Wall to Wall Coverage of Mathew: No Mention of Climate

October 6, 2016

Mike Mann gives good discussion of effects of record warm water on formation of superstorms like Haiyan and Mathew.

Below, if you have not seen my video on the connection between climate and weather extremes, now would be a good time, before the lights go out.


4 Responses to “Wall to Wall Coverage of Mathew: No Mention of Climate”

  1. Don Osborn Says:

    We are all frogs in a pot slowing warming to boiling.

  2. dumboldguy Says:

    Watched my local news at 6:00 and 11:00 and the NBC Nightly News at 7:00. NO-NADA-ZILCH mention of climate change and how and why it produces more intense hurricanes. Nothing beyond the one simple statement that “if it moves out to sea the storm will intensify”—-no explanation, no mention of the fact that the ocean is a lot warmer due to climate change and what that means. They did mention that “storm surge is the big killer”, but made no mention of the fact that SLR due to climate change makes storm surges more destructive.

    It was all just yada-yada about evacuations, price-gouging on gas and hotel rooms, fools that are going “to ride out” the storm in their homes on the beach, and other “human interest” BS. They even had an extended segment of a fool in a wind tunnel showing us what it looked like to stand in winds of increasing velocity. And guess what? His cheeks started to flap at 110 mph—-just like your dog’s do when he sticks his head out the car window at 60 mph. DUH.

    No, I’m afraid that the media is too much in the pocket of the “business as usual” types who would like everyone to simply believe that “weather (s**t) happens” and mankind is not causing it to worsen or able to change it in any way.

    Mann DID speak well on the topic of climate change and weather—-he’s getting better at this, and it was good to see him get political and go after Scott. The timing of Matthew is such that climate change and extreme weather SHOULD be among the topics brought up at the debate Sunday by the moderators or town hall questioners, and if not, Hillary should work it in among all the other slings and arrows that she will throw at The Large Orange Turd.

  3. You wonder why.

    Click to access BorgersonForeignAffairsarticle.pdf

    Certain groups have sought an ice free Arctic for the massive wealth in the resources for over 100 years. They considered Nuclear in the 50’s, but not viable, then along came AGW and Greenhouse effect. Voila a method, just pump as much CO2 into the atmosphere as possible and suppress alternatives until it is too late to prevent a complete thaw of the Arctic

    • Only problem will be having paying customers for all this wealth in resources, maybe they shuld have learnt from those Mansions in Roman England with the extremely rich Gentry. When the empire collapsed so did their wealth and assets

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