Summer is Coming: Game of Thrones a Metaphor for Climate Change

May 23, 2016

Latest episode makes the metaphor even clearer.


In “The Door,” we learned that the White Walkers were created by the Children of the Forest, as a weapon in a war against humanity.

The Children of the Forest are a nature-worshipping magical race who lived on Westeros before humanity’s arrival. After the humans came, they went to war with the Children of the Forest over territory. The creation of the White Walkers, powerful monsters specifically designed to kill humans, was the Childrens’ response.

So that means the White Walkers are a quasi-natural backlash to humanity’s growth and expansion. Today, they have spun out of anyone’s control and threaten the very foundations of human civilization. And yet humanity is ignoring the White Walker threat in favor of internal squabbling.

It sounds a lot, in short, like the problem of climate change (other than the part about the White Walkers being “designed”). This parallel has become increasingly clear over the course of the show — as this video (above) shows.

Summer is coming. Support Dark Snow.


3 Responses to “Summer is Coming: Game of Thrones a Metaphor for Climate Change”

  1. neilrieck Says:

    Yes but only die-hard fans know that the motto of Game of Thrones is “Winter is Coming” 🙂

    • I think you need to read the article, it is about petty power games and rivalries overshadowing the existential threat, even to the extent of absolute denial in the face of clear and unmistakeable evidence.
      The corollary could not be more clear

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