Bill Maher on Trump Energy Policy

May 28, 2016

Trump flack predictable ignoramus.  Has memorized talking points.

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  2. The US is growing its economy and cutting carbon emissions. We have 750,000 renewable energy related jobs. There are more jobs in wind than there are in coal. And if you want to see a great middle class job — look at the guys who go up and perform maintenance on wind turbines. These guys make twice that of your average coal miner so there’s no comparison.

    This notion that economic growth and high jobs are linked to dirty fuels is complete and utter bunk. Look at Sweden, look at Norway, look at Germany. The countries that are cutting carbon the fastest are among the most prosperous. Spain is a red herring in that it would be in trouble regardless of its energy policies. Spain would be having more problems if it weren’t transitioning to renewable energy. And if you want to see a country that’s being wrecked due to its dependence on single source fossil fuels or as a result of fossil fuel burning you could generate a long, long list —

    Australia losing its great barrier reef, the Maldives who are under existential threat due to sea level rise, Bangladesh due to sea level rise, Vietnam losing its delta food production due to sea level rise, India facing endemic drought due to warming, Nigeria whose economy and political system has been in turmoil due to fossil fuel dependence, Syria wrecked by climate change related drought and the resource curse that is fossil fuels, Russia crashing in debt due to fossil fuel dependence, Venezuala crashing due to climate change related drought and the fossil fuel resource curse, Canada suffering city-wrecking fires due to climate change and political instability due to the resource curse, Brazil losing its rainforests due to climate change, suffering expanding Zika outbreaks due to climate change, and suffering risk of city-wrecking drought due to climate change.

    I could go on and on and on. Fossil fuel burning is poverty and environmental wreckage all wrapped into one. An energy transition would employ vastly more people and save whole industries by preventing much of the wealth of the natural world from being wasted in their entirety.

    • ubrew12 Says:

      “I could go on and on and on.” and, briefly, I will: there are now as many dead trees in California… as people. Fire season is kicking off soon, and 40 million piles of kindling are interspersed among her forests. Lake Mead has never been lower, and its no secret she’s going away. This tragedy is here, and its ours.

  3. Tom Bates Says:

    We do not have 750,000 renewable energy jobs, the solar folks claim about 180,000 total. The number of jobs would be near zero if the Feds and States were not stealing tax dollars from some and giving that money as tax credits to others. The forcing from CO2 has actually been measured. it is 0.080F which is pretty small. 2/10’s of a watt when solar gain is 1360 watts per sq. meter.

    • ubrew12 Says:

      My accounting differs: At our current rate of increase, 450ppm CO2 in a decade, is unavoidable, after which 2C of rise is inevitable. Add 0.5C of rise due to coal aerosols raining out once we transition off coal. Add 0.5C expected this century from melted permafrost, and not accounted for elsewhere. We’re at 3C, right now, completely unavoidable (except through geoengineering). What happens at 3C? Most Scientists believe that by then the Amazon will have burned down. When that happens, another 1.5C, taking us to 4.5C: a potential extinction event. So this is all very serious, especially as that permafrost ‘fuse’, once it gets lit, never goes out again (except with some radical geoengineering).

    • jpcowdrey Says:

      Tom, the breadth and depth of your ignorance leaves one breathless.

    • Tom, earlier on Climate Crocks, you made the following completely false claim about NASA’s global temperature work:

      …and only shows warming after that when they plug 66 percent of the data with estimates which are higher than the actual temperatures they replace.

      I responded by posting a complete debunking of that claim of yours; my response included my own global temperature results that I computed from raw temperature data. I showed that the NASA warming trend could be replicated very closely without any “estimates which are higher than the actual temperatures they replace”.

      You never responded. And now you show up here pushing more nonsense. Why should anyone believe you about anything when you a post blatantly false claim such as the one above and then fail to admit that you were wrong after said claim was completely debunked?

      Perhaps you didn’t see my reply. If that is the case, you should take the time to read it. For your convenience, here is the link:

      I will be awaiting your acknowledgement of my response and a retraction of your completely false claim about NASA.

  4. Tom Bates Says:

    Per NOAA the pacific sea level ocean rise trend is 3 inches in 100 years.

  5. Lionel Smith Says:

    Does ‘Flawless’ (the irony) understand what ‘a half standard deviation’ could mean? She and ‘red tie’ (who is he BTW?) make a right pair who don’t want to grasp that the world has changed and so has our understanding of how global systems interact, outside of economics that is.

    • jpcowdrey Says:

      Flawless, Melissa Harris-Perry, has a doctorate in Poli-Sci, so yes, she probably has at least a basic grasp of statistics and sociometrics.

      ‘Red tie’ is Wayne Allyn Root, and he’s an idiot. His great claim to fame is suggesting Obama didn’t attend Columbia (25,000+ students) because he attended Columbia at the same time and never met him.

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