Exposing Smokey Joe

May 21, 2016

One of the most critical stories to understand in combating science denial is the role that tobacco companies have played in undermining science in the public eye.

I’ve made several videos spotlighting key players in this drama, – above focusing on “Smokey Joe” Barton, a Texas congressman, who, long before he began his campaign to intimidate and harass climate scientists like Mike Mann, was a reliable shill for the tobacco industry.

It takes resources to keep after this sprawling field of information – and I hope you’ll consider helping with a tax deductible contribution,  and click below.


Naomi Oreskes explored the details in her book, “Merchants of Doubt”, which I’ve profiled in the piece  below:

One of my more recent vids also expands on Smokey Joe’s role in this ongoing tragedy – but I’ll leave that to another post coming soon.

6 Responses to “Exposing Smokey Joe”

  1. metzomagic Says:

    Boehner in the first video:

    “The idea that CO2 is a carcinogen, that’s harmful to our environment… it’s almost comical.”

    If CO2 was a carcinogen, we’d be in big trouble, what with all that breathing out of it we do during the course of a lifetime. Rank idiots like Boehner don’t even have the slimmest grasp of any scientific concepts, yet they hold the majority in both houses. It’s disgusting that it has come to this, yet I suppose it’s the best politics money can buy.

    Every U.S. citizen needs to read Jane Mayer’s Dark Money: The Hidden History of the Billionaires Behind the Rise of the Radical Right. Joe Public doesn’t even realise he’s voting against his own self interests every time he votes for one of these Koch-backed b#astards.

  2. Anyone surprised. ?

    The billionaire, who called global warming a hoax, warns of its dire effects in his company’s application to build a sea wall.

    Donald Trump says he is “not a big believer in global warming.” He has called it “a total hoax,” “bullshit” and “pseudoscience.”

    But he is also trying to build a sea wall designed to protect one of his golf courses from “global warming and its effects.”

    The New York billionaire is applying for permission to erect a coastal protection works to prevent erosion at his seaside golf resort, Trump International Golf Links & Hotel Ireland, in County Clare.

    A permit application for the wall, filed by Trump International Golf Links Ireland and reviewed by POLITICO, explicitly cites global warming and its consequences — increased erosion due to rising sea levels and extreme weather this century — as a chief justification for building the structure.

  3. http://www.vox.com/2016/5/23/11742006/game-of-thrones-season-6-episode-5-white-walkers-climate-change

    Game of Thrones season 6: “The Door” explains how the show is about climate change

    So that means the White Walkers are a quasi-natural backlash to humanity’s growth and expansion. Today, they have spun out of anyone’s control and threaten the very foundations of human civilization. And yet humanity is ignoring the White Walker threat in favor of internal squabbling.

    It sounds a lot, in short, like the problem of climate change (other than the part about the White Walkers being “designed”). This parallel has become increasingly clear over the course of the show — as this video shows:

    The White Walkers are a threat to all humanity: Their zombie minions are equally happy to rip apart people of all nations and noble houses. Yet instead of uniting to combat the shared threat to human existence itself, the noble houses in the show spend basically all their time on their own petty disagreements and struggles for power. White Walkers are generally ignored; some nobles deny their existence outright.

    Swap climate change for White Walkers and “countries” for noble houses, and it starts to sound a lot like the real world.

    Absolute brilliance

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