Trump: Doubling Down on Racism, Birtherism, and Climate Denial

September 16, 2016

Donald Trump has been vocal about his belief that climate science is a chinese plot.  He has reinforced the point that I’ve made here often, that racism and conspiracist thinking go hand in hand with climate denial.

He also has been at the lead of spreading conspiracy theories that President Obama not an American, and is somehow part of a massive plot, (begun apparently, more than 50 years ago with fake birth announcements in Honolulu newspapers) to place a foreign agent in the presidency. According to polls, upwards of half of Republican primary voters believe this.

It’s easier to understand how Republican voters have been so quick to believe climate deniers, when you understand the fundamental split from reality that the “birther” argument represents.


Mr Trump has said, among other things, that if he were to “shoot someone on 5th Avenue” his supporters would still back him, and that appears to be true.

Indeed, the media has set the bar so low for Mr Trump, that if in the upcoming debate he defacates on the stage, we’ll hear from Fox and Friends, how Presidential he is, able to make a poopy like a big boy.

More on Trump’s climate denial below.


3 Responses to “Trump: Doubling Down on Racism, Birtherism, and Climate Denial”

  1. dumboldguy Says:

    “Indeed, the media has set the bar so low for Mr Trump, that if in the upcoming debate he defecates on the stage, we’ll hear from Fox and Friends, how Presidential he is, able to make a poopy like a big boy”.

    Great thought that, and in keeping with the spirit of vulgarity there and that Trump’s very existence represents, let’s mention that every word he utters is a “poopy”, and not one done by a “big boy” but by an infant in diapers when it comes to being capable of being president.

    And all those poopies are made into s**t sandwiches by the Fauxies, which are then eagerly devoured by the Repugnant voters just like they have swallowed the birther BS, climate denial, racism, trickle down, and all the other Repugnant BS we have heard from Reagan’s time onward. If Trump does drop trou’ and poops on stage some day, his “fans” will say “He’s not afraid to say (do) what’s on his mind—-he’s not a politician—-we need a change” etc.

    Today’s news is that Trump took all of 7 seconds to declare that Obama WAS born in the USA. That comes after his surrogates got beaten up for days over saying that Trump now believes that, and being asked uncounted times why Trump himself won’t just say it out loud. And now he is being congratulated for finally saying that? NO apology for the racism behind the original birtherism or the 5+ years of turmoil it caused the country—-it DID, after all get all that publicity and attention for Trump—-that was his sole motivation, and he has NEVER apologized for looking out for Number One no matter how much damage it does to others.

    Speaking of “-isms'” and people who are “-ists”in the Trump camp, Donald Junior (aka that slimeball Gordon Gekko imitator with the slicked back hair who is on his daddy’s payroll or he’d be flipping burgers somewhere) is trying to make excuses for the antisemitism of his “warm up the gas chamber” comment. He would have us believe that he was merely talking about “one of the types of capital punishment used in this country” and not the Holocaust. As one who lived through WW2 and remembers the horrors of the Holocaust as they were exposed after the war, I may be a bit more “sensitive” (and also better educated) than some of the young, but here are some FACTS about executions and gas chamber use in this country.

    Numbers of executions since 1976 by means:
    1262 Lethal injection
    158 Electrocution
    11 Gas chamber
    3 Hanging
    3 Firing squad

    There has not been an execution by gas chamber since 1999. Nice try, Junior—- the turd doesn’t fall far from the anus.

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