Wonker: Trump Conned his own Experts

November 11, 2016

Proving, once again, that there are stupid smart people.


8 Responses to “Wonker: Trump Conned his own Experts”

  1. dumboldguy Says:

    Absolutely terrific clip, and it surely does prove that there are stupid smart people. I cannot believe that this one was going to vote for a “third party candidate”.

    After the clip finished, the photo of Trump and Obama shaking hands at their “first meeting” popped up. It raised many questions for me:
    1) Did Obama puke before or after the meeting? (or both?)
    2) How many times did Obama wash his hand afterwards, and did he ever get the “Trump” off?
    3) Why did the meeting last so much longer than expected? Did Obama try to “help Trump succeed” by saying to him honestly “Listen up asshole! You never expected to win this thing, and now that you have it’s time to knock off the sick bullshit and try to be presidential” followed by some good advice on how to NOT destroy the country and how to avoid eating the HUUUUUGE shit sandwich he fed to the country (and so many GOOD people ate with gusto and begged for more).

  2. Reblogged this on AGR Daily News Service and commented:
    Just another in a long line of people that Trump did not pay, DURING HIS CAMPAIGN FOR PRESIDENT.

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  4. Tom Bates Says:

    this is typical of the left. Attack with lies and distortion rather than actually talk about policy. Trump.com has all his policy positions listed anybody can google them and go read them. Since it is a policy statement not a plan of action the getting it through congress will require a lot of skill at negotiating something Hillary lacked. Any Obama presidential decrees can and will be rescind on Trump first day in office.

    • otter17 Says:

      Yes, not surprising a person with your dedication to the denial of science is seemingly supporting Donald Trump all the way.

    • mboli Says:

      No lies and distortion here. The Trump campaign really did collect in a group of right-wing public policy people, social scientists and legal experts and so forth, and put them to work to formulate a plan for the Trump administration.
      And these folks tried to write analyses and position papers all larded with references and data.
      And one by one, they were noticing that it didn’t matter what they computed, researched, wrote. The campaign would accept the papers, and ignore them. Just publish whatever drivel came out of Trump’s mouth as “policy.”
      Finally, it occurred to them that even though they had been recruited, provided with all the trappings of a job, they weren’t getting paid. They were strung along for several months on the promise of a salary — it was all due to snafus or misunderstandings or had to wait until some promised 3rd party ‘independent’ expenditure would pay for it. The boss of this shop was being strung along, he communicated with his staff the best he could. He apparently isn’t to blame.
      But as the months dragged on, the people started to quit.
      Nobody ever got paid, none of the position papers ever got even read as far as anybody can tell, and eventually it closed down.

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