Dark Snow 2016: Phase Two – Tracking Sea Level Impacts

May 26, 2016

Thanks to all who have helped out thus far in the fundraiser.

I have not had a detailed update in a few days on donations, will share as soon
as I do – but things are looking good.  You’ll be getting real results for your donation, so if you’re still on the fence about it, no reason to hold back.  Mainstream media is not going to help us on this – so we’ll all just have to jump in and do it. Thanks for all your support and good will during this time of rather annoying necessities.


(remember, click above to go to the Dark Snow support page in order to get tax advantages)

Now as promised, I want to share some details of the next phase after
observations in Greenland this summer.
goodellheadI will be looking at the other half of the ice sheet equation – the impacts of Sea Level rise, in collaboration with one of the most prolific, well informed, and important writers on climate issues, Jeff Goodell of Rolling Stone.  Above, see Jeff interviewed following the Paris Climate agreement of last year, where he recounts back room intrigues that almost scuttled the agreement.

I first met Jeff in Greenland during the first Dark Snow Field season, when Jeff flew with Jason Box and myself along the calving wall of Illulissat Glacier.

Jeff and I have been chatting about some kind of collaboration for some time, and this opportunity just seems like a natural fit.

We’ve agreed that we can both be in Florida during the October King tide event this year, a great opportunity to view some of climate change’s most dramatic impacts on a major urban area in the US, and hopefully interview some of the citizens and policy makers who have to deal with those impacts on the ground – far from the delusional climate denialism of Washington lawmakers, and Florida’s own science-averse officials.

Jeff’s report in Rolling Stone on Miami’s sea level threat is required reading for those who wish to grasp how serious the situation is.

We’re evaluating our schedules for an additional travel op in the developing world as well, so will update on that when possible. Remember, your tax deductible contributions to Dark Snow are what make this kind of effort possible.


I interviewed Jeff for perspective on Florida’s schizophrenic climate politics for my very popular video on Miami’s sea level problem. Below, an edit of the interview, and the South Florida Sea Level vid.





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  1. omnologos Says:

    Rolling Stone…I shall pass the opportunity this year…

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