Hurricane Warnings up in Florida

October 5, 2016


Click for larger.

Hurricane warnings up in Florida,  and remarkably strong Mathew still has plenty of warm ocean water to fuel up before a possible US landfall.

I just booked my AirBnB for Miami next week, where I’ll be following Rolling Stone’s Jeff Goodell in his investigation of Sea Level rise.  Looks like we may be documenting storm aftermath as well.

Below: Satan appears as Hurricane Mathew. NASA says so.


6 Responses to “Hurricane Warnings up in Florida”

  1. Andy Lee Robinson Says:

    If a deity wanted to send a message to voters, then sending Matthew to surgically mash up the entire east coast before the election ought to do it!

    • dumboldguy Says:

      Looking at that one NASA image, it sure looks like Satan. I would think that Satan is not the deity guiding Matthew, though. Since Satan is a Trump supporter, he would be likely to send Matthew out to sea. It must be Gaia trying to influence the election.

  2. Interestingly on RS’s site

    Some of the models are suggesting a loop around and restrengthen over the warm Waters (80+ degrees down to 400 feet) then a second hit at the east coast.

    Interesting times ahead

  3. addledlady Says:

    “80+ degrees down to 400 feet”


    I was wondering about that loop prediction. Wonder no more.

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