Trump Taps Frack Booster, Climate Denier as Energy Guru

May 13, 2016



Republican presidential contender Donald Trump has turned to one of America’s most ardent drilling advocates and climate change skeptics to help him draft his energy policy.

The New York billionaire has asked U.S. Republican Congressman Kevin Cramer of North Dakota – a major oil drilling state – to write a white paper on energy policy, Cramer and sources familiar with the matter told Reuters. Cramer and some other Trump energy advisers also recently met with lawmakers from western energy states, who hope Trump will open more federal land for drilling.

Cramer said his paper would emphasize the dangers of foreign ownership of U.S. energy assets, burdensome taxes, and over-regulation.


17 Responses to “Trump Taps Frack Booster, Climate Denier as Energy Guru”

  1. dumboldguy Says:

    Cramer is more than a ‘frack booster and climate denier”. He is a right wing-nut who may be best known for his quoting of the bible in opposition to the food stamp program—-2 Thessalonians 3-10—-which Cramer and other Repugnant morons interpreted to mean “if they won’t work, let them starve”.

    Yes, a fine choice by Drumpf for an “adviser”, especially since Cramer appears to have little or no expertise in the area of “energy policy”. Wing-nuts rule! appears to be the motto of the Trump campaign, and it’s laughable that the man who is so ignorant of so many things that he can’t come up with his own “policies” is seeking help from those who are just as unqualified.

    • Bill DeMott Says:

      Thanks for your critical commentary on bumbling Donald’s selection of a supposed advisor

      • Kevin who? I’ll give it to you fellows that Trump has not yet demonstrated any devastating knowledge about AGW, considering his wacko ‘AGW is a Chinese hoax’ line, and now his tapping of someone who rings bells with practically nobody. I gave it my best shot by emailing his campaign and telling him to 1) drop that ‘Chinese bit’ and 2) get a normal haircut to spoil all of Democrats fun about hairdo wipeouts. But who listens to me?

        Speaking of which, take a peek at whose blog gets mentioned square in the middle of this piece today: If I may suggest it, Greenpeace might want to tap ‘independent researcher’ commenter “d.o.g.” here, since he has said he reads my GelbspanFiles so that the rest of you don’t have to. Peter Sinclair could pave the way by setting up a blog for “d.o.g.” with an unhackable thumbs-up feature (whatever that is), and then everyone can finally see point-for-point what my so-called “lies” are.

        But if “d.o.g.” refuses to share his info, who will be listening to him with any real interest anymore?

        • dumboldguy Says:

          Russell has got to be kidding here. He asks “But who listens to me”? We have told him innumerable times—-absolutely no one listens to him who isn’t a deluded wing-nut WUWT or Heartland lemming.

          And Russell has the balls to say “Trump has not yet demonstrated any devastating knowledge about AGW”. That’s rich, considering that Russell knows virtually nothing about AGW or science himself. LOL.

          Another belly laugh comes when Russell cites a bullshit “today” Heartland piece that cites Russell’s bullshit “square in the middle” (it’s an “update” of an oldie). If I get it, Heartland pays Russell to write BS which Heartland then cites as truth—-that’s where the terms “denier echo chamber” and “circular firing squad” come from—-the circularity of the denier world—-bullshit breeds bullshit, lie promotes lie, and truth never enters the picture.

          I’m not sure what Russell is talking about when he says “….if “d.o.g.” refuses to share his info, who will be listening to him with any real interest anymore?” More moronic maundering, I guess.

          • Indulge the entire Crocks audience here: link directly to the “oldie” page you are referring to. And if y’all are climate scientists yourselves, do point out where exactly Trump has demonstrated devastating knowledge about AGW. Or did you not think that one all the way through?

            Criticize my material as “lies” or “circular lies” if it makes you feel better, but the collective audience here, friend and foe alike, are still waiting on you to demonstrate how one detail, if not dozens, in my blog or online articles are “lies.”

