Emails. White Supremacy. Veiled Threats. Climate Deniers Road Tested the Alt-Right

September 20, 2016

In 2009-10, I made a series of videos knocking down the phony “climate emails” story.

Yesterday I was reviewing the final one, from June 2010 – and what washed over me was, – it’s all there.

Emails. White supremacy. Not-so veiled threats. Obscure neo-nazi websites.

Climate deniers road-tested the Alt-right playbook, and now we are seeing it play out in the an election that might be critical to human survival.

FYI, the entire “Climate emails/Hockey stick” playlist is here.


28 Responses to “Emails. White Supremacy. Veiled Threats. Climate Deniers Road Tested the Alt-Right”

  1. Only a part of the mitigation sceptics are white supremacists, but most white supremacists are probably mitigation sceptics. These are the most fanatical ones and the ones that harass scientists. White supremacists do not believe in civil discourse to convince people, they believe in violence to exert power over others.

    It makes sense that they would claim not to accept the science of climate change. That is the most effective way to delay action and the left told them that the (global) poor would suffer most.

    They like that, they like that a lot and are they willing to suffer themselves to make others suffer more.

    There is no way to convince these people, they already know climate change is real, that is why they put so much work in denying it publicly.

    Someone should tell them that this will only lead to higher birth rates in poor countries and that climate change will destroy the capital goods our dominance is based on.

    The left should stop being so naive to think that everyone wants the best for everyone and that we only politely disagree on how to get there. It is just a fringe group, but there there are real disgusting people in this world.

  2. Ron Voisin Says:

    I have a couple questions Victor,

    There is a boisterous fringe group who consider human existence on Earth to be Mother Nature’s cancer. These people applaud the energy-starved and therefore brutal and short lives of half the world’s population…correctly thinking these short lives to be closer to no lives; and incorrectly thinking therefore, more favorable to Ma Nature.

    Are these people of the far-Right or far-Left?

    A much broader segment denies the relationship between energy availability and human prosperity. These people want the other half of humanity relinquish their energy use…imagining that hospitals, universities and rewarding jobs can survive, even thrive, immense-scale energy cutbacks. They magically think that hospitals, universities and rewarding jobs can run on wind&solar exclusively. They therefore oppose all known base-load power generation (hydro is out…destroy the dams; fossil is out…CO2 is poison; nuclear is out…to dangerous).

    Are these people on the Right or Left?

    • dumboldguy Says:

      Ah, Ron V appears once again in his persona of “Doctor NO Logic”, setting up straw men and beating on them, and popping non sequiturs as cleverly as Omnologos does (or as Omno once DID—where is that chubby cheeked little moron, anyway?—still sitting in the corner of his mother’s basement sucking his thumb because we picked on him?).

      It is obvious to anyone with a functioning brain and an adequate education that human existence IS “Mother Nature’s Cancer”. We first became “cancerous” at the beginning of the Anthropocene, the “tumor” grew only slowly for millennia, but over the past ~200 years (and particularly the last 50 or 60) it has been metastasizing like crazy—-time is running out, and if we don’t begin some serious treatment soon, Mother Nature may be in a “world of hurt”. She is actually practicing a form of radiation therapy and chemotherapy on the human race right now, and don’t forget that she “bats last”.

      Those of us that have the education and ability to think (Ron doesn’t, apparently) by no means “applaud” the status of the world’s poorest, but DO recognize that it IS actually “more favorable to Ma Nature”. The Laws of Nature have been operating on Earth for 4-1/2 billion years, Ron, and humans are just another animal (and a very recent arrival) that must obey those laws. While we lived within them, we evolved and prospered. We became too “smart” for our own good and now we are paying the price.

      Doctor NO Logic pops a beauty with “A much broader segment denies the relationship between energy availability and human prosperity”—-Really? And who may they be, Doctor No L? NO ONE denies that the availability of fossil fuels was THE biggest factor in the development of humankind’s (so-called) “prosperity”. Oh, wait—I see—-that was just a massively bald assertion that was meant to set up the maundering yada-yada that Ron finished with—his “drunk standing on a soap box on the corner” speechifying.

      Ron’s right-left questions were just rhetorical BS, and need no answer. The only real question raised here by Ron’s diatribe is “How far back in the line was Ron when they gave out brains?” (Answer—just ahead of Master Bates).

      • Canman Says:

        The Dumb Old Malthusian Guy says:

        It is obvious to anyone with a functioning brain and an adequate education that human existence IS “Mother Nature’s Cancer”.


        We became too “smart” for our own good and now we are paying the price.

        Being true to his handle, he’s taken a stand for dumbness.

        • Ron Voisin Says:

          I couldn’t have said it better.

          Drop a nickel in him and he’ll go on forever.

        • Ron Voisin Says:

          Most everyone agrees that dumboldguy is a cancer, though few would agree he ever became to “smart” for his own good or anyone else’s.

          To his credit he plans to set an example for depopulating by offing himself. We can all appreciate that.

          He hasn’t yet set I time and location for his demise but if he lets me participate in the effort I would be happy to go on to eulogize him.

