You’ll want to See Bill Maher’s Brutal Monologue

October 8, 2016

14 Responses to “You’ll want to See Bill Maher’s Brutal Monologue”

  1. He’s always funny. He’s too radical for my tastes most of the time but he was totally spot on here.

  2. dumboldguy Says:

    Truth IS often brutal, and “the fucking idiots are allowed to vote” is the most brutal truth of all. (and Maher’s writers should take a pay cut—their job is too easy)

  3. Glenn Martin Says:

    Donald Trumps’ accountant for president!

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  5. I think I’ve just discovered what GOP stands for.. Grab, .. er ok, you can guess the rest…. 😊

    • Seriously though, you people seem to have a mad house over there! And I’m wondering if this latest one is just the tip of the iceberg? ….

      • addledlady Says:

        I dunno.

        Australia’s had the execrable Tony Abbott with his amaaazing attitudes to women. To be fair, he was more inclined to direct personal insult and physical aggression+intimidation rather than sexual assault. He’s more like what you’d get by amalgamating Trump and Pence into a single person. Prissy _and_ authoritarian attitudes to sexual matters linked to unbridled physical force at the service of masculinity gone mad.

        I suppose the important thing is that with a parliamentary system, if something like this loomed up out of a current or prospective Prime Minister’s past in UKOzNZCanada, he’d be out on his ear the following morning. The US system means that they’re stuck with him.

        (My husband’s view on the US system is that its virtues at inception haven’t withstood the passage of time. The constitution basically installed an elected-by-voters version of the king-in-council plus a strongly constrained talkfest parliament with little to no scope to respond to gradually changing circumstances. There’s no freedom to allow their role-status-functions to evolve into forms different from those stipulated by the people who wrote the constitution.)

        • Torsten Says:

          I’ve been watching the Australian TV series “Offspring” on Canadian Netflix. When Nina learns that Darcy is not her biological father, she can only imagine nightmarish possibilities of who it could be. Tony Abbott is one of the names. Even on the other side of the globe I got the humour in that.

      • dumboldguy Says:

        This is actually “the tip of the iceberg” for the entire human race on planet Earth.

        Addledlady and her husband understand that the U.S. system of government is cracking at the seams, and there is no viable alternative system coming down the road. We have evolved to the point that the capitalists and finance types have taken over the world, and it’s all just downhill from here.

        We will all be the “Children of Abbott” before long. Read Diamond’s “collapse” and Gilding’s “the Great Disruption” for a preview.

        • addledlady Says:

          I have a little candle burning in my dark corner of the world and I think the flame is growing a little brighter. The general distaste for the onerous conditions of “free trade” agreements is getting stronger. In some cases it reinforces nasty racist attitudes – because of the special visas for workers and the all-too-feeble protection for wages and conditions of workers brought on those visas. Our unions have their work cut out trying to find out how much they’re paid and what their conditions are – even when they’re on the same worksite, there are all kinds of obstacles to overcome. (There’s also a bit of anti-Yank sentiment, particularly on patents and the special conditions that US pharmaceutical companies try to get inserted to try and undermine our Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme.)

          But there are a lot of people now coming round to the view that democracy’s not much good inside a country, even when that country’s government is honestly trying to the best by its citizens, if the global environment resembles an ungovernable feudal aristocracy withholding wealth from everyone else.

          The combination of gigantic international corporations, tax havens for individuals as well as corporations and shopping for tax “leverage” among industrial economies means that the capacity for individual governments to work for the benefit of their own citizens is being diluted where it’s not entirely denied by the extraction and permanent locking up of the wealth produced by those citizens. If we can get governments to get serious about negotiating _fair_ trade within “free” trade agreements, that would be a good start.

  6. redskylite Says:

    In my time I’ve known a few males with similar attitudes to females as 2005 Trump, the “banter” is most likely part truth, part ego, part fantasy. Maybe he is O.k as a bar companion. But no way a countries president (especially the U.S of A) . This is the longest drawn out election I can ever remember. Almost unbelievable that it is happening in the 21st century. But so is the slow spur to action on Climate disruption. Pinch me.

    • Torsten Says:

      I can’t imagine a more boring time than having a beer with that narcissistic pig.

    • dumboldguy Says:

      I don’t frequent “bars” anymore, but in the days of my “yoot” in NJ (see Cousin Vinnie), anyone who brought Trump along as a “bar companion” would have had to be prepared for a fight.

      Most “bar dwellers” back then were down-to-earth normal folks, and they were quite protective of their women. The Donald would have gotten his “hair mussed” and worse if he made a move on any of them or even talked about them with disrespect. If he came into any of the bars I frequented while in the USMC, he would have been lucky to escape with his life.

      And any police who might have appeared on scene after The Donald was taken down a peg would not have been very sympathetic. If he pulled that “I’m a rich guy and I’m entitled and allowed to do whatever I want” crap on them, THEY would have roughed him up too.

      I DO dearly miss the 1950’s and 1960’s—-things were MUCH clearer then.

      Trump is a complete pig of a human being, and the Repugnants like Rudy Giuliani who defended him to Chuck Todd on Meet The Press today are perhaps bigger pigs than he is. Google the session and be disgusted.

      • lesliegraham1 Says:

        Back in the 70’s I lived in all male ‘work camp’ accommodation on some of the biggest constructions sites in the world – including oil-rig construction yards on the edge of the North Sea populated by Glaswegian ex shipyard workers etc.
        It just doesn’t get any more ‘male locker room’ atmosphere than that and I have heard just about everything over the years but I have NEVER heard a single bloke speak about women in the way that Trump did.
        The guys might have bragged about some of the more degenerate sexual escapades they had experienced but Trump basically admitted to multiple cases of serious sexual assault!!
        The grotesque stomach-churning pig wouldn’t have lasted five minutes in the company I kept back then. In fact he wouldn’t last much longer in the company I keep now.
        That anyone can still think he is a fit person to be president of the US is beyond me. As someone else mentioned above – to British people it just seems like a surreal madhouse over there.

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