John Kerry on Trump, Clarity, and Climate

June 3, 2016

Secretary of State tears Trump on Climate.  Fireworks start at 3:00.


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2 Responses to “John Kerry on Trump, Clarity, and Climate”

  1. dumboldguy Says:

    Kerry gets it. Of course, so does nearly every thinking human being on the planet who has completed the seventh grade. You’d have to drop down to the fourth or fifth grade before you MIGHT find a majority that thinks Trump could be a viable president. That’s Trump’s maturity level—-fifth grade at best.

    Their reasons might be that they think “he’s funny—-has cool hair—-makes everybody laugh—-has a pretty wife—-waves his hands around goofy” and other important presidential quantities (or “my parents hate him and I like to upset my parents to get attention”).

    I’d much rather discuss another “trend” I see lately—-the apparent drop off in comments on Crock (although the number of followers continues to creep up). This decline seemed to begin around the time that the Dark Snow 2016 fund-raising campaign began and all those “click here to support Dark Snow” boxes appeared. Is everyone hiding under a rock clutching their wallets because they’re afraid of being mugged? Are they like those who cross the street to avoid the Salvation Army bell-ringers at Christmas? What?

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