Russia’s Hack, Compliant Press, Climate Catastrophe

November 11, 2016

Calling in to call them out.


YESTERDAY, AMERICA ELECTED as president the apparently preferred candidate of Russia’s intelligence agencies. After a campaign season marred by the influence of hackers, including some widely believed to be on Vladimir Putin’s payroll, that outcome means more than a mandate for Trump and his coalition. For Russia, it will also be taken as a win for the chaos-injecting tactics of political hacks and leaks that the country’s operatives used to meddle in America’s election—and an incentive to try them elsewhere.

Following Donald Trump’s presidential win, and even in the weeks leading up to it, cybersecurity and foreign-policy watchers have warned that Russia’s government-sponsored hackers would be emboldened by the success of the recent string of intrusions and data dumps, including the hacks of the Democratic National Committee and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. Security firms that analyzed the breaches, and US intelligence agencies, have both linked those attacks to the Kremlin. That Russia perceives those operations as successful, experts say, will only encourage similar hacks aimed at shifting elections and sowing distrust of political processes in Western democracies, particularly those in Europe. “What they’ll learn from this is, ‘We did it, we got away with it, we got the outcome we wanted,’” says James Lewis, a cybersecurity-focused fellow with the Center for Strategic and International Studies. “This will only increase their desire to intervene.”

In fact, those interventions and intrusions are already underway. Since this summer’s breaches of the Democratic party, at least a dozen European organizations have also been targeted by the state-linked Russian hacker group known as Fancy Bear, or APT28, according to Dmitri Alperovitch, the CEO of the security firm Crowdstrike, which identified Russia as the culprit behind the DNC hack in July. Several of those attempts have been successful, he says, and multiple American targets of the group have also been hacked but have yet to publicly reveal that they were compromised. A report out today from security firm Trend Micro confirms the group has continued to hit “various governments and embassies around the world” in just the last weeks. “They’ve continued their attempted intrusions of political entities pretty much unabated,” Alperovitch says.


10 Responses to “Russia’s Hack, Compliant Press, Climate Catastrophe”

  1. Tom Bates Says:

    All the wackos and their lies are going to have to find another job. Since they are fraudsters first class I bet they will come up with something that actually beats working for a living.

  2. indy222 Says:

    What an inconsolable tragedy we are witnessing…. that people like Trump and the rest of his henchmen and foreign friends like Putin, and their little apologists like the horsefly named Tom Bates, are going to send the U.S. back to the dark days of 20th century repression and inhumanity.

  3. Who knows if there is a connection, but you are right to try to link these two incidents. In both cases, the news media didn’t really respond properly, letting the disclosures themselves drive the news. It’s good that you brought it up to those 2 reporters especially…

  4. Sir Charles Says:

    Have a look at a Russian troll factory:

  5. Glenn Martin Says:

    Stay on target! As tempting as it is to lament the recent election the goal now is how do you fight climate change at the state level and prevent Washington from screwing it up. Organizing pushes to maintain or implement net metering, focusing attention on how worsening climate events will will affect both the price of insurance for homeowners and farmers and eventual food prices; these can all be done at the state level. State representatives are also easier to affect with demonstrations and pressure on their front door. A rep in washington is more removed from this. So make a plan.

  6. neilrieck Says:

    There were little-to-no political hacks during the 2016 American election cycle (no evidence of tampering with votes, etc). There were hacks into DNC emails which may have been uploaded to Wikileaks; but it is just as likely that the Wikileaks info came from concerned Americans doing a little whistle-blowing. IMHO, the whole Russian-hacking meme provides cover for what really went on which is this: the American political system has been hijacked by corporations and their lobbyists. It is far easier to blame Putin than it is to blame “American voter suppression by Americans” or “the DNC for their crimes during the primaries”.

    Here’s one issue of many: When Trump was getting popular through the Republican primaries we heard the media report things like “Trump is hijacking the Republican party”. But let’s be fair, Republicans “voted for candidate Trump” and the RNC did not interfere with the people’s choice. Meanwhile, according to Wikileaks as well as numerous non-corporate-controlled news sources (“PBS”, “BBC America” and “RT America” first spring to mind), during the Democratic primaries the DNC did interfere with the “people’s choice of Bernie Sanders” by making sure Hilary Clinton got the nomination. The DNC did not allow their party or primary to be hijacked by “outsider Bernie” even though Democratic voters wanted this.

    I’m sure people reading this will recall the name “Debbie Wasserman Schultz” or the strange things that happened in various DNC state conventions (like California) where the nomination was openly stolen. ( Here is one of many examples: ). BTW, I remember seeing detailed coverage of the California Ruckus on BBC and RT but barely a mention on the big 5 (ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN or FOX). This means that the big 5 have also been taken over by corporate interests.

    SO just what the hell happened? This issue may have more to do with the psychology of left and right. When all candidates seem bad, the majority of right-leaning voters will still vote for their Republican -or- stay home; When all candidates seem bad, many left-leaning voters will stay-home or vote for a third candidate.

    • andrewfez Says:

      We should be advocating to going back to hand counted paper votes like a lot of places in the EU did, after abandoning voting machines. There were a few reports that came out illuminating statistical irregularities in places that used voting machines (especially machines made by a Clinton Foundation donor), where naturally occurring voting consensuses were not achieved as more and more votes came in, but instead, the more people voted, the more Clinton gained in votes, as were the machines weighted for her and against Sanders; this phenomenon only occurring in places that had no back-up hand count.

      And just like Republicans do in the general election, the Dems were trying to limit voter turnout in the primary via purging of voter rolls and closure of polling places. State after state had some dirty trick in place which probably cost Sanders point parity at the critical last moments where he needed momentum.

      And right now the establishment is weaving a blame narrative onto anyone but them – it was sexism, it was racism, it was Russia, it was Jill Stein voters, etc., so they can continue to put up another corporatist Democrat shill for 2020. If folks aren’t putting pressure on Elizabeth Warren to run in 2020 right now, we’re going to get stuck with another corporate stooge that will keep dragging the middle class into poverty and Washington rightward, which no one can get excited about. Washington Post is already testing the waters with pro-TPP, union busting DINO Tim Kaine.

  7. If these connections to the Trump campaign were proved, how close to actual treason would it be?

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