          • dumboldguy Says:

            “Indulge the entire Crocks audience here”, demands Russell? LMAO! The “entire Crocks audience” studiously ignores Russell and wishes he would disappear. I am almost alone in replying to Russell here because it’s more fun than doing crossroad puzzles and it’s raining (again) so I can’t do yard work.

            Russell is simply deluded, stupid, and here only to earn a whore’s dollar from his fossil fuel masters. Perhaps I wasn’t clear enough when I said used “oldie”—I meant that the Heartland piece he linked was just more of the same old BS they have been spewing for years, in this case an “update” on all the screaming and thrashing around they, other deniers, and the CEI have been doing in the face of the RICO and AG investigatioons. Russell’s link is the “oldie” page I am referring to—-Same Old, Same Old.

            I call Russell stupid because of his inability to read the English language and put the same meanings on words as the rest of us. (Or maybe he’s not that stupid—-just psychologically impaired—-and that’s why he always approaches the truth from 180 degrees off rather than head on?) I refer to this:

            “And if y’all are climate scientists yourselves, do point out where exactly Trump has demonstrated devastating knowledge about AGW. Or did you not think that one all the way through?” Think WHAT through, Russell? (repeat 27 times)

            I assume that’s in response to my saying “Russell has the balls to say “Trump has not yet demonstrated any devastating knowledge about AGW”. That’s rich, considering that Russell knows virtually nothing about AGW or science himself. LOL”., which I said in response to Russell’s saying “Trump has not yet demonstrated any devastating knowledge about AGW”.

            If Russell was not so stupid or psychologically impaired, he would realize that I was saying that it’s laughable that Russell is judging Trump when Russell barely has enough knowledge of climate science himself to be able to determine whether it’s raining or not. The WHOLE WORLD knows that Trump possesses little knowledge of ANY significance on ANY topic, and that’s what’s “devastating”.

            Russell, we criticize your material as “lies” or “circular lies” and various types of animal excrement not because it makes us feel better, but because you insist on coming here and boring us to death with it. The “collective audience” here is still waiting on you to open your blog to outside comments so that we can go THERE to “demonstrate how the entirety of the “details” there are lies”. How many times must we tell you that we will not crap up Crock with addressing the S**T on GlobsofS** It’s bad enough that you clutter up all too many Crock threads already—-but that’s your game isn’t it?

    • webej Says:

      In the early Christian communities people shared the supper meal. This was not just idealism, but was also necessary: Many converts were rejected by their own circle or no longer engaged in a trade associated with idolatry, hence they could not support themselves with their old livelihood. This is the community that Marx termed “primitive communism”.
      The apostle Paul is addressing people who refuse to work (“do not want to”) and asking them not to eat so long they do not work: “If you keep on not working, you should not keep on eating.” As the proberb says (A worker’s appetite works for him, For his hunger urges him on), it is a purely factual observation to state that he who does not work does not eat, and not a moral imperative. Paul does not say that the community should quit having communal meals. He is not saying they should no longer share food and mutual support (after all, he is bringing money to the persecuted community in Jerusalem). He is not telling those who have food not to share with those who do not work. He is telling those that refuse to work that they if they persist they should either accept the consequences and not eat, or carry on working.
      It makes quite a difference who is being addressed. Interpreting this as an argument against support for the needy is the opposite of what the early Christian community practised, and which was part of what attracted converts.
      This is what happens when you give ancient translated texts to idiots who think they can use them to justify their thoughtless behaviour. Humanity has never had a problem with “too much sharing”, and it is rather disingenuous to ask for divine backing to tell people “not to share”. If “God” is not challenging you to change for the better, you probably shouldn’t be listening …

      • So, which is the bigger sin, failing to stop a so-called global warming crisis which has increasing credibility problems with its underlying science assessments, or siding with those who break the 9th Commandment when they call skeptic scientists and others ‘paid fossil fuel industry shills’ in order to prompt you not to even listen to what those skeptics have to say?