          I’ll do my best to confine my eulogy to his remarkable wit and will be as careful as I can to leave out the dumbassholeoldguy parts.

          I promise!!!

          • dumboldguy Says:

            Ron continues to ignore the First Law of Holes, thereby displaying more of his patented stupidity (is that what many of those patents you “participated” in are for , Ron?—-new ways of looking stupid?)

            Most everyone agrees that…
            Few would agree…
            Plans to set an example for….
            Hasn’t yet set I time and location…..
            I would be happy to go on to eulogize him….
            Leave out the dumbassholeoldguy parts….


            I “promise” that anyone who reads these juvenile and delusional attempts at humor will shake their heads in wonder at why Ron continues to make a fool of himself. Go back to WUWT, Ron, where you fit in.

        • Lionel Smith Says:

          Aha! One again, a denialati raises the spectre of Thomas Malthus whilst not being aware of how Malthus was wrong about so much.

          Don’t know that this is so or why then here is help.

          And why you are being kept dumb as you are is explained by listening to and reading ‘Endgame’.

          • dumboldguy Says:

            What’s really comical is that Can-stuck-on-head-man is too freaking dumb to understand what “Malthusian” means. My comment was NOT “Malthusian”, but merely spoke to the obvious science behind our present predicament. Can-on-head is apparently as grammar impaired as Ronnie, and doesn’t understand why there are quotation marks around “cancer” and “smart”.

            And it is rather ludicrous to suggest to a dummy like him that he should “look here for help” or that he should read something. That’s like putting a midget in an NBA uniform and telling him to spike the ball every chance he gets.

            No, Cannonheadman is just another moron who wanders the web “commenting” at places like WUWT (I wonder if he and Ronnie are “WUWT Bros”?). Probably another engineer who has taken up climate change as a “hobby”.

            I will be measuring him for a Demented Rooster Suit soon.

    • Ron, how would it help you to know whether I see your badly defined group as left or right?

      I do not know any people who “applaud the energy-starved and therefore brutal and short lives of half the world’s population”. I am sure you have a reference that proves the existence of this “boisterous fringe group.”

      I do know people who observe that renewable electricity is now often the cheaper option and that the prices are dropping fast. I may be too optimistic, but I expect it to be cheaper in the end, especially when you count in the health benefits of clean air.

      You may be somewhat older, the energy sector is nowadays only 6% of the economy. Did you notice that the recent low oil prices and the low natural gas prices in the USA hardly stimulated the economy? The costs of energy is no longer that important.

      In 2050 we will be twice as rich. So a renewable energy system could cost 100% of the current GDP and we would still be as prosperous as today. That would be 16 times as expensive as the current energy system (6%).
      16 * 6% = 96%.

      Do you think it is realistic to expect renewable energy to be 16 times more expensive? Or in your expectation of “energy-starved and therefore brutal and short lives” to be 32 times as expensive? While currently the prices are already comparable and dropping?

      • Ron Voisin Says:

        I do not know any people who “applaud the energy-starved and therefore brutal and short lives of half the world’s population”.

        Check with dumboldguy. He’s just come out of the closet and want’s to make himself an example for others to follow.

        I have immense respect for his wit and I’m sure you’ll miss him too.

        • dumboldguy Says:

          “Check” exactly WHAT with me, Ron? Please reread my comment and explain how anything I said implied that I have “come out of the closet” on anything and that I “want to make myself an example for others to follow”?

          One of the weakest logic fails employed by those who are weak of mind is the “put words in other people’s mouths” ploy that Ron employs here.

          In fact, Ron displays so many “weaknesses of mind” that I am thinking of starting a crowd-funded movement to buy a collection of “….for Dummies” books for Ron. Anyone interested in chipping in? Among the first books provided to Ron will be “Reading Comprehension for Dummies”, “Logic for Dummies”, and “Grammar for Dummies” (with the s’ection on proper us’e of apostrophe’s highlighted).

          • Earl Mardle Says:

            Heh, first you’d have to make sure he got the “Reading for Dummies” book and could pass the literacy test at the end of it. Oh, and then the “Numeracy for Number Denialists” series.

    • Your logic is flawed and some what irrational…

      By way of example… you are asking, what are Guy McPherson’s political leanings…. left or right… ?????

      • dumboldguy Says:

        Yes, Louise, you nailed it nicely when you said to Ron, “Your logic is flawed and somewhat irrational” (although I would have left off the “somewhat”). If you want to see some real irrationality, flawed logic, and very bad science, go over to WUWT (don’t stay long—it’s unhealthy) and look at Ron’s maunderings there.

        An Engineer’s Take on Climate Change #2, June 14, 2013, Guest essay by Ronald D. Voisin (I won’t give the actual link because Peter wouldn’t like it).

        Ron’s CV from WUWT:

        “Ronald D Voisin is a retired engineer. He spent 27 years in the Semiconductor Lithography Equipment industry mostly in California’s Silicon Valley. Since retiring, he has made a hobby of studying climate change for the last 7 years. Ron received a BSEE degree from the Univ. of Michigan – Ann Arbor in 1978 and has held various management positions at both established equipment companies and start-ups he helped initiate. Ron has authored/co-authored 55 patent applications, 24 of which have issued”.

