Darby O’Palin: Climate Change Denier Denies Climate Change

May 5, 2016


Not The Onion:

Breaking News – Ireland:

Independent Kerry TD Danny Healy Rae has defended his comments that climate change does not exist.

Speaking during a debate on the issue in the Dail last night, the Kerry TD said he does not believe in Climate Change and that “God above is in charge of the weather and we can’t do anything about it.”

He insisted the world’s climate is nothing to do with mankind, or combustible engines.

However, a leading Climatologist, Professor John Sweeney from NUI Maynooth has said his views are in direct contrast with 97% of global scientific opinion.

But, speaking this afternoon, Deputy Healy-Rae had this response: “I’m basing my argument on facts.

“That is going back historically in this country and if we could just go back to the 1970’s we were told by scientists that our buildings were going to be washed away by acid rain even in this country.

“It hasn’t happened, so we can’t believe everything that the scientists are saying either.”

Below, music break: WTF scene from “Darby O’Gill and the Little People”:


19 Responses to “Darby O’Palin: Climate Change Denier Denies Climate Change”

  1. fredeliot Says:

    Europeans reduced acid rain 70% by regulation and the US reduced it by 40% with a cap and trade plan. Because of differences in starting conditions, it is a bit complicated to compare one with the other. The point is that we have substantially reduced acid rain so it is now on a backburner compared to CO2.

    • dumboldguy Says:

      The US reduced acid rain by 40% with a cap and trade plan?

      • skeptictmac57 Says:

        fredeliot is correct, the EPA’s Acid Rain Program was indeed a cap and trade program:


        Overall, the Program’s cap and trade program has been hailed as successful by the EPA, industry, economists and certain environmental groups such as the Environmental Defense Fund, while skeptical environmentalists have argued that reduction in emissions occurred due to broad trends unconnected to the program.[35]”

        • dumboldguy Says:

          The EPA’s Acid Rain Program may have been a cap and trade program, but I would argue that “reduction in emissions occurred due to broad trends unconnected to the program”, as cited under “effectiveness” in the link.

          Call me a “skeptical environmentalist”. That’s why I asked the question.

          • jpcowdrey Says:

            Dog, pardon me, but I’m skeptical of your skepticism.

            The main argument, AFAICT, is that low sulfur coal became cheaper to transport. I would imagine high sulfur coal also became cheaper to transport, countering any advantage. So what made the difference? Ultimately, reducing the marginal cost of putting scrubbers on coal plants and diesel and gas motors, which would never be installed without economic pressure to do so. That is how markets work with Pigovian constraints on externalities, whether directly through taxes or indirectly through permit auctions.

            The other argument is that some states instituted direct control measures against SO2 emissions. I would suggest these measures would not likely have been met by utility companies but with much more legal action than compliance, had there not been a pricing mechanism (cap and trade) that rewarded compliance.

          • dumboldguy Says:

            Being “skeptical of my skepticism” causes me to adopt some circular Omnologos type logic and say that I am now skeptical of your skepticism about my skepticism.

            This is not really worth arguing about when we have Master Bates and Russell Crook running amok on other threads and spewing BS that needs to be addressed, but I DO think you minimize the “broad trends” too much. The fact is that low sulfur coal became much cheaper to MINE than coal in the eastern high sulfur coal fields once we expanded the western strip mine coal fields—it’s not just transport, costs—-and actions by the states and other federal regulations DID exert pressures beyond the “rewards” of the simple cap-and-trade.

            Anyway, it’s all a moot discussion now that coal is dying. I’m going to go help otter beat up on Russell Cook. Russell has made some egregiously false statements lately and left himself open to some strong counterpunches.

          • omnologos Says:

            I feel like I have been summoned

  2. toby52 Says:

    As an Irish citizen, I feel called on to explain Danny Healy-Rae.

    Healy-Rae is son of a political dynasty started by his father Jackie Healy Rae, an Independent TD (=MP). The main Healy-Rae is the younger brother Michael, who won his father’s seat in Parliament (the Dail) 5 years ago, after the senior Healy-Rae passed on. In the recent election, the younger Healy-Rae saw an opportunity to get his older brother into Parliament on his coat-tails, since Irish constituencies are multi-seat with a transferable vote (you vote an order of preference).

    Anyway, in the heel of the hunt, the gamble paid off, and we are now stuck with the older brother for a few years. Obviously, he is not the sharpest piece in the genetic Healy-Rae toolbox.

    Healy-Rae did not speak a word about climate change denial in his election campaign. Indeed the election saw a revival of the Irish Green Party, which lost all its seats 5 year ago, and every party addressed climate change and reducing greenhouse gas emissions in its manifesto. I will not go into the quality of the commitments, but Healy-Rae is an aberration and an embarrassment.