        I’d say that is where the real religious dilemma is to be found.

        • dumboldguy Says:

          (Note that Russell HACKED himself three thumbs up here yet again)

          This is just a repeat of one of your canned comments, Russell. You’ve asked this before. Why be original when canned sound-bites will get you your Heartland paycheck?

          The real religious dilemma here is that YOU and all the other deniers are the ones who have violated the 9th. Commandment, and that the rest of us now must deal with “thou shall not kill”.

          And will you please stop using the term “skeptic” when we all know that you are referring to “deniers”—-deniers of the settled science, deniers of ethical and moral behavior, deniers of truth.

          (PS And you really ought to stop talking about “increasing credibility problems”. If anything, AGW becomes more credible every day with each new study and each new climate disaster that arises. You only demonstrate the depths of your delusions by using that term.)


            We await “d.o.g.”‘s proof that I’ve modified or written any program overriding Peter’s vote system, or circumvented security systems here or have broken into the system in any way. Don’t hold your breath on this, friends.

          • dumboldguy Says:

            Russell himself admitted RIGHT HERE on Crock a while back that he knew how to HACK the WordPress thumbs feature and award himself multiple “ups” and give others multiple “downs”—-WordPress allows HONEST users to give only one vote up or down (although one CAN go back and change it).

            He said something about shutting down a session, clearing cookies from his browser and rebooting. I won’t waste the time to look for it, but it was back during the time that he was signing off with “Two thumbs up! Sinclair and Cook”, showing the caricature of a smiling Jesus with two thumbs up, and abusing Peter’s hospitality.

            I don’t need to “prove” something that Russell has already admitted, do I? And I certainly don’t need to “prove” anything that I have NEVER accused Russell of doing at any time, i.e., that he has “…modified or written any program overriding Peter’s vote system, or circumvented security systems here or have broken into the system in any way. Don’t hold your breath on this, friends”.

            It is typical of lying POS’s that they will wiggle, squirm, and play semantic games when they are caught in their lies. That’s our boy.

            (And note that Russell continues to use his technique and HACK himself more “thumbs up” every time he visits this thread. He has gotten himself up to ten “ups” on an earlier comment now, and that is simply beyond the realm of possibility—there can be no more than 2 or 3 visitors to Crock who would give him an “up”)

  2. That is Trump’s first big tactical mistake when it comes to who he hires and surrounds himself with. Choosing someone like that will just cement his current position on global warming….and further chase any “Independents on the fence” away.

    His next tactical hiring mistake will most likely be Newt Gingrich for VP.

    • ubrew12 Says:

      Trump not only doesn’t know Statecraft, he doesn’t Care about Statecraft. This leaves him easy prey to ‘subordinates’ with their own agenda. Someone probably promoted Kevin Cramer to Trump, for their own reasons, and ‘forgot’ to tell Trump that Cramer is on record saying he thinks the planet is Cooling, rather than Warming. Trump can easily make such a ‘tactical mistake’ (as you put it), because he doesn’t know Statecraft. But… Here’s the ‘kicker’: As the ‘toadies’ currently ingratiating themselves to Prince Trump are aware, Trump doesn’t CARE about Statecraft. He wants to BE President. He certainly doesn’t want to DO President. Hence, he is not only capable of making such a mistake, but he is, more critically, incapable of Learning from that mistake. So, if you’re Machiavelli with your own agenda, this is a Gift from God.

  3. For a different point of view

    Kiwi kids’ video mocking Donald Trump goes global

    • dumboldguy Says:

      Funny stuff, but it took forever to load and wasn’t complete. You can get the whole thing here, and a lot faster.

      PS Had a thought. Are there no child abuse laws in NZ? I would be concerned that these kids may suffer permanent psychological damage from participating in this—-it’s kind of like dressing them up like little Hitlers, Unabombers, or Charles Mansons.

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