Elizabeth Warren Rips Climate Denial “Think” Tanks

July 13, 2016

I hear frequently from congressional staffers – I’ll bet anything Liz was primed by watching some of the videos below.

First, “Lord” Monckton’s cure for AIDS…

Below, Willie Soon exposed.

If you’re a climate denier, you’ll believe damn near anything. No wonder their standard bearer is Huckster Donald Trump!


4 Responses to “Elizabeth Warren Rips Climate Denial “Think” Tanks”

  1. metzomagic Says:

    Talking about topical, something I just posted elsewhere not 5 mins ago:

    But of course, an equal part of the problem is the right-wing think tanks that prop up the Republicans exclusively, like the CEI, CFACT, ALEC, Heritage Foundation, Heartland Institute, George C. Marshall Institute, et. al. These are by definition supposed to be *non-profits* and *non-political*, yet they all funnel millions of dollars per year of dark money to causes that are decidedly *very political* and against humanity’s long term best interests. How/when is this illegal activity going to be stopped?

  2. Lionel Smith Says:

    Elizabeth Warren has been the target of considerable propaganda, from typically Trump supporters, using her claim as being of native American descent as a starting point.

    This propaganda often has the imprint of an entity ‘Allen West Republic’ which appears bent on stirring up trouble using pernicious propaganda also promoting pro-Life and pro-NRA agendas.

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