Pure, Sweet, Terrifying Genius. Trump v Dinosaurs

October 28, 2016

One of the forgotten jewels of 90’s culture was the all too short lived Jim Henson creation Dinosaurs.
Watch this piece, and you’ll agree with me that the writers were seers speaking to our time, from theirs.


Dinosaurs is initially set in 60,000,003 BC in Pangaea. The show centers on the Sinclair family: Earl Sinclair (the father), Fran Sinclair (née Phillips), the mother and Earl’s wife, their three children—son Robbie, daughter Charlene, and Baby Sinclair—and Fran’s mother, Ethyl.

Earl’s job is to push over trees for the Wesayso Corporation with his friend and coworker Roy Hess where they work under the supervision of their boss Bradley P. Richfield.

8 Responses to “Pure, Sweet, Terrifying Genius. Trump v Dinosaurs”

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  2. indy222 Says:

    eery. I’m speechless. Will this nightmare of an election year ever end?

  3. fjohnx Says:

    Extinct. The Simpson’s are still with us.

  4. dumboldguy Says:

    Terrific editing job by Orf. It goes beyond just “eerie”and into the truly scary to think that the Dinosaur writers could see into the future and give us Trumposaurus Donald 20+ years ago.

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