Bill Maher: It Can Happen Here

November 6, 2016


19 Responses to “Bill Maher: It Can Happen Here”

  1. Steve Koo Says:

    Admin, You have soiled yourselves and done a huge disservice to Climate Change with this political pablum from the Left.
    The CC-ers committed a huge error in putting the poseur, Al Gore, in the forefront a decade ago.
    But, hey, if you want politics, consider this:

    Have you ever wondered why one of the most traveled and influential women in the world, one who zealously claims to stand for the rights of women and children, never once chastised or even scolded the leaders of mostly Middle Eastern countries whose primitive laws and customs promote a culture of teenage marriage (usually forced) or the savage practice of female genital mutilation.
    I mean, here is a woman who had the power to recommend that Congress de-fund major aid programs should a country not comply with US policy.
    I know I have often found it more than diabolically perplexing that Hillary never took a stand on these issues, nor did those women who drank her Koolaid, but rather chose to ignore the oppression of their “sisters” in the MENA countries.
    Well, if the story of the sex flights to the Virgin Island pedophile compound and her involvement in it are even half true, we can now show probable cause for her negligence, and for her psychopathic diseased mind.

    • Thanks for that. Now I need a bath.

      You guys should just be done with it and move to Russia where Trump types rule.

      Idiots, all of you.

      • dumboldguy Says:

        Ditto to all that. It’s a shame that “psychopathic diseased minds” like KooKoo Steve’s find their way onto sites like Crock and stink up the place with idiotic hyperbole like “political pablum” and “diabolically perplexing”.

        Although I DO wonder why Hillary hasn’t spoken out on EVERY issue of concern in the world. What has she been doing with her time? Sleeping? Eating? Pooping? Shame on her for not working 24/7/365 to solve ALL the problems of the world (most of which were caused by W anyway).

        • Lionel Smith Says:

          (most of which were caused by W anyway).

          For whom Frum was a speech writer one also thick with Rudy Giuliani at one time. I wonder what Frum’s game is by coming over all moderate all of a sudden? Came over as a bit shifty and oily to me.

          • dumboldguy Says:

            “shifty and oily”? LOL A good characterization.

            Perhaps he was uncomfortable with “coming over all moderate all of a sudden”, not having had much experience there. I hope he doesn’t hurt his chances at getting a job with Christie or Giuliani when Trump names them Attorney General and Director of the FBI respectively. (Pleasant dreams over that scenario).

          • Steve Koo Says:

            Vote Jill Stein!

          • dumboldguy Says:

            Good thinking from a “diseased mind”. Why not vote Mickey Mouse? An even better “moral statement” and a lot more fun.

    • greenman3610 Says:

      “diseased mind”
      ..and I heard she was born in Kenya!

    • billzog Says:

      A great example of the ‘thinking’ of what I now think of as the Alt Left, who are cheerfully and assiduously spamming the internet with literally hysterical nonsense on Trumps’s behalf along with their Alt Right allies. Oh, and Russian intelligence.

      They apparently have no problem with the misogynistic self-aggrandizing boofhead who wants to deport anywhere between 2 and 11 million Mexicans because they’re ‘rapists’, who wants to stop about a 5th of the world’s population from entering the country, who encourages violence against political opponents, has refused to state that he’ll accept the result of a negative (for him) democratic election, whose (white) proxies are aiming to harrass minority voters on polling day, and who has specifically and repeatedly threatended to jail his opponent.

      But Hillary; Hillary is some species of Fascist!

      The, yes, paedophilia nonsense is just the kind of thing that one really does need a bath after reading. ‘Diseased mind’ is what psychologists call a projection, only at Imax scale.

      • Indeed, people like Assange and Pilger have made a bad call and could well come to regret it big time. Hilary as a fascist is laughable – all you have to do is go and have a look around the white supremacy websites; the fully fledged Nazi’s hate Hilary, love Trump.

      • billzog Says:

        Actually, upon getting home and access to Facebook I discovered the whole ‘Vote Jill Stein’ thing is a smokescreen designed to waste left/liberal votes. We are talking serious Alt Right here, but, as I said, the two ultra camps are now so similar it’s very hard to distinguish between the two.

  2. dumboldguy Says:

    Excellent and simulating discussion (except for a good part of what the conservative moron had to say). The final part from ~20:00 on was particularly good. (And Maher gets it even when he is half drunk)

  3. We all know that if Trump is elected the climate is screwed. I’m not a US citizen, but I’m also wondering what will happen to climate science and science in general America. I guess funding for climate science will be drastically cut or even scrapped, but what will happen to the independence of the major scientific institutions and organisations seeing as they are all supposed to be a part of the global socialist conspiracy to get people to pay more tax? Will we see further attempts to criminalise and prosecute prominent climate scientists? I’m also pretty convinced that Trump, standing on a platform of being extra tough on terror both at home and abroad will be bringing in national security legislation that could be used against any dissenting groups such as those protesting against his anti-climate energy policies. Worrying!

  4. For anyone thinking this is liberal hysteria just go and look at some white supremacist websites. The Nazi’s love Trump!

  5. Whoever wins next week will not be able to govern the country…

    This is all starting to sound like Howe & Strauss’s book called The Fourth Turning… (which I read many years ago has a curiosity…)

    I wonder if this election will lead to violence and revolt in our country?

  6. Steve Koo Says:

    Excellent summary by Dahr Jamail of the trending Climate Catastrophe contains this slap down of HRC…

    Meanwhile, those who are in denial about Hillary Clinton’s climate policies have also had their opinions tested by several strong doses of reality this month. Documents were revealed showing Clinton boasting about how she has pushed for more fracking around the world, while carefully opposing the Keystone XL pipeline out of political necessity.

    ACD denial was bolstered by every presidential and vice presidential debate, as, stunningly, not one question about it was ever brought up by a moderator.

    Clinton’s obligations to the fossil fuel industry have been on glaring display recently with Bernie Sanders openly calling for a halt to the Dakota Access Pipeline, while Clinton keeps silent, despite the draconian crackdowns on the Indigenous water protectors blocking the pipeline.


    P.S. Vote Jill Stein and thank you for your cooperation.

    • dumboldguy Says:

      Yes, that IS an “Excellent summary by Dahr Jamail of the trending Climate Catastrophe”. It is long and detailed, and it’s a shame you misuse it by quoting three short paragraphs that reference HRC only briefly, and they hardly constitute any kind of “slap down”or definitive indictment.

      Those with less bias and more understanding of politics than you have examined HRC’s fracking stance, and it’s understandable and acceptable, if not optimal. KXL has not been built, and it’s not likely that it will—-so moot point there.

      ACD denial was bolstered? Really? Maybe for those who believed Trump, but HRC DID mention it in the debates, has made statements at rallies and in campaign ads, and supports the Democratic Party platform that says we must fight ACD. Does “never-will-get-elected-so-nothing-to-lose” Stein offer more?

      Clinton’s “obligations” to the fossil fuel industry? What exactly are they? Must HRC speak out on EVERY last little bone of contention everywhere in the world before you accept her legitimacy? Bernie is still talking to his base while HRC is trying to address the big issues, mainly the one that she must be elected instead of Trump if we are to have any hope.

      PS Note the “cooperation” you have gotten from Crockers for your first comment. 0 and 12 in the” thumbs” vote should tell you something. That’s equivalent to losing a football game by 65-0, and may even be a record for such a short comment thread.

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