bannon’s important functions will be as an anti-waffler, who will encourage President Trump to keep his campaign promises.”
Chairman of the American Nazi Party, Rocky J. Suhayda, who wrote a post after Trump’s election night victory celebrating it as a call to action, said he was surprised at the pick of Bannon, but said it showed him Trump could follow through on his campaign promises.
“I must admit that I was a wee bit surprised that Mr. Trump finally chose Mr. Bannon, I thought that his stable of Washington insiders would have objected too vociferously,” Suhayda wrote in an email. “Perhaps The Donald IS for ‘REAL’ and is not going to be another controlled puppet directed by the usual ‘Wire Pullers,’ and does indeed intend to ROCK the BOAT? Time will tell.”

I’ve been (proudly) in Breitbart’s crosshairs, having been singled out for my video on satellite temperature data.


James Delingpole in Breitbart:

The climate alarmists have come up with a brilliant new excuse to explain why there has been no “global warming” for nearly 19 years.
Turns out the satellite data is lying.

And to prove it they’ve come up with a glossy new video starring such entirely trustworthy and not at all biased climate experts as Michael “Hockey Stick” Mann, Kevin “Travesty” Trenberth, and Ben Santer. (All of these paragons of scientific rectitude feature heavily in the Climategate emails)

The video is well produced and cleverly constructed – designed to look measured and reasonable rather than yet another shoddy hit job in the ongoing climate wars.

More breathtaking headlines from Trump’s favorite news source.




NYDaily News writer Shaun King on the Tom Joyner Show:



10 Responses to “Condition Orange: “White Nationalist” is PC Journo-Speak for Nazi.”

  1. vierotchka Says:

    May I refer you to this brilliant article by Robert Parry?

    And to this video?

    • dumboldguy Says:

      Darling V lives up to her name and puts some “truth” out there for us. Good finds, both of them. Thank you.

      Robert Parry and David Pakman both get it. Parry and consortium news are like a hyperactive dog with a bone and can always be counted on to get the juices flowing. Pakman cleverly builds on the concept that Trump is the dog that caught the garbage truck and now has to figure out what to do with it. Steve Bannon will be there to help him. He will be Trump’s Svengali, Rasputin, and Dick Cheney all rolled into one.

      In a slight modification of the closing of presidential speeches, I would suggest that Obama say this for the rest of his term—-God SAVE America! (It’s obvious the blessing thing isn’t working out)

  2. oscarinfw Says:

    Okay, I thought this was a website about climate change. What does the Alt-Right phenomena have to do with climate change other than an implication that racists tend to be denialist which has already been pointed out in other posts ?

    This post seems a bit too political for my taste.

    • dumboldguy Says:

      Since “politics” is the main roadblock to making progress on combating climate change, it makes perfect sense that a climate change website needs to spend a lot of time being “political”, especially after this insane election (which is the political equivalent of 1000’s of simultaneous tornadoes, hurricanes, wildfires, downpours, floods, and droughts).

      “….an implication that racists tend to be denialist….” and “what does the alt-right phenomena have to do with climate change?” are extremely naive statements. Denialists simply ARE many negative things beside racists oscar, and you need to get educated on the politics, psychology, sociology, and economics surrounding AGW, particularly the ongoing political failure to really DO much about it on a timescale that gives us a chance of long-term survival.

      What President Pussy Grabber does over the next few months both before and after his inauguration will be critical to the nation’s survival and the world’s efforts to combat AGW. IMO, Peter is 100% on target in focusing on politics right now—–the science will always be there, plodding slowly along towards disaster (but hopefully not over the precipice of unknown tipping points)—-the politics is NOW, and the more people learn about it, the more likely they will be motivated to fight Trump on climate change and his other likely disastrous BS, and that’s good for the planet.

    • redskylite Says:

      I can understand your distaste on the political side. When I first became interested and studied Climate Change I was focused on the science and physics of the smoking gun. But after a while you begin to realize there is more than just science. Scientists like Michael Mann have endured negative regimes of shadowy political movements trying to discredit, suppress or falsify findings. And when this shadowy political movement gets into power, as being aired and highlighted now, much needed climate action gets held back, agreements are torn up, education gets suppressed, the whole remedial movement is delayed. I’m glad that these posts exist and do not skip the issue and do not keep us in innocent ignorance, and if understandably it is not to your taste, then just skip the post and just read the science and energy orientated posts. I also recommend Robert Scribbler’s postings, that tend to be a little lighter on the politics.

    • ubrew12 Says:

      There’s not much to say about Climate Change that hasn’t been said for decades now. Much of the new Science is about measuring the consequences, since we’ve elected to take them. With it so clear what needs to be done, what is stopping action? Shortly, Steve Bannon is. It really comes down to fossil-fueled politics and the people that are willing to take their 30 pieces of silver for selling out our future. We didn’t produce this log-jam, but to get the stream to flow again, we have no choice but to be right in there hacking away at it.

    • otter17 Says:

      Science groups have been calling for prompt action on climate change for over a decade now. The national academies of science of a large number of modern nations signed a summary statement for prompt action in 2005. Nearly every scientific organization and nearly all their members have affirmed that notion since at least that time or before.

      Engineers, economists, and technology experts have been proposing solutions and publishing technical studies on the feasibility of meeting the scientific recommendations for reducing GHG emissions reaching the atmosphere. These have been published for more than a decade.

      The only thing stopping or slowing the USA and some other modern nations from taking significant action is lack of political will. I am an engineer and would love nothing more to hear about how the USA and world is united in a technology race on the scale of the space race or likely much larger, and that is all we talked about. That isn’t the world we live in, right now, though. We live in a world where political tactics undermine what ought be an effort to solve this scientific problem set forth before us, an effort for which most understand and work in their way to help.

  3. Tom Bates Says:

    For people who claim they are not haters there is sure a lot of hate floating around from the left and posting on this blog. I took at look at Bannon’s news or blog or whatever you want to call it. Never saw any of the neo nazi, white nationalist or any hate stuff. Just a bunch of news about everything. Apparently what has all you folks bothered is he has said he does not believe you are the future.

    • otter17 Says:

      There is a big difference between you taking a quick spin around the Breitbart website and the extensive research/documentation of the organization’s evolution under Bannon’s direction conducted by experts and groups in the fields of civil rights, hate groups.

      This is kind of how you approach the subject of climate science. You think that just because you looked at a piece of a data that it confirms your preconceived notions about the subject. You think that you personally have the standing to just flout the scientific method. That isn’t how science or formal arguments work.

      Your approach towards analysis of subjects, any subject, is apparently wrong. Re-evaluate it. Take some classes on formal logic or ask some folks about how to practically use references and weight of evidence to form an argument. Your argument is a paper-thin one, called “argument from personal incredulity”. (look it up)

      Hey, and I took my own personal little spin around the website. All you have to do is type the word “jew” into the search box to get a whole slew of articles using that word as a pejorative. So, what is it? Your word against all these articles? Or is it denial on your part? Take some personal time away from commenting on blogs and websites to re-evaluate your approach towards, logic, morality, possibly your life.

      Many here and elsewhere would be the first to defend Bill Kristol, for example, from such a ridiculous article and title. The Breitbart organization doubled down many times to defend it. This guy Bannon isn’t about politics, this is about basic decency as humans.

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