UnScientific Americans: Congress Aims to Cut Climate Science

June 3, 2016

These guys are not joking. You wonder how great civilizations turn their back on enlightenment? Here’s how.

Scientific American:

Congress is considering spending bills that would significantly cut funding for key climate change research by NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in 2017.

Among the losers: the oldest carbon dioxide observatories on the planet, the ability to track fossil fuel emissions in the United States and a program to study ocean acidification.


“We are asking for a small amount of money to do all the right things,” said James Butler, director of global monitoring at NOAA’s Earth System Research Laboratory (ESRL).

The spending bill passed by the House Appropriations Committee last week allocates $128 million for NOAA’s climate research, a 20 percent cut from the previous year. The bill allocates $1.7 billion for NASA’s earth science division, a 12 percent cut from 2016.

Republican appropriators termed climate and ocean services research “lower-priority,” which earned them a rebuke from Democrats.

“It’s important that we provide appropriate support across all the fields and not just the few mission directorates or a few of the sciences,” Rep. Mike Honda (D-Calif.) said. “So, to this end, I’m disappointed that the earth science funding was so dramatically cut.”

The Senate Appropriations Committee passed its comparatively less brutal spending bill in April. Senate appropriators chose to maintain funding at 2016 levels for both agencies. The differences between the House and Senate appropriators will have to be resolved during conference negotiations.

15 Responses to “UnScientific Americans: Congress Aims to Cut Climate Science”

  1. Paul Whyte Says:

    One of the dangers of these right wing extremist is that all that is needed is an echo chamber to make something “real” in the minds of the protagonists.

    The climate denial of the media has given them all the support that they need to go all out “fighting the commie threat”. The US has a history or wild right wing law makers using their office to persecute others. But this time its the future of civilisation. Its NeoMcCarthyism winding up with all the absurdity that brings.

    Its clear the some of the fossil fuel interests will go to all lengths to burn “all the fossil fuels they can”. With the fossil fuel interests owning both federal lower and upper houses is not looking good.

  2. Reblogged this on Hypergeometric and commented:
    YOU can make a difference!

    Support measuring the Keeling Curve. Click on the image of the coffee cup to the right.

    The emergence of Willful Solipsists in the leadership of the United States will harm it more than any terrorist attack or bombing possibly could. It is dangerous. And our economy will necessarily suffer.

    They say a country gets the leadership they deserve, but I’m not sure most are even aware of what they are getting.

  3. Lionel Smith Says:

    Lamar Smith should be asked to explain convincingly why this is happening.

    I guess as a passenger on the Titanic (interesting weather and climatic conditions at that time) he would explain the flooding away by remarking, ‘…it is only coming in at the front.’

  4. lorne50 Says:

    The science is done let’s move on to living through it what’s the problem ?

  5. redskylite Says:

    Lamar, Watts and co would like that, close down Charles David Keeling’s work, cut back on NASA and NOAA, much like the CSIRO hatchet job down under in Australia. Then mock and demoralize Earth Science and the scientists, taunting that they don’t have a clue.

    Then kill us all by burning yet more fossils, taking paybacks. At least they stay rich. Sorry guys but a new generation is emerging, you cannot keep pulling wool over eyes.

  6. Lionel Smith Says:

    Lamar Smith would be at home in this role.

  7. H Lee Grove Says:

    Lamar Smith and Joe Barton? You would think the catastrophic outcome due to several generations of inbreeding would be less prevalent in a state the size of Texas–where one would hope there were plenty of women who looked more attractive than your momma. It defies all odds that two perfect examples (of such long histories of fornicating with your mothers, grandmothers and daughters) would be elected to congress unless the state is predominantly inhabited by similar sexual deviants. Go figure…

  8. ubrew12 Says:

    As long as he’s got the Ax out for anyone measuring the extent of Climate Change and associated damages, could Lamar Smith cut funding for FEMA flood monitoring? Specifically: Texas. The term ‘Ignorance is bliss’ always sounds better with a Texas Twang, and his constituents obviously don’t mind.

    • Obama should (quietly and behind-the-scenes so as to avoid provoking right-wing outrage) subject Lamar Smith and his fellow Texan GOP members to some “LBJ-style” arm-twisting.

      “You guys are going to need billions of dollars in federal disaster relief to recover from all that flooding, and I’d hate to see anything get in the way of that. If you don’t mess with NASA/NOAA climate-science funding, I’ll do everything I can to see that your state gets the federal assistance that it needs.”

  9. It makes my blood boil to witness what these men are doing. This is wrong beyond believe as they are, without a doubt, in the process of committing crimes against humanity.

    • ubrew12 Says:

      I think we can safely conclude what Lamar Smith hears when a tree falls alone in the forest. Same thing you’ll hear if you listen for his heartbeat.

    • Men like Smith belong to the cult of the invisible hand. They’ll be preventing action on climate as long as they are able, and yes, there will need to be a day of reckoning for such people. The damage they are inflicting on the planet and humanity needs accountability and punishment! Ignorance is not an excuse!

  10. ubrew12 Says:

    So, for the record: Republicans in Congress will banish Scientific inquiry because truth is banned speech, while Exxon’s Climate Change fraud constitutes free speech. In the New First Amendment, Corporations are people and people are not people.

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