6 Year Check: Who Was Right on Sea Ice, Scientists, or Science Deniers?

July 14, 2016

My sea ice video from 2011 September 2011 is interesting because I included climate denier Joe Bastardi’s predictions from 2010, for what sea ice was going to do from that point.

You can skip to 6:37 to see how well self-styled ice expert and science denialist hero Bastardi’s predictions have done.

We never expect that those in the insular world of denial will acknowledge fact, but the steady accumulation of data shows why the number of Americans now alarmed about climate change has continued to grow.  Not something to be particularly happy about, but here it is.



4 Responses to “6 Year Check: Who Was Right on Sea Ice, Scientists, or Science Deniers?”

  1. dumboldguy Says:

    Yeah, and the next 6 year check is not going to look any better for Bastardi or any of the other deniers..

    Bastardi is a weatherman, not a climate scientist, and he hasn’t published a single thing about climate change, so it’s laughable to hear him talk about his “studies”. Another whore for fossil fuels like Morano (when are you going to to do another “bloopers” video featuring The Moron?)

    Wonder what Joe B will have to say when 2016 knocks the bottom out of the record? “2021 will look better”? That’s why it’s called denial.

  2. […] noted last week that his sea ice video from September 2011 “is interesting because I included […]

  3. Tom Bates Says:

    NASA has a study on arctic ice, the arctic was ice free in summer from 8500
    BP to 6500 BP. It was also warmer in 1000 AD that today which means less arctic ice. Another NASA study has it warmer than today for the last 4000 years except for the little ice age which means less arctic ice. Maybe the normal is not so normal after all. In any case the EL Nino is going away so arctic ice will increase. The tiny problem this story does not mention is the satellite which measures the ice broke in April so the last actual ice measurements were in March of 2016, Every number after that is a guess.

    Nobody is denying science except the writer of this article and people like them. They simply have a religion and refuse to except any data not supporting that religion. It would be to much to ask the Pope to renounce God as it is to much for the AGW folks to actually look at the science which simply notes it was warmer before the little ice age and colder during it and it has been warming off and on for the last 400 years.

    • dumboldguy Says:

      Won’t waste the time feeding this troll. He is good for nothing but spouting science-ignorant BS.

      Peter? Why don’t you just ban him? He is such a moron that he doesn’t even serve as a good “bad example”.

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