Fun with Fundraising

May 20, 2016


In another life, before becoming a struggling climate videographer,  I was a struggling cartoonist.  One of my running bits was a community micropower radio station, ZenPR –  (all silence, all the time).

Anyway, the gag above underlines the issue. Don’t just think nice thoughts, don’t imagine that good intentions alone will match up with the climate denial media megaphone.  We have to make this thing work, since the mainstream media is not up to it.


4 Responses to “Fun with Fundraising”

  1. I am hereby boasting: the other day I pledged some honest-to-goodness real dollar kind of buckazoids to Dark Snow, and it feels pretty darned good have to put some money toward something that is important and can make a difference. I wish I could do more–and maybe next month I can. Doesn’t take a lot: it’s CROWD sourcing. If enough people give even a little, it adds up.

    Got five bucks? You’d throw that away on an imperial double trippel microbeer or a Tesla margarita or a snorkle-equipped mondo-sized Starbucks liquid candy bar with coffee in it. Pledge it instead to know you helped kick some Denier ass!

    I rock, and (most of) the rest of you pretenders drool!

    • greenman3610 Says:

      you indeed rock.
      what we need is a Bernie-like 27 bucks from a million viewers.
      even a hundred would make a huge difference.

      watch for announcements about plans. Booked some flights today.

    • dumboldguy Says:

      Good for you, Kendal. Perhaps some of the younger Crockers who “rock” will appreciate your “hipness” and respond to your message, but five bucks is a rather low bar to set. (That comment on “hipness” is from someone who has never been inside a Starbucks and never will be because 7-11 coffee is just fine, has never had a margarita because scotch tastes better, and is quite content drinking his dollar a bottle Yuengling).

      There’s perhaps a hidden message in Peter’s “Bernie-like 27 bucks…from even a hundred would make a huge difference”. Twenty-five to fifty “honest to goodness real dollar kind of buckazoids” is what will make a real difference if the 2308 (minus a handful) of Crock “droolers” really care.

      PS to Peter. ZenPR (all silence, all the time) knocked me off the chair. The world suffered a great loss when you gave up “cartooning”.

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