John Oliver Impales Petroleum Lobby

August 16, 2016

Crude but gets the job done. Fair warning.

If you’re curious, compare Oliver’s opening credits to API ad skewered above.


5 Responses to “John Oliver Impales Petroleum Lobby”

  1. […] Source: John Oliver Impales Petroleum Lobby | Climate Denial Crock of the Week […]

  2. Crude yes, but brilliant. Haven’t had such a good laugh in ages. Just hope those friendly folks at API get to enjoy it also!

  3. Tom Bates Says:

    Why do you folks hate petroleum, it feds you, gets you to work and back, makes work possible, makes your house warm or cool, brings you to the doctor and the cops to your door if your house is broken into.

    • Andy Lee Robinson Says:

      Petroleum has done its job, and some. Now it threatens the only planet we have, even yours.

      EVs can do 98% of the trips average gasoline cars do, and for next to zero fuel cost.
      I charge mine using solar panels, and I never have to stop at a gas station ever again. You should try it.

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