Dark Snow Fundraiser in 2nd Big Week

May 23, 2016


Alright, here’s an update on how we are doing in the fundraiser.

So far, total raised has been about 8000 dollars, as of may 22 or so. The good news is, that’s enough to get me where I’m going. Now, goal is to be able to, like, eat and stuff when I get there.

Important to note that the biggest part of that pot has been from a very few generous donors, and smaller amounts from 37 or so just regular folks.
That’s good news. It means we’re going to make it. I’m going. It means that there’s a ton of room for regular readers to help out,  you’re not alone, and you know your money is not going to be wasted on a lost cause – we can see the goal line from here. So weigh in with 10, 20, 500, or a Bernie-like 27 dollars.


The mission is to provide more of what Slate’s Bad Astronomer Phil Plait called a “great resource” – the best available first-person interviews and on-location science communication in what is shaping up as the most critical year ever if humanity is going to turn the corner on climate action. That’s big – and I need your help.

If the mass media was doing its job, none of this would be necessary – but we are where we are, and it won’t happen if we don’t make it happen.

The planet as a whole is scorching so far, but the Arctic is ground zero for truly earth shaking change. It’s getting hard to see how we avoid a new record low in Arctic Sea Ice:


The other critical component of arctic ice is the giant Greenland ice sheet, where 22 feet of potential sea level rise is piled in an increasingly vulnerable position.  Already we’ve seen indications of record breaking spikes in melt.



So my priority at this time is to get as close to the action as possible, gambling that I can choose the right time window to be at the ice sheet during peak melt if a new record happens.  If that occurs, the video might be, well, apocalyptic.  During the last record, the scene in Kangerlussuaq, where I’ll likely be, looked like here at 1:35, when, Alun Hubbard told me, the Watson River swelled to 200 times the flow of the Thames.

The Plan so far:

Jason Box, as of this writing, is committed to writing and publishing this summer, but remains in a close advisory role. He agrees it’s important that one of us be on the ground where the action is.

I’ve booked a flight to Greenland from Copenhagen in late June. Still working on flights from US to Copenhagen, where I hope to be interviewing some key scientists on sea ice and other topics.

Idea is to make Kangerlussuaq International Science Support, where I’ll stay, a base for liveblogging during the most impactful season.

I am offering “Day Sponsorhips”, for any individual or group that wishes to give at least 200 dollars, approximately my barebones daily budget, who will get an acknowledgement on my text and/or video post for a particular day.

Fundraiser will go on for another week at least, or as long as it takes. In our first year, 2013, we were still getting donations as we got our bearings in a tiny cabin in Sisimiut.


There are more plans in the works, including a developing idea to partner with a high profile journalist for a global overview of sea level impacts. Come back tomorrow to learn about that.


2 Responses to “Dark Snow Fundraiser in 2nd Big Week”

  1. redskylite Says:

    Thanks for the update on how the fundraising is going – I’m sending my humble contribution now, wish it could be a lot lot more. I appreciated the drone sequences and your narratives last year and the memorable Slate and other coverage on the undeniable evidence, you and the team uncovered. Dread to think what you will find this season, but am assured that you will share it with us all. Thanks for all your interesting posts and efforts, and for the team “Dark Snow” sacrificing so much for science-

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