Famine Threatens Africa

April 27, 2016

Money Quote: “I am 80 and in the 80 years of my life,  I’ve never seen such severe drought.”


9 Responses to “Famine Threatens Africa”

  1. Gingerbaker Says:

    I can not remember a time in my life – and I am over 60 – when there was not dire famine or violent political unrest or extreme poverty in parts of Africa. I am afraid I have plain given up on equatorial Africa – it is doomed to be uninhabitable.

  2. redskylite Says:

    While it is true there have been many famines in Africa (and other parts of the world) before the industrial revolution, many reports are attributing a big part of what is happening today down to Climate Change. So just saying “famines happen” is a bit like (a lot of deniers) saying “forest fires happen”, but it does not justify continued green house gas emissions, or nullify the known effects of radiation blocking.

    And it is not just mankind, there has always been a plethora of animals in Africa.

    Sadly more and more species are facing extinction and some of that is down to our altering of the climate, in haste that nature would not reproduce itself in a normal glacial cycle. Africa the cradle of humanity, the birth place of our species.

    Climate change puts most-threatened African antelopes in ‘double jeopardy’

    Researchers reporting in the Cell Press journal Current Biology on April 28 say that climate change will cause a disproportionate decline in African antelopes with the smallest geographic ranges, placing the most-threatened taxa in “double jeopardy.” The findings are the first to suggest that animals already living in the most-restricted areas will be hardest hit as the climate shifts in the coming decades.


  3. dumboldguy Says:

    Frank, redsky, and GB all nibble at the edges of how futile man’s efforts are. (And we could throw in the California and coming AUS droughts as well if we want to think about “doomed to be uninhabitable”). The UN has its head in the sand, as is evidenced by their projections for future world population. They are predicting that the greatestt population growth will occur in many of the areas that are likely to be most impacted by climate change.


  4. redskylite Says:

    I fear the international news is just going to get grimmer and grimmer. I condemn the deniers for trying to hide and belittle the consequences of burning fossils for so many years. Yes grim things happen without climate change, but we have surely enhanced that. The sight of the drowned Syrian boy was upsetting enough, reports of what is happening in Africa is also shocking. Are those people to blame for having large families ? Population control will reduce the deaths due to a shifting climate, but not stop them. This attached news report highlights starving woman being set upon by starving hyenas – to quote someone from a brotherly blog “Hell is coming to breakfast”.

    “Somaliland risks descending into famine amid a severe drought that has killed thousands of livestock, an international aid agency warned on Friday, adding there were reports of some women being set upon by hyenas after collapsing from hunger.

    “Many people are saying it’s the worst drought in memory,” said Mary Griffin, spokeswoman for Islamic Relief, who visited the region this month.


  5. astrostevo Says:

    Papua New Guinea and a lot of Pacific islands incl. Vanuatu have been badly hit by drought and its effects too :






    Among other awful and worrying news items.

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