Typhoon Nepartak

July 24, 2016

5 Responses to “Typhoon Nepartak”

  1. One of natures spectacular show. Almost looks like a chaos of fireworks organizing into some sort of combustion engine. No doubt with the extra energy available on a warming planet these things will grow to large monsters in the decades ahead. As long as they don’t knock down houses, people will not notice the wolf at the door. And when they do hit us we are bombarded with stupid memes in faux news about the weather so we learn to continue ignoring them…

    • Bill Lorch Says:

      As a ex-USN Hurricane hunter (VW4) I fully understand the above comment. An from my knowledge of weather FAUX news & the American people need to wake up and smell the coffee,roses, or what ever is brewing in our atmosphere .We all need to because ALL the chips are down now,and the wheel is spinning!!!! Bill

  2. rabiddoomsayer Says:

    So glad I am not a forecaster today, that just exploded into existence. How the weather works is changing faster than the models.

  3. Andy Lee Robinson Says:

    Beautiful video and a triumph of image processing and stabilization!

  4. dumboldguy Says:

    Ditto. I too was struck by the beauty and technical excellence of the video. I also found it a bit terrifying—-there are BIG and scary things roaming the weather systems of this planet, and we just merrily keep on doing things that add to their power and impact. Bill Lorch is right—-we need to wake up and smell the right-wing horseshit that is delaying action on AGW.

    Perhaps the Democratic convention will offer some encouragement this week. If anyone saw the Doonesbury strip Sunday (panel after panel of all the characters sitting in stunned and drop-jawed silence in front of their screens after watching the Republican debacle) they can’t help but agree with the punch line—“How do we get this out of our minds?”—-“We can’t—it will stay with us to our graves”.

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