Trump Science Advisor: Clinton, Obama “are demons”

October 11, 2016

Alex Jones in full cry. One of Trump’s big inspirations.

Ok, he’s not technically the science advisor, yet, but I’m guessing head of DOE, perhaps, or maybe HHS.

Republicans, check mirror. You’ve. done. this. to. yourselves.

11 Responses to “Trump Science Advisor: Clinton, Obama “are demons””

  1. dumboldguy Says:

    Alex Jones, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Donald Trump—-which one is the sickest? And are the morons who listen to them and nod in agreement any less sick?

    • Andy Lee Robinson Says:

      Guess we can take Beck off that list, for now.
      He just endorsed Hillary!
      The RWNJs are beside themselves with predictable vitriol…

      • dumboldguy Says:

        Beck’s last stint in drug rehab must have worked. OK—-let’s substitute Sean Hannity for Beck. I’m sure he’s on the short list for something in the Trump Orange House (yes, he’s repainting it, and going to put a large “Trump” sign on it).

        PS A moron named Corey Stewart led a “We Support Trump” demonstration outside RNC headquarters yesterday, ion protest of the “establishment pukes” (his words) who appear to be abandoning Trump. He is the elected Chairman of the Board of County Supervisors in my home County of Prince William, VA. He was co-chairman of Trump’s VA campaign and was fired from that spot by the campaign shortly after the demonstration. He is an anti-immigrant Repugnant who intends to run for Governor in 2017, and seems to think that appealing to the “base” is going to get him the nomination (so he can then lose like Cuccinelli did).

  2. Daniel Fox Says:

    During the last debate I noticed some flies that seemed to emerge from Donald Trump, but didn’t think much about it at the time. But now, considering that the alt-right tends to accuse the other side of things they themselves are doing, it in some sense seems logical that Donald Trump may indeed really be a Demon from the Pits of Hell. I’m not saying he is a Demon from the Pits of Hell. I’m just concerned that he might be a Demon from the Pits of Hell. Perhaps he should allay these fears by providing proof he is not a Demon from the Pits of Hell.

  3. There are some voices that I have long ago decided that I will not allow to penetrate my brain. Alex Jones possesses one of those voices. I’ll pass on the video, thanks.

    • metzomagic Says:

      With you on that one. I think the only time I ever heard Alex Jones speak was for a merciful few seconds on one of our host’s Climate Crocks videos. And I intend to keep it that way 🙂

  4. Not quite right, Jones actually posted a video 2 days ago where he teased himself as Defense Minister.

    In this video at the 0.33 seconds mark you can see a fly emerging from Trumps back (same debate)

  5. […] video above from 2010 is relevant to the current debate because in it, I featured clips from Trump crush “Obama is a demon” Alex Jones, who was already an internet star focusing on right wing conspiracies and climate […]

  6. Dear Sir or Madam,

    I couldn’t sleep after 5:30 AM and so sent the following message to our President-Elect via :

    Dear Mr. President-Elect,

    Here is my perspective, followed by two suggestions.

    BACKGROUND: I’m an unemployed, doctoral-level chemist and professor who lost his job on a bureaucratic whim. Over the past 13 years, pedigree discrimination has lead to my being kicked all over North America on short term gigs in university labs. And so it eventually drifts into age discrimination. Now, I apply for jobs where I am obviously highly qualified, and yet the jobs go to a fresh PhD graduate (a real, recent example: from China). At the end of the 2016 calendar year, I am seriously frightened about landing on the street.

    SUGGESTION #1: I strongly support removing H-1B scientists from the US after they have completed their doctorates here. They are not bad people, but there are just not enough jobs, and one has to be hard and decisive about this. In the UK, Theresa May is also putting forth laws which require the same. Last week, BBC reporters interviewed Indian students now in the UK, who were strongly opposed to her policy. Those same students also explained that they wanted to stay in the UK after completion of their studies. We should be doing the same.

    SUGGESTION #2: As long as there are unemployed, competent and willing American scientists, then they should receive priority for federal science funding over universities. That means the NSF, the NIH, the DOE, DHS etc. Let the professors and their universities fight over the remaining funding, until they realize that it’s not in their interests to over-produce scientists, afterwards dumping them onto a pathetic job market.


    1. Since the jobs in the sciences have been exported to the developing world, our citizens have become increasingly less interested in becoming scientists. And yet US universities continue to want more graduate students as cheap, semi-skilled labor to support the career ambitions of a selfish few. The end result is to further flood the US science job market.

    2. There is a lot of propaganda which one hears from the people on top of the pyramid, who others call “the elite”. It runs along the lines of “bring over the best and the brightest!” (I’m quoting from the president of the American Chemical Society, Professor Donna Nelson). The best and the brightest are ALREADY over here – but they have been treated like third-world expendables after they are no longer of use as “co-workers” for someone else’s career.

    3. Along those lines, anyone who is worried about “funding for science being cut” really means “I won’t be able to import graduate student from the developing world as cheap, short-term labor any more”. Even now, when their game is in the process of being exposed, those same people continue trying to ignore the situation of those who are the victims of their selfishness.

    We’re in a democracy, where differences in opinion on some matters are still OK. That being said, if there would be any job openings as science, science policy advisor or scientist under or with the Trump Administration, then please consider me. I would be an enthusiastic supporter of re-inventing science for US citizens.

    Either a resume or CV are available upon request.


    Dr. Fenton Heirtzler


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