At Heartland Climate Denial Summit, Birtherism is a Big Deal

September 16, 2016

In 2012, I attended the Heartland Institute’s annual Climate Denial shindig, which was in Chicago not far away.

I thought of it in light of recent news that Presidential Candidate Donald Trump, a climate denier, has again doubled down on his belief that President Obama was not born in the US.
This is not peculiar to Trump – like racism, birtherism is endemic to the climate denial movement.


4 Responses to “At Heartland Climate Denial Summit, Birtherism is a Big Deal”

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  2. indy222 Says:

    but….. but….. he said today that it was Hillary who started the birth thing. You mean…. he lied? This isn’t going to look good on his PolitiFact ratings. What, you say? his PolitiFact rating is only at 1% truth telling anyway? Well so maybe this won’t affect his Politifact ratings.

  3. andrewfez Says:

    Speaking of denialists:

    There’s been a big change on the Youtube comments sections since the high days of climate gate. All the Crocks, SkS, Potholer54, &c. outlets have created an entire army of informed millennials that are able to make the denialists look like fools, even when they pull technical info off WUWT to regurgitate. Indeed they are quite outnumbering the denialists on a video I watched by some guy called Louder with Crowder who’s built a following shooting fish in a barrel by making fun of the antics of radical, third wave feminists, but who recently got cocky and thought he would expand his repertoire into climate denial. He ran full speed ahead into what he thought was a house of cards, but which turned out to be a brick wall. Potholer ended up putting up a reply video to Crowder’s and the online climate army made short work of the denialists and denial apologists that ‘just don’t like Al Gore’, with links to NASA websites and journal papers, or just quality comments and whatnot.

    Social Media has changed the quality of video news people get. Corporate media is slowly bowing its head to the new champion in the room, with the former now owning its lowest level of trustworthiness for 40+ years.

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