This is Not a Drill: Mathew Set to Plow into East Coast, maybe Twice

October 6, 2016


Florida might be hit twice by Hurricane Mathew, in what could be an epic October surprise on the eve of one of the most important climate elections in history.

Other models show the center of the Cat 4-5 storm plowing up along the southeast coast for an extraordinary path targeted to maximize destruction, while continuing to feed off anomalously warm gulf stream waters.


A well informed Met tells me

“It’s fairly extraordinary to be pondering a 400-500 mile long track of Category 3+ damage. By Sunday there will be fewer climate change deniers from Florida to South Carolina, especially if Matthew revs back up to a 4 or 5.”

It’s happening. It’s real. If you are nearby, take necessary steps.  I’m on the road this morning, will catch up when I can.


10 Responses to “This is Not a Drill: Mathew Set to Plow into East Coast, maybe Twice”

  1. Talking about hurricanes. There’s a shit storm on the Guardian website as deniers pop up with piles of FUD to disprove climate change etc.:

    • dumboldguy Says:

      Only read the first third of the comments on the Guardian piece, but the few deniers appeared to be the usual science-ignorant morons, and they were disassembled by the large number of folks that DO “get it”.

      My favorite denier there calls himself “Benjamin the Donkey”, which “handle” he probably assumed to show his stubbornness, but others used it to say things like “Here’s Benjamin the Donkey again, always making an ass of himself”. LMAO!

  2. dumboldguy Says:

    Don’t want to wish ill on anyone, but it looks like a lot of people are going to get hammered—–the only good that will come from that is that it may serve as a wake up call for some. Perhaps folks in FL (except for that moron Scott) might see the light and vote for the party that accepts climate change as a threat?

    I have said before that recurrent and severe strings of hurricanes, waves of tornadoes, walls of wildfire, and widespread drought and floods may be the only thing that will get us moving, and they will need to devastate large areas of the red states in particular. So goodby, SC and GA, but stay away from NJ and NY.

    Of course, since my brother owns property in FL and lives there during the winter, and my daughter lives within sight of the water in south Jersey (and came within inches of having her house flooded by Sandy), I definitely want them to be spared the worst effects of Matthew. It would be nice if it didn’t have much impact on the Washington DC area where I live either—-we need some rain—-1 or 2 inches will suffice…..thankyouverramuch, Matthew.

    • andrewfez Says:

      We have property on Hilton Head SC. It’s built on stilts (to satisfy code) so flooding isn’t an issue; just wind related damage. Not liking the number red and blue dots nebulous to the area though, regardless their patriotic colors.

    • annanyms Says:

      I have family in Ft. Myers, Jacksonville, and Savannah. Family in Jacksonville and Savannah have evacuated. Since most of our family is from Louisiana, we always evacuate when we have to. It’s not worth it to stay.

  3. dumboldguy Says:

    PS Forgot to say that the tight “loop back” of the five-day track forecast would really get people’s attention—–if the storm went out to sea, rebuilt strength and came back to hit FL a second time, Scott’s news conferences would be something to watch. If it then looped back and hit a THIRD time, I guarantee that FL would go blue next month.

  4. Mathew? Anybody see him lately? How’s the hurricane tracking business working out for you fellas? Just askin’.

    • dumboldguy Says:

      Only a complete moron and moral degenerate like Russell would make such a comment. Matthew is still around, Russell, and he will be for a very long time among the families of those who died and those who lost everything to the storm.

      I guess this is just what passes for “locker room banter” among climate change deniers and whore for fossil fuel like Russell. Yes, Russell is trying hard to become the Donald Trump of fossil fuel whores, and like the Large Orange Turd, Russell won’t ever apologize for his errors either .

      • Sidestep, sidestep, sidestep. Remember, friends, it was no less than “dumboldguy” himself who said “… the tight ‘loop back’ of the five-day track forecast would really get people’s attention—–if the storm went out to sea, rebuilt strength and came back to hit FL a second time, Scott’s news conferences would be something to watch…” Read it for yourselves in his comment prior to mine above. If a disinterested bystander who wasn’t watching the news and overheard this, the person would legitimately ask, “Where’s Matthew now?” The person obviously wouldn’t be asking about bad memories or impressions, and everybody knows that.

        Just sayin’ now, don’t give up your day job to become a hurricane track predicter. But one more thing: why do you appear to wish harm on large populations in order to have your position justified? Morbid notions, don’t you think? Why not stop to consider objective empirical data in the face of past predictions out of the IPCC on hurricanes? Remember the big Chris Landsea flap about that?

        Arguably, full consideration of the overall issue could alleviate whatever nightmares you are having, and potentially open your eyes to a brighter and better informed future for all, and emancipate you from beliefs that only fuel what appears to be significant anger problems for you. I’d think family members, after reading what you write here, worry that you may have a stroke over it someday. My own dilemma is whether to depart from Crocks altogether to possibly prevent this, or to stay and earn your family’s eternal gratitude for saving you from an ideology which looks like it only fills you with rage, depression and corrosive attitudes about a hopeless future.

        • dumboldguy Says:

          Here’s Russell, earning his whore’s dollar on a long dead thread—no one is reading, because if anyone was, Russell would be getting his usual garland of “thumbs down” votes (I will give him one to show my love). I will respond so that Russell gets credit from Heartland for a response—-it’s like throwing a quarter in the cup of the homeless guy begging on the street corner.

          I will repeat that Russell is a complete pig and moral degenerate for trafficking in the misery that resulted from Matthew. They’re still counting bodies in Haiti, worrying about cholera, and having a hard time feeding everyone. The death toll in NC is now up over 20 and the worst of the flooding isn’t due until Saturday.

          And Russell wants to “sidestep” the truth of greater impacts due to AGW just because Matthew DIDN’T follow the worst-case projections and instead went off to sea? And his “sidestepping” also includes an attempt to say that I “wished harm” on anyone. Never happened, Russell, although it’s a nice try at your usual attempted sowing of FUD here on Crock.

          “Why not stop to consider objective empirical data in the face of past predictions on hurricanes?”, says Russell, and that’s one of the funniest and most ironic things he has ever said. For a lying piece of shit whore for fossil fuels with no science training like Russell to talk about considering “objective empirical data” is beyond belief.

          As for your last paragraph, Russell, the short reply is GO FUCK YOURSELF (and hope that I don’t swing by and visit you on my next trip west and talk to you about YOUR “hopeless future”).

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