Admiral Titley on Climate and Extremes

November 14, 2016

I was fortunate to interview Admiral David Titley on his recent visit to Central Michigan University.

Admiral Titley is one of the most well informed, measured, and credible spokespeople in the country for the issues of climate science.
More from this interview will be coming.


5 Responses to “Admiral Titley on Climate and Extremes”

  1. dumboldguy Says:

    Titley gets it. Keep it coming.

  2. Tom Bates Says:

    Admiral Titley or rather retired Admiral Titley is a creature of the establishment. He is no more likely to bad mouth his fellows as the next military guy who all get promoted from not bad mouthing the official PC line. Since the military is in the business of getting bigger not smaller otherwise people like the Admiral would be out of a job, boogeymen are all the rage and have been since the first army was formed. Climate is a good boogeyman.

    Lets look at the actual climate. Per the insurance industry report of 2015, claims are down for the last 6 years, warming and claims are down. check

    Lets look at Hurricanes and climate. Per wiki the most hurricanes to hit the USA was in 1886 since 1880. Last year and most likely this year zero, the same as 32 other years since 1880. Warming and hurricanes are down. check

    Lets look at ocean rise. Per NOAA tidal gauges at places like Johnson Island in the pacific or Sydney Australia, the ocean rise trend in 3 inches or less in 100 years. Warming and ocean rise is practically invisible. check

    Lets look at arctic ice. This year the summer low was 15 days earlier and the low was in line with 2007 and higher than 2012. Nevermind the 2000 years found to be ice free in summer by NASA in 8500-6500 BP nor the northwest passage which has been open since at least 1906. Warmer and more ice. check

    Lets loot at antarctic ice Gaining and has for decades, the exception is west Antarctica which may be melting slightly from under ice volcanic action. Warmer and more ice , check.

    Lets look at warming of the world from CO2. Per NASA measurements on a one time study never repeated, 2/10ths of a watt per square meter which is 0.034F warmer, 340 times less than warming from on going changes in earths tilt and orbit also from NASA. warmer, but not enough to measure on your scale at home, check.

    Lets look at the real reason for world wide problems. Population since 1900 has increased from 1.6 billion to 7.4 billion. Has the resources of the world increased as well? Barely, has most of the people of this world have a tiny bit more? barely. Per another study an 8 percent increase in plant mass from the increased CO2 is providing food for 415 million people who otherwise would be dead from starvation. Is the population going to increase faster than additional resources in the future? most likely, check.

    Will we need a strong military in the future to deal with people who want and do not have? Yes.

  3. Excellent video… Good Job!

    Thank you

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