John Oliver on Trump. Why do Climate Deniers Hate Women?

October 10, 2016

11 Responses to “John Oliver on Trump. Why do Climate Deniers Hate Women?”

  1. Andy Lee Robinson Says:

    Nailed it.

  2. Tom Bates Says:

    Gee than Kennedy and Bill have something in common, they bedded a lot of women in the white house and since they did that they hate women but love AGW so something is wrong with your claim.

    • dumboldguy Says:

      “Gee than Kennedy”?

      Who the hell is that?

      Tommy-Poo fractures English more than Arkady and the other non-native speakers that have visited Crock, and since he’s a native speaker, we can only assume that’s because of his low IQ.

    • NIck Barnes Says:

      Kennedy loves AGW? You what now?

    • redskylite Says:

      It’s one thing having a reputation of “bedding” multitudes of femmes, it’s another thing bantering about grabbing pussies and other lewd acts, can’t think of many females that would welcome that, in fact I would think that would be a criminal offense. Sometimes complainants are late to come forward. If they do a taped confession would be hard to defend.we have a tap

      • dumboldguy Says:

        Reminds me of something I had to deal with as a school administrator back in the mid-’80’s. A young lady (sophomore) came to my office after school to report that some young man (also a sophomore) had “grabbed her by the crotch” in the hallway—-she was quite angry and wanted me to “do something”.

        We went back to the scene of the crime and the perpetrator was still sitting there on the floor in front of his locker—-both were athletes, and as many athletes did, they were sitting on the floor by their adjoining lockers doing homework and waiting to go to practice. He said she had stepped over his outstretched legs to get to a drinking fountain and he “just lost his head and did it” (she was very attractive and well-put-together).

        Took them to my office, where the young man said something like “you never got mad before when I grabbed your butt or copped a feel”, to which she replied “Yeah, but that was at a party and this is way different”. Turned out that they were actually friends, traveled in the same (mostly jock) circles, and a lot of the boys were “handy”, which most of the girls took care of with a slap, a punch, or a well-placed knee.

        Once I got my 45-year-old head to stop spinning over all that, I informed both that what he did was indeed a crime, and that I was going to suspend him for a week and talk to her parents about charging him and taking him to court. She immediately said “He’s my friend and I don’t want all that to happen—can’t you give him just two days and no court”? So, I called both sets of parents, and hers said “Whatever she wants is OK by us”, and he got the two days off as a lesson about “going too far”. A week later I passed by their lockers and they were again sitting side by side doing homework.

        (and If you really want to hear a good one, ask me about the after school gang rape in the locker room).

    • lesliegraham1 Says:

      If you really don’t understand the difference between having sex with a willing partner as opposed to committing multiple sexual assaults then you should get some therapy before you end up in jail – which is exactly where that stomach-churning pig should be right now.

  3. redskylite Says:

    In a perverse and ironic way I guess I should thank Donald for getting the Paris ratification process through in uncharacteristic haste.

    “It also means the pact will become the law of the land in the U.S. before Donald Trump, a Republican who has called climate change a “hoax,” could become president. If he wins in November, Trump would have plenty of options for backing America out of the agreement, but now it would be more difficult for him to do so.

    “There is virtually unanimous international sentiment that it’s important for the agreement to come into force before inauguration day, in case Trump is elected,” said Harvard professor Robert Stavins, director of the Harvard Project on Climate Agreements.

    The Paris agreement compels national governments to be transparent about their greenhouse gas emissions and it invites them to work ambitiously to reduce them. It formally covers a period beginning in 2020, but many of the efforts outlined in the agreement have already begun.”

    • redskylite Says:

      Only don’t flatter yourself Donald, bigger spurs than yourself prevailed.

      “t is striking to see how small island countries were among the first to ratify the agreement, and how small glacier countries were among the ones to bring it into force. The melting of glaciers in the latter contributes to the sea level rise that impacts the former. In both cases, small vulnerable countries played large roles in addressing problems which they face—and which the whole world faces as well.”

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