Bill Maher: “Look what you Made me do.”

May 14, 2016

19 Responses to “Bill Maher: “Look what you Made me do.””

  1. jpcowdrey Says:

    IT’s uncanny how it’s always projection with Republicans.

  2. greenman3610 Says:

    Its always a walk thru Psych 101

  3. dumboldguy Says:

    Excellent! One of Maher’s best. I’m going to watch it several times.

    Yes, jpc is right on the money with Repugnants and their tendency towards “projection”, but Peter doesn’t go far enough with “a walk through Psych 101”. Psych 101 offers only a rudimentary introduction to the cognitive problems and personality disorders of the Repugnants—-one must venture into 300 and 400 level courses in abnormal psychology to gain a more complete understanding of how sick they really are.

    PS “See what you made me do” is something that does provide psychic balm for those who are sick ignorant of the roots of their shortcomings, but when used as a game by those who are “healthier” and more self-aware, it can also provide much enjoyment. I have played it for decades with my wife. Perhaps my best performance was when I stepped off a ladder while painting the outside of the house and on the edge of a roller tray on the ground, causing the tray to flip up and throw paint all over my shoes and up my legs to the knee. I called to my wife to come outside, and when I said “see what you made me do” to her, the look on her face made the tedious cleanup of the mess much easier to bear.

    I have got to believe that some of these right-wingers are “gaming” us with their SWYMMD accusations, and laughing as they write—-although most are probably just taking advantage of the low-IQ Trumpers and trying to inflame them even more.

  4. MorinMoss Says:

    The GOP & conservatives have always been willing to hold YOU “personally responsible”; but themselves?
    Not even a little.

  5. Harry Twinotter Says:

    Bill Maher has something there. I have heard exactly the same thing; people say Trump is popular because of a backlash against .

    All I can say to people who like protest votes, be careful what you wish for.


    As governor in 2007, Palin issued Administrative Order No. 238 establishing the Alaska Climate Change Sub-Cabinet, which she tasked with developing and implementing an Alaska climate change strategy. This is some of what she stated in that order:

    “Scientific evidence shows many areas of Alaska are experiencing a warming trend. Many experts predict that Alaska, along with our northern latitude neighbors, will continue to warm at a faster pace than any other state, and the warming will continue for decades. Climate change is not just an environmental issue. It is also a social, cultural, and economic issue important to all Alaskans. As a result of this warming, coastal erosion, thawing permafrost, retreating sea ice, record forest fires, and other changes are affecting, and will continue to affect, the lifestyles and livelihoods of Alaskans. Alaska needs a strategy to identify and mitigate potential impacts of climate change and to guide its efforts in evaluating and addressing known or suspected causes of climate change.”

    Palin’s 2007 climate change order directed her new subcabinet to, among other things, focus efforts on the following:

    “The prioritization of climate change research in Alaska; development of an action plan addressing climate change impacts on coastal and other vulnerable communities in Alaska; policies and measures to reduce the likelihood or magnitude of damage to infrastructure in Alaska from the effects of climate change; the potential benefits of Alaska participating in regional, national, and international climate policy agreements and greenhouse gas registries; the opportunities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions; and the opportunities for Alaska to participate in carbon-trading markets, including the offering of carbon sequestration.”

    • OLD news, pal. Not paying attention, are we?

      Myself, I don’t have the first clue what Ms Palin thinks on AGW, and her appearance in the after-movie panel discussion for Marc Morano’s Climate Hustle movie didn’t make matters any better for her.

      But glad for any effort to raise curiosity about the Center for Climate Strategies efforts in those various state cap-and-trade programs. Note the Rockefeller Brothers Fund funding and CSS orchestration to be sure no debate took place in situations where CSS stuff was implemented. Ring any bells with you fellows? Remember who funds ICN? Lee Wasserman?

      Thought you were having a nice day, fellas? Have a better one.

      • dumboldguy Says:

        While the Elephants and Donkeys are raging about the cornfield in a frenzy, and destroying the present corn crop whole rows at a time, an ugly and retarded little mouse occasionally creeps out of a hole with a couple of dried out kernels in his paws and says “look at me!” We saw you, Russell—-go away!

        • “… We see you, Russell—-and we can’t dispute anything you say!”

          Fixed “d.o.g.”‘s sentence for him. Friends, this isn’t about me, and never has been from the start. It’s all about you, I’m just some guy holding up the mirror to your faces. The questions I ask and the situations I describe are ones you could pose to yourselves as exercises in due diligence and/or devil’s advocacy. Pretend that I never existed, and ask yourselves, do we have killer evidence to present to any knucklehead who waltzes in here saying there’s no proof that skeptic climate scientists were paid and instructed to lie on x, y, and z points?

          The reason why y’all are so desperate to see me go away is because you don’t like what you see in the mirror I hold up. To repeat that one movie line I’ve mentioned before, “Man looks in the abyss, there’s nothing staring back at him. At that moment, man finds his character. And that is what keeps him out of the abyss.”

          And, since the breakdown of the RICO efforts is accelerating ( ), I’ll paraphrase another one: “I could talk about industrialization and men’s fashion all day, but I have my own self-imposed work to do …”

          • dumboldguy Says:

            The reason we want to see you go away, Russell, is that you waste our time with your “paid to lie by Heartland” BS. (As well as your inane “movie quotes” that you substitute for any real thought).

            You “fixed” my sentence for me? LOL You are one sick puppy, Russell, and the only thing ” that needs to be “fixed” is to your disturbed mental state.

            Thank you for the laughs about the “accelerating breakdown of the RICO efforts” and the link to the bullshit from the Competitive Enterprise Institute. It is a measure of how delusional you are that you would see that as anything but evidence of the “accelerating breakdown” of the denier camp. The CEI is getting frantic, as they should.

    • dumboldguy Says:

      I would bet that:

      1) Palin had nothing to do with this climate initiative before it was put on her desk to sign. Someone on her staff with a three-digit IQ came up with it.
      2) When it was put on her desk, she didn’t read it before she signed it.
      3) If some one read it to her or explained it, she didn’t listen (or didn’t comprehend the big words).
      4) The reason 3) and 4) occurred is because the person on her staff with the three digit IQ had placed a large mirror on her desk, and Caribou Barby would always admire herself rather than read the things she signed.

      Since I’ve used one of her nicknames here, let’s look at some others:

      (Half-)Baked Alaskan
      The Tundra Twit/Tart
      *MILF (Moron I’d Like to Forget)
      Pit bull in lipstick (according to herself)
      The Whore of Babble-on
      Lady Blah-blah
      *Princess Dumbass of the Northwoods
      *Snowflake Snooki
      Klondike Kardashian
      The Polar Poltroon
      Denali Dingbat
      * my favorites

      (and that’s only half of the more common ones—-all appropriate)

  7. danialcblog Says:

    Peter what’s with the 3 day old moderation? I’m on your side.

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