Disruptive Floods in Germany

May 30, 2016

A Scientist contact in Europe sends these.

Looks more like a tsunami than a typical flood.


Below, driving rain and hail from the same storm turn an auto race into a Keystone cops comedy:

Title in English:

24H Nurburgring Nordschleife 2016 – Severe Weather Chaos | Rain and hail to Rennabbruch

6 Responses to “Disruptive Floods in Germany”

  1. Sir Charles Says:

    Some west German towns did experience the amount of two months of rainfall in just a couple of hours: more than 100mm. In east Germany snowploughs had to remove several inches of hail. These “once in a century” severer weather events seem to have become the new normal in Europe.

  2. Here in NZ we look on this sort of thing as a nice boost for the economy.

  3. MorinMoss Says:

    Not sure how much rain fell in Paris but all Roland Garros matches were suspended today.

  4. […] This weekend’s record flooding in Germany was a reminder of one of the most basic, first-order-physics predictions of climate science – warmer air holds more moisture. The pattern of increase in record breaking precipitation events is well documented and global, as my friend Stephan Rahmstorf reminded me this morning with a graph from a recent study of similar events. […]

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