The Icemen’s Ominous Warning

May 21, 2016

This is the first video I completed after last year’s Dark Snow trip.

I combined an interview with Greenland expert Konrad Steffen that I bagged in Illulissat in early June, with some footage I had of tropical Glacier guru Lonnie Thompson from the American Geophysical meeting.

I cut in some B-roll of footage I shot at Russell Glacier, and Uumannaq, two of the remote locations last year’s trip took me to.

The piece starts out slowly, building on the combined big-picture view from the two men, and kind of creeps up on you as they take us to the logical implications of their lifetimes of observation and research. The effect is sobering.

This is an example of the kind of communication that can only happen by going where the action, and the key actors, are.

12 Responses to “The Icemen’s Ominous Warning”

  1. Lionel Smith Says:

    Superb collection from those who have exposed themselves to hardships, discomfort and physical risks so as to collect all important data.

    Lonnie Thompson, what a great contribution to climate science he has made, mentioned this 1992 Senate Hearing report.

    That was 1992 (and others had made warnings before that), so thank you all you purveyors of disinformation and misinformation working on behalf of the vested interests in the fossil fuel and allied industries for ensuring no adequate collective action was taken to put the brakes on before it is too late to avoid dangerous climatic changes, for we are now seeing such events unfold.

    Your names are well known as you have left your slime trail through popular media, including blogs, confusing the viewers and readers as to who are reliable, knowledgeable hard working physical risk taking investigators and who are those simply sitting in a chair ‘interpreting interpretations’ with the latter collecting fater fees for doing so.

    You are a disgrace to humanity.

    • dumboldguy Says:

      Well said, Lionel.

      And, in spite of Peter’s rather gentle campaign to induce the 2308 “amazing people” who subscribe to Crock to support Dark Snow 2016, we have seen little evidence that anyone here has kicked in any $$$$.

      Could it be that the great majority of us Crockers are parasites, poseurs, and dilettantes, sitting in a chair and benefiting from Peter’s work but not supporting it with $$$$”?. The “non-contributors” are perhaps not as big a disgrace to humanity as the deniers, but they are not behaving in a way they should be proud of. There’s a war being fought, folks, and if you’re not in the front lines, you can at least “support our troops” with some $$$$.

      I mentioned on another thread that the WUWT lemmings threw thousands of dollars at Anthony Watts when he made a similar plea for funds to finance his expenses to attend a conference. They completely clogged a post with their “bragging” announcements that they had sent $5, $20, or $50 to Anthony. I call them morons, ignorant, and lemmings, but at least they are not afraid to put their $$$$ where their mouth is, and I suspect a lot of them are less able to afford it than most Crockers.

      (At the expense of sounding self-righteous, I will repeat that I have sent $75 to Dark Snow 2016, and add that I have contributed nearly $500 in total to Dark Snow, Greenman Studio, and the Climate Scientist Legal Defense Fund since discovering Crock in 2012. I invite others here to join me in my “bragging”)

      • Lionel Smith Says:

        I hear you but I send money in a number of directions including ‘Chasing Ice’ and UK Wildlife Trusts but my war pension doesn’t go far. I am however giving Dark Snow serious consideration.

      • 1happywoman Says:

        In 2016, I have given $500 to Greenman Studio, $200 to Dark Snow, and $500 to Columbia University’s Program on Climate Science, Awareness, and Solutions (where James Hansen works).

      • Excellent point and list of recipients, DOG.

      • “The “non-contributors” are perhaps not as big a disgrace to humanity as the deniers, but they are not behaving in a way they should be proud of.”

        I haven’t donated anything to Peter or Dark Snow and nor am I likely to, but I am proud of the thousands of dollars I have contributed to green action campaigns and small renewables start-ups here in Australia every year for the last decade or more.

        I really admire your passion, dog, but please try not to offend the rest of us good guys by suggesting we might be “not as big a disgrace” (but a disgrace nonetheless?) simply because we cannot contribute to everything.

