Pale Blue Tesla: Most Beautiful Fan-Made Car Ad Ever

May 27, 2016

What does it mean when a car inspires spontaneously created fan-made vids like this?


A fan created Tesla commercial uploaded by Loren Booker is simply awesome. It features the voice of Carl Sagan narrating his 1980 television show Cosmos: A Personal Voyage. Cosmos was a thirteen part PBS series that covered a variety of scientific topics. It attempted to demystify them and make the knowledge that was unique to the scientific community at the time understandable to the general population. To this day, Cosmos is one of the most frequently watched programs ever aired on PBS.


For this commercial, the videographer blended Sagan’s voice and TSO Photography’s footage to make one of the most powerful fan based Tesla ads ever done. No professional film crew could have done better. Interspersed with the original video are images of Tesla automobiles, SpaceX missions, and a reference to the possibilities waiting to be unlocked by the Hyperloop. All of these achievements owe their genesis to the imagination and determination of Elon Musk.

Why does Elon Musk and Tesla Motors inspire so many people to create graphic presentations to celebrate them? That’s a question that is difficult to answer. Perhaps it because, like Carl Sagan, Musk can look beyond the banal and imagine the possible. There is no question that this is one commercial that would make Don Draper weep with joy.

5 Responses to “Pale Blue Tesla: Most Beautiful Fan-Made Car Ad Ever”

  1. Andy Lee Robinson Says:

    Awesome. Carl would be proud!

    This future is within reach, but against visionless suited cavemen in the fossil fuel industry, we have to do much more than just want it.
    Fight for it!

  2. redskylite Says:

    Wow ! what an inspiring ad (mini documentary) to greet me on a Saturday morning, what a great speaker. Just to remind us, it’s all based on an old technology with 21st Century sparkle added.

    1910 Tom Swift Novel Talked About Electric Cars Like Many Of Us Do Today

    “I don’t take much stock in electric autos, Tom. Gasolene seems to be the best, or perhaps steam, generated by gasolene. I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed. All the electric runabouts I ever saw, while they were very nice cars, didn’t seem able to go so very fast, or very far.”

    “That’s true, but it’s because they didn’t have the right kind of a battery. You know an electric locomotive can make pretty good speed, dad. Over a hundred miles an hour in tests.”

  3. redskylite Says:

    And it’s good to see EV things happening on water too, with a dire need to accelerate . . . . . . . .

    An air-supported electric ferry has been launched at Latitude Yachts in Riga, Latvia. A Leclanché lithium-ion battery energy storage system is onboard and provides electricity for the vessel, which is said to be the fastest of its kind.

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