Bill Maher: To Solve Climate, First You have to Admit There’s a Problem

April 23, 2016

Your moment of Zen.

How can you have a conversation on the solution to climate change if one side does not even believe it’s a problem?

7 Responses to “Bill Maher: To Solve Climate, First You have to Admit There’s a Problem”

  1. Maybe humanity and our biosphere doesn’t need us using so much energy, producing so much useless consumer junk. Maybe exponential “growth” isn’t an imperative for human existence on this planet. Maybe using much less, plus renewables for essential needs is enough, rather than installing nuclear reactors on every street corner and poisoning every water source with methane and fracking chemicals, so we can watch republican politicians on our 84in TV, telling us we can live the manufactured BAU dream!

  2. redskylite Says:

    Peter, thanks for including this interesting discussion, reminded me a little of some of the old days on Crock, when too many decent posts were turned into a discussion on nuclear energy. Trouble is it masks the real problem of global warming and diverts the focus away. Any solution must be nearly (if not completely) carbon free, and as sensible and as low cost (both financial and environmental) as possible, in this we must trust our energy professionals. I hope and pray they are up to the job. The industry just needs high level direction, whether it is from the public, academia, governmental or energy management and associations.

    Just hope that what is going on in the big apple right now helps and pushes the world towards this target . .

    UN Calls For Paris Climate Pact Signatories To Go Beyond Their Emissions Commitment

    UN calls for Paris climate agreement signatories to go beyond existing commitments of decreasing emissions if they want to curb the disastrous consequences of future weather events.

    • redskylite Says:

      And talking of the big apple, New York City are taking Climate Change very seriously.

      Seth Pinsky, who was tasked by former Mayor Michael Bloomberg to create strategies for New York to adapt to extreme weather, says it’s imperative the city protect itself, and prepare for changing tides.

      According to the U.K.’s University College London, New York spent $2.2 billion in preparation for climate change last year. More than any other city in the world.

      That’s a fraction of what the city expects to spend over the next few decades. With expectations of more frequent and intense rainy days, heat waves and flooding – New York is bracing for some rather bleak long-term weather changes.

  3. Lionel Smith Says:

    Charles Cooke advocating fracking, given what we now know about the multifaceted dangers from industry marks him as trying hard not to understand the issues. Why?

  4. Greg Wellman Says:

    Every time someone like Cooke says “a carbon tax is regressive”, they need to be told, forcefully, “All taxes and transfers are one big system that we can choose to make as progressive or regressive as we want.” E.g. tax-and-dividend, but with a broader view.

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