        • dumboldguy Says:

          At the risk of again offending “one of the good guys” and being awarded another “thumbs down” by ECTwit, I will allow my “passion” to overcome my desire to be liked and instead of pandering will speak some truth. Those down under with thin skins should cover up.

          I too am proud that ECTwit has contributed thousands of dollars to “green action campaigns and small renewables start-ups in Australia”. He cares. Perhaps those dollars would go farther if the AUS dollar were not in such a decline (along with the AUS stock market). And perhaps that decline would not be so steep if AUS was not so dependent on making a buck by destroying the country through the extraction of non-renewable resources to ship to other countries, China particularly. The top three AUS exports in the top ten are iron ore, coal, and natural gas (37+% of the total value) and gold, oil, and aluminum are #6, 7, and 9 (9+% of the total value). But don’t forget that AUS is going to save some bucks by gutting the climate study arm of CSIRO and instead focusing on “adaptation and mitigation” (translates as “find ways to keep tearing up the country while not offending the rich by limiting their profits”). LOL.

          In the U.S., fighting against that kind of a problem in such an impotent way is impolitely called “pissing into the wind”, and sinking money into green action campaigns and small renewable startups is simply bright-sidedness in action. Feeling good is not enough in this war we’re engaged in.

          Although AUS is the developed country most likely to feel the impact of AGW the soonest (and that’s too bad for Australians), the real action on the climate change front is in the Northern Hemisphere, and more specifically in the Arctic—the region that is warming more rapidly on the planet. (That’s ignoring the increasingly bad news from Antarctica).

          And that’s why Dark Snow and Crock are more deserving of support than some futile efforts in a country of 25 million that has gone off the rails in so many ways related to climate change and environmental awareness. ECTwit should reexamine his reasoning behind “I haven’t donated anything to Peter or Dark Snow and nor am I likely to” and send some of that money to where it can do more good—-helping Peter to spread the good word UP HERE and Dark Snow to examine a phenomenon that may turn out to be critical for ice melting and SLR everywhere.

          None of us can contribute to everything, even the richest among us, but we CAN try to avoid being unthinking bright-siders, and send our money where it can make the biggest (or bigger) difference. And that’s NOT to KRAAGW (Koalas and ‘Roos Against Anthropogenic Global Warming) or some “entrepreneur” that wants to put solar panels on every rooftop in Alice Springs (and then when they get big enough start talking about colonizing Mars like Musk).

          • 1happywoman Says:

            “None of us can contribute to everything . . . but we CAN try to avoid being unthinking bright-siders and send our money where it can make the biggest (or bigger) difference.”

            To share my own thought process in case it might be useful to anybody else–in 2015, I decided to redirect to climate change issues all but a fraction of my giving. I decided I wanted to contribute, not necessarily equally, in three categories: research, education, and sustainable relief for the world’s poor (who will bear the brunt of the suffering that’s to come).

            In addition to Columbia and Dark Snow (research) and Peter (education), I’m planning this year to give to Barefoot College, which I learned about through Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project:

            This in spite of the fact that I feel like pedantry: It’s too little, too late. But for me, the ethical question is this: If everybody took the action I’m considering, what would the world look like?

            I appreciate DOG opening up the conversation about giving.

      • pendantry Says:

        I have contributed your ‘$$$$’, D.O.G. And I have tried to contribute in other small ways, too, by publicising Dark Snow elsewhere.

        But all the while, in the back of my mind, it all feels like far too little, far too late. To hijack the last words of Peter’s video here; we’ve seen bugger-all mitigation, we cannot really adapt, as a civilization, to what’s coming: it will change us in ways we can’t anticipate. What we’re seeing is just the very beginning of the suffering.

  2. Lionel Smith Says:

    I have just been appraised of this compelling video of a Greenland iceberg disintegrating. Surely a metaphor for civilisation.

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