Maryland Flooding: Climate Nightmare on Main Street

July 31, 2016

You may have heard they had a rainstorm in Maryland.

The video above looks like one of those “found footage” horror movies, especially after 1:40.


Below, human chain rescue of woman trapped in car.

Here, my video shows why climate change makes for stronger storms.

Below, aftermath in Ellicott City.

30 Responses to “Maryland Flooding: Climate Nightmare on Main Street”

  1. redskylite Says:

    Andrew Freedman in Mashable on the incident. . . . .

    Deadly Maryland flood part of clear global warming-related pattern in extreme rainfall events.

    It started out as an ordinary, albeit sultry, evening in Ellicott City, Maryland, located about 14 miles west of Baltimore.

    But starting at 7:51 p.m. EDT, a deluge for the ages unleashed a torrent of water on the flood-prone community, turning Main Street into a raging river and killing at least two people.

    The localized severe storm was part of a wider outbreak of heavy downpours as a stifling heat wave came to an end across the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast. The flash flood was also the latest in an increasing trend of damaging heavy rainfall events in parts of the U.S., particularly the Northeast.

    This trend has been tied back to human-caused global warming, since as the air warms it is able to carry more moisture that allows storms to produce heavier precipitation.

  2. dumboldguy Says:

    For those who have never been to Ellicott City, it’s a trendy place with neat shops, restaurants, and art galleries in a 200+ year old town. Also has a nice little museum with a great train layout in the railroad station on the the old B&O main line, the first mainline railroad in the nation.

    Unfortunately, the town sits in a narrow valley that runs into the Patapsco River valley. Several small creeks run down off the surrounding hills and parallel the main street on the way to the Patapsco, and 6 inches of rain in under two hours was way more than they could handle, hence the flood going down the main street. Ellicott City has had a number of floods in its history, but none like this. And if they rebuild, they are gambling, because the Mid-Atlantic is getting more of these downpours all the time.

    The area along the Atlantic Seaboard fall line, where the Piedmont and Coastal Plain regions meet (Ellicott City is in there), is shot through with these narrow valleys, and we in the DC and Baltimore Metro areas are being bombarded more and more with flash flood warnings because of Ellicott City type topography and downpours. It’s happening all the way from Georgia to Maine, and it’s just going to get worse, as we all know.

    Derechos, severe thunderstorms with the possibility of tornadoes, damaging hail, high winds, do not drive into water, trees down, power out—-all repeated on TV for hours some days as these huge weather systems make their way through here.

  3. Says:

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  4. Says:

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    • dumboldguy Says:

      Quickly! Sell all your Solar Roadway and Clean Energy Tower stock and invest in Rossi’s device that is going to “change the world”!!!!

        • dumboldguy Says:

          France has “plans to do this” and “projects that” and the Wattway has been “extensively tested” (in the lab). Pure and simple bullshit. It will never happen except perhaps for a small section of road—enough for all to see that it’s a scam and for the “promoters” to make off with a bucket of French taxpayers’ money.

          It’s true in every language—-“une ventouse qui naissent chaque minute”

          Read between the lines in this article, and also sample the comments—-whatever moron in France is pushing the idea needs to read it all.

          • lesliegraham1 Says:

            It’s a no-brainer and will happen. You are simply wrong and time will prove it.

          • dumboldguy Says:

            I am “simply wrong and time will prove it?” LMAO! I DO love the “bald assertion”—-i.e., a strongly stated opinion with NO factual support—-it’s a major logic fail.

            Solar Roadway has sucked up nearly THREE MILLION dollars of government and crowd-funding money and is going nowhere. Yes, we shall see what happens in France, but it won’t happen because you WANT it to happen.

            What’s a “no brainer” is your serious lack of knowledge of the science, engineering, and economics problems that are the reasons these solar roads.will not succeed. Did you even read the article I cited? Have you read all the major debunking of Solar Roadway that is available? I doubt it—-I suspect you simply consulted your Magic 8-Ball. The Magic 8-Ball has 20 possible answers:

            It is certain
            It is decidedly so
            Without a doubt
            Yes, definitely
            You may rely on it
            As I see it, yes
            Most likely
            Outlook good
            Signs point to yes

            Reply hazy try again
            Ask again later
            Better not tell you now
            Cannot predict now
            Concentrate and ask again

            Don’t count on it
            My reply is no
            My sources say no
            Outlook not so good
            Very doubtful

            As a true motivated reasoner, you obviously relied on the 50% “positive” weighting of the 8-Ball answers, took heart from the 25% “non-committal”, and considered them 75% supportive of your motivated reasoning. You ignored the 25% that disagreed with what you WANT to believe. Thank goodness science and engineering don’t rely on the Magic 8-Ball.

  5. Remco van Ek Says:

    Oh my God, oh my God … forget God. This is human caused.

  6. Lionel Smith Says:

    “Oh my God, oh my God … forget God. This is human caused.”

    And the ill-informed will come back to us with, ‘but humans are too puny to control weather.’

    One response to that is, ‘and a H-bomb does what exactly?’

    Which coupled with this graphic would be expected to make them think. Sadly the evidence from the Trump campaign suggests that many have lost that capacity.

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