Doing Donald: SNL Cold Opener is a Stitch

October 2, 2016

Not a Yuge SNL fan, but Alec Baldwin’s Trump is worth watching.
And they do mention the word “climate” so it’s relevant.

6 Responses to “Doing Donald: SNL Cold Opener is a Stitch”

  1. If you are geo blocked from youtube, you can watch the segment on vimeo. (It does send up Hillary Clinton as well as Donald Trump. Even so …)

  2. Actually it’s, not vimeo.

  3. dumboldguy Says:

    Excellent! (And it doesn’t have to say “climate” to be relevant).

    I stayed up late to watch SNL last night, and it’s good to see the “debate” again this AM. Baldwin couldn’t do a better job of impersonating the Large Orange Turd (except that Baldwin’s hands are too big and his hand gestures are too manly).

    For those who don”t live 25 miles outside Washington and get the WashPost every day, front page this AM is headlined:

    “Huge tax loss filed by Trump in 1995—Developer declared $916 million deduction—With that, nominee could have avoided paying taxes for years”.

    Article cites a NY Times report and says that since a loss like this can be applied against income for 18 years, the L.O.Turd could have used it to offset $50+ million dollars of income each year for 18 years, and that he could potentially have paid little or no tax for all that time.

    Yes, Trump DOES have much to hide. We already pretty much know that his “charitable giving” is BS, now we also know that he is playing tax avoidance games, and there’s no doubt that he has been playing footsie with foreign investors (is everyone aware of his recently exposed illegal Cuba $$$ games?). Some of his supporters are making unhappy noises over this—-one “drooler” was quoted as saying “I pay my taxes, he should too”.

    Hillary on SNL asked “Can America Vote right now”? A good joke, but he should be allowed to twist in the wind until election day. It’s going to be fun to watch Trump further destroy himself in the next two debates and learn more about his tax info—-he is surely doomed if he doesn’t release his tax returns, and maybe even if he does—-all is well in the land this morning.

    • addledlady Says:

      And just to sweeten your coffee, New York’s AG has just ordered the Trump Foundation to stop taking any donations.

      Along with any person or organisation doing any fundraising on behalf of the Foundation.

      The wheels are wobbling badly on this little red wagon if they haven’t already fallen off.

  4. dumboldguy Says:

    Thank you for that very good news—-hadn’t seen it yet. I hope to see the little red wagon crash into the ditch and explode in flames over the next few weeks.

    And what are you doing up so early in the AM down under? Do you have as much trouble sleeping as I do? I haven’t been sleeping well for a while, but the arrival of Trump as the Repugnant candidate for president has made it much worse.

    • addledlady Says:

      Sorry I missed this earlier.

      Sleeping not so wonderful of late – though I often have problems being woken by pain (I’m a bit of a sickly weakling really) that hasn’t been the issue. Probably not helped a lot by husband sleeping badly. When he gets up and starts wandering about or turning on the tele, it’s disturbing me even though I normally sleep like the dead once I get to sleep.

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