Dark Snow 2016 Photo Gallery 1

July 6, 2016


Sunlight scattered by clouds on Russell Glacier, a tongue of the Greenland Ice Sheet

My great good fortune thus far in Dark Snow 2016’s Fieldwork has been to bump, literally into Dr. Asa Rennermalm of Rutgers, who has been working as a part of the very important  ice melt assessment project helmed by Larry Smith of UCLA.

Asa (pronounced Oh-sa, she’s Swedish) is someone I met and interviewed a year ago in Ilulissat, turns out she is an avid reader of the blog and watcher of these videos.   One thing lead to another, and I’ve spent a good part of the first week in the field, camping at the edge of the ice sheet, hiking onto the ice, and in the surrounding area, shooting video and stills, and interviewing Asa and her colleagues.


At the end of a rugged road, the path to Russell glacier gets even more rugged.



The team at Point 660 is able to study this nearby stream and the moulin it runs into.  These studies will help determine how water moves in the ice sheet.


The broad flat expanse at glacier’s edge makes this part of the ice sheet uniquely accessible, if remote.


Dark cryoconite settles to the bottom of this pool, making it an absorbent heat sink on the bright white ice field.


Intense light interacting with water in every state make this environment changeable, ghostly, almost hallucinatory

I’ve finally had enough downtime to start cranking out more posts – but I’m inundated with material. On July 5th, I was lucky enough to fly into the ice camp that Dr. Smith has established for the second year, and the video is amazing – will be trying to get that posted as soon as possible.


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