        So, Ron is another one of those ENGINEERS with NO science training but the limited physics he may have gotten while obtaining his way-out-of-date BSEE 40 years ago. Just the kind of guy that weasel Watts over at WUWT just LOVES.

        And Ron has made a HOBBY of “studying climate change” for the last 7 years? It took him SEVEN years to rise to the level of incompetence he displays on Crock? Lord love a duck! At least his name doesn’t appear on the Oregon Petition with all those other engineers that fancy themselves to be “scientists”—-wonder why? Care to tell us, Ron?

        • dumboldguy Says:

          Here’s something else Ron said 14 months ago on WUWT:

          “Lastly, let me make an obvious prediction predicated on the prediction that the Earth has recently begun to cool and assuming that some appreciable level of cooling (0.1-0.3 degree C) takes place over the next several years”.

          Love those “obvious predictions predicated on predictions” and “assumptions”—-real “hobby science” there . Tell us about the cooling that has taken place over the 14 months since you wrote that, Ron. Have you been holding your thermometer upside down?

          Oops, I forgot—-electrical engineers specializing in “Semiconductor Lithography Equipment” don’t use thermometers or any of the other tools or science that climate scientists use, so maybe I’m being unfair to Ron.

  3. ubrew12 Says:

    At the time of the Climategate hack, nobody cared who did the job or what their motivations were. They were too delirious from sniffing through Climate Scientists used sock drawers. Now that everybody is getting hacked, and the hackers seem particularly motivated to throw the next US election for Donald Trump, it matters to people more that this is being orchestrated in Russia. I expect (well, I certainly hope) the motivations of the ‘backers of hackers’ will become a more popular topic of conversation in the future. As practiced by Russia, it could be considered a modern front in an old, Cold War.

    • Andy Lee Robinson Says:

      I’m skeptical of Putin’s direct involvement.
      Black hat hackers, Russian or otherwise, work for the highest bidder, and the money trough and morality pit is in the Republican right.

      • mboli Says:

        I think your image of hacking is out of date. Nowadays “black hat hackers” are frequently recruited, trained, and employed by governments. Yes, ours also.

        • Andy Lee Robinson Says:

          Perhaps so, I’m on the other end as a system administrator so I have to deal with tens of thousands of intrusion attempts, web attacks and malicious emails daily – none have succeeded, yet.

  4. Ron Voisin Says:


    It’s a brave thing to come out and admit you’re akin to cancer.
    We need to depopulate, and I think many would agree it best you set an example and go first.

    I’ll seek answers from others on this site so feel free to waste no time.

    Before you go, I want you to know that I’ll lament not having a chance to drink a beer with you. You’re witty commentary will be missed by many.

    I’ll do my best to let your example be known far and wide

    So long good friend!

    • dumboldguy Says:

      My “witty commentary”? LOL You don’t recognize “wit”, Ron. Maybe we need to get you a “Humor for Dummies” book also.

      Youre a Mo’r’on, Ron, and you keep on proving it every time you pos’t a comment here. (The apostrophe fails are deliberate—I’m mocking you, Ron, because you’ve done it AGAIN).

      If we wanted to assign “comparative worth” numbers to humans in order to decide who should go first, I feel sure that I would be among those waving goodbye to YOU, Ron. Unfortunately, when the “depopulation” hits, it’s going to be mainly a matter of pure luck and geography who goes first.

      And if you ever walked into a place when I’m drinking beer and opened your mouth and spouted your ignorant BS, you would soon be slapped silly and find yourself on your ass in the parking lot Not saying that I would do that, mind you—-no sir—–I’m just speaking in “Trumpese” there.

  5. Andy Lee Robinson Says:

    Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

    Peter’s insightful video is as valid now as it was then – it hardly seems as anything has changed, except that the case has grown stronger and more urgent, and the deniers have gone even more nuts.

    How pitiful are the barely qualified members of the human race that value a small fraction of profit above life.

    If there is a God, now is the time to send a personally signed tornado to each of them before the election!

  6. Lionel Smith Says:

    “Peter’s insightful video is as valid now as it was then…”

    Shame that it has been blocked in the UK, by Channel 4 it would appear.

  7. mboli Says:

    “Trick.” “Hide the decline.” Hack some e-mail, find a few choice snippets, and let the circus begin.

    Grandstanding wacked out elected representatives. Grave beard-pulling editorials. FOIA requests. Outraged right-wing talk shows. Pundits competing for who can exhibit the most ignorance and false balance. Congressional hearings. Subpeonas. Judical Watch. Crusading rogue attorneys general, with press conferences delcaiming they will protect the public!

    The public is dazed and confused. It knows only that those climate scientists did something skanky, involving tricks and hiding the decline.

    The old adage is out of date. The lie gets considerably farther than half-way around the world before the truth gets its boots on. The lie coats the world, seeping into the pores.

    Thank you, Greenman! We have indeed seen this story again recently, starting with a few snippets of e-mail.

    “Hide the decline” gets 229,000 results in Google. That’s with the quotes, searched as a phrase.

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