Latinos Have Greatest Concerns about Climate

September 26, 2016

Just one more reason GOP drums up the hate.


Violeta Maya lives on the west side of Brooklyn, along a busy highway, in a neighborhood spare of trees and green spaces. Now 80, Maya emigrated from Puerto Rico when she was a child. In the intervening decades, she has watched pollution from cars and factories cloud the skies above her home.

“We have a lot of pollution, and this has caused a lot of asthma,” Maya, who suffers from asthma herself, said. “They bring more stuff into this community than they do into Bay Ridge, Bensonhurst, anywhere else. We can’t breathe.”

For Maya, the hazards extend beyond the noxious fumes seeping from tailpipes and smokestacks. Planet-warming carbon pollution is fueling record-breaking heat around the country and in New York. She can feel it.

“The heat is so bad that my doctor said to me, ‘You cannot go out in the heat,’” she said. “I see older people with umbrellas. I see people who have to hold onto the gate for a while to catch their breath. This is climate change. It’s going to get worse.”


Maya isn’t alone. Poll after poll after poll after poll after poll finds Hispanics and Latinos are more likely to acknowledge the climate is changing, worry about the threat, and support policy to slow the rise in temperature — even though they are less likely to identify as environmentalists. Why?

One possibility is that Latinos tend to lean left and vote Democrat. But even among Democrats, people of color are more likely to believe climate change should be a top priority for policymakers.

Among Americans of color, Hispanics and Latinos stand out: Several polls — see here, here and here  — find they are more likely to support pro-climate policy than African Americans, even though they are less likely to identify as liberal or Democrat.


One Response to “Latinos Have Greatest Concerns about Climate”

  1. dumboldguy Says:

    A great ad. It’s surprising that this post has gotten no comments from anyone, but that seems to be true of all too many Crock posts that bring up racism or the connection between racism and climate change denial.

    It’s no surprise that Hispanics and Blacks to a lesser degree accept AGW more readily than whites. While mostly-better-off whites tend to live and work at cleaner jobs, often in air-conditioned spaces, and live in cleaner neighborhoods, too many of the minorities work and live in places that are hot, dirty, and toxic—-sacrifice zones for the corporations and the greedy rich.

    That’s the way it has been since the days of slavery—-the Trumps and Kochs of the world are pushing for a modern day version of feudalism, and the poor whites, Hispanics and Blacks are their #1 serfs.

    And it’s true all over the world—-people who are low on the wealth and income ladder and are typically dark-skinned are the ones who will pay the biggest price for AGW and environmental destruction. Hardly anyone is speaking for them either.

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