Dark Snow Fundraiser Nears Goal as Field Season Arrives

June 6, 2016


The 2016 Dark Snow Fundraiser enters its final week very close to the goal.

This means I can stop worrying and start packing for Greenland.

First Shakedown will be coming up early next week, when I will fly to Austin, Texas, if it has not washed away – where I’ll be interviewing some key players in both the Science and Communication of climate issues.  If you still want to help out still room to grow in this lean budget, click on the image here.

Then I’ll have a few days to finalize prep for the next leg, which will begin with a Scientific conference in Scandanavia, where I hope to get current on the what might become a historic year in the arctic.  By the end of the month, the plan is to be in place in Kangerlussuaq, potentially in time for the peak ice sheet melt.



This drive will also fund my collaboration with Rolling Stone writer Jeff Goodell, – in which I’ll follow Jeff as he continues to monitor the course of South Florida’s slow awakening to a sea level crisis, during this fall’s King Tide event in Miami.

For those that have helped out, I’ll be sending out some personal messages soon. For those that still want to participate, now is the time to support cantankerous independent climate journalism and a fierce dedication to getting it right. The changes are here, a response is required, and you’ll be helping sound the wake-up that mainstream media has failed to provide for 30 years.


4 Responses to “Dark Snow Fundraiser Nears Goal as Field Season Arrives”

  1. dumboldguy Says:

    It’s embarrassing that Crockers are so slow to shake their piggy banks and help fund Peter’s participation in Dark Snow 2016. I’ve mentioned how the lemmings at WUWT showered Anthony Watts with thousands of dollars in just a couple of days when he asked for donations to finance his trip to some denier meeting where he could spread his bullshit. Why can’t we do the same, especially when there’s some real science there and someone we trust to tell the truth about it?

    Just $268 to go. Although I can’t match 1happywoman’s and other big donors, I’m going to add a $27 “Bernie Bucks” sized donation. Nine more that size will put the total $2 over the top.

  2. Yah, DOG, good reminder. I just did another “Bernie Bucks” sized donation, too. Good luck, Peter!

  3. otter17 Says:

    Alrighty, my $200 just submitted should help get you there.

    Safe travels. I’m sure we all feel this is ought to be an in-depth endeavor that will communicate an important message to the public.

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