The Weekend Wonk: Timeline by Sara Penryhn Jones

September 25, 2016

Sara Penryhn Jones was with us on the first Dark Snow Project Greenland trip in 2013.

She recently sent along a link to this piece – a meditation on climate impacts from the coast of Wales, to Greenland, to the South Pacific, includes interview footage with Jason Box and Alun Hubbard.  Sara is an ace with camera, and the piece is a master class on visual story telling.
Interviews with residents of Kiribati towards the end are particularly moving.

Jason Box and Sara Penrhyn Jones in Sisimiut, Greenland, 2013



3 Responses to “The Weekend Wonk: Timeline by Sara Penryhn Jones”

  1. indy222 Says:

    Beautifully composed, affecting. I’ve added it to my list of important climate video program links for my climate science students:

  2. webej Says:

    Moving. Thank you.

  3. Thanks very much Peter for helping people to find this film! It was a good feeling to work with yourself in Greenland, and feel part of a very large global community of people who care (that you help to bring together). This sustains us all!

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