    Just to flatter you Americans, he is being compared here to Sarah Palin, but Dana Rohdabacher probably fits the bill better. Except we won’t be putting Healy-Rae in charge of any committees. Touche!

    • otter17 Says:

      Yes, he does seem a bit more like Rohrbacher’s style, confident arrogance while saying something completely wrong on a subject he hasn’t really studied.

      From an American, you folks are doing well if he is an outlier on the spectrum. We have a pretty monolithic view from an entire political party out of a majority two party system! Citizens at a political rally shouting down an AGW question with “USA! USA! USA!”. Our behavior this past couple decades will require a lot of explanation to those coming of age a couple decades from now.

  3. ubrew12 Says:

    Healy-Rae: “…we can’t believe everything that the scientists are saying…” If I had a nickel for every time I heard a POLITICIAN tell me I can’t believe scientists, about Science, I’d buy an island in the Caribbean and sell condo’s to climate deniers right at sea level.

  4. dumboldguy Says:

    Darby O’Palin? LOL—-toby52 says comparing this moron to Palin is somehow “flattering” to Americans? It’s actually an insult, since Palin is a national embarrassment that we’d rather not be reminded of—-remember that the Party of Lincoln thought back in 2008 that she should be one heartbeat away from the presidency of the USA, and some on the wing-nut fringe STILL think what she says matters.

    No disrespect to Ireland, but Ireland could have a hundred Healy-Raes in charge of nearly everything and it wouldn’t much matter (unless Ireland has nuclear weapons hidden away somewhere that are being guarded by mad right-wing leprechauns).

    There are some folks in Ireland who DO have functioning brains and know how to use them. This site puts out excellent commentary twice a month, and offers a slightly different perspective on climate change and fossil fuels for those of us on this side of the pond. Well worth subscribing to.

  5. Resorting to not funny stereotype with the condescending bordering racist Darby O’Gill analogy weakens the argument by the writer. The Denier label is actually a display of ignorance. It exposes that the Alarmist cause is fundamentally insecure. Alarmists have to resort to an emotionally charged label because they are obviously too inarticulate to argue their case with hard evidence. So they resort to name-calling associated with the mass extermination of Jews. Most scientists like to be challenged with alternative opinions from other researchers unless of course your a climate alarmist you probably don’t like hearing opinions different from your own. Whatever of Mr Healy Rae, he was democratically elected at the ballot box and is accountable to the people. Good luck to him.

    • dumboldguy Says:

      Lighten up, Ultan. It is not “condescending bordering racist” when the photo of Danny Boy makes him look like a stereotypical “gap-toothed, bloodshot-eyed, drunken fookin’ Irishman”, and his words make him sound like one also. It’s just having fun.

      Your “I love CO2” gravatar gives us a clue as to why you are here spouting such BS and repeating many of the stupid denier sound bites like the Holocaust connection. Those of us who use the term denier are referring only to the fact that deniers deny the settled science of AGW, not to any connection with the Jews and Nazi Germany. Any denier who tries to make that connection is grasping at straws and insulting all Jews, living and dead.

      Go hang out with the other morons on WUWT where you belong, Ultan.

      DOG (and my real first name is Timothy, I’ve been married to Mary Margaret for 51 years, my daughter is named Kathleen, and I have grandchildren named Patrick and Mary Kathleen).

  6. Paul Whyte Says:

    D.O.G. You have pointed to an important economic role for climate denial.

    They are the ones ear marked by God to buy up all the sea front property all around the world and save the rest of us from economic wipe out. I hope there are enough of them to go around.

    Shame we have to loose “creation” though. Still it goes to show that easy come easy go.

    I would have thought that protecting our climate was more important that righteous sacrifice.

    You have to love the good denialists for playing such a pivotal role into the future. 😉

    • dumboldguy Says:

      It was ubrew who came up with the idea of selling sea level lots to deniers. Don’t bet on it, though. I think that many of the deniers are poorly educated and poorly paid or unemployed, and therefore not likely to be able to afford sea front property. Many of those who are a bit smarter and wealthier are DINO’s (Deniers In Name Only)—-they spout the denier BS because of political and economic ideology, but would NOT buy sea front property because they really know deep down that it’s a loser’s bet.

      Much of the real estate in South Florida is being bought by foreigners, and particularly by those who have so much money that they don’t care if it goes under water and is a total loss—-they will enjoy it until it does and then just walk away. A different animal entirely.

  7. Sir Charles Says:

    BTW, Climate Change Denial Disorder was recognized by the Environmental Media Association with a nomination in the 2015 Environmental Media Awards.

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