Colbert: Trump Will Eliminate “Dept of Environmental”

April 9, 2016

The “DEP is killing us with new regulations”. Who knew?

30 Responses to “Colbert: Trump Will Eliminate “Dept of Environmental””

  1. dumboldguy Says:

    More proof of just how much of an ignorant moron Drumpf is, as are those who vote for him. This country is in deep trouble.

    • lracine Says:

      I don’t care for Trump…. but I would not be quite so fast to call him “ignorant”…. nor would I be so quick to refer to the blue collar wage workers that support him “ignorant morons”…

      John Micheal Greer has a very interesting article and insight into Trump, it is called “Donald Trump and the Politics of Resentment “…

      I encourage you to read it.

      • dumboldguy Says:

        The Washington Post is my daily paper, and I have been exposed for many months to endless and detailed dissection of the Trump phenomenon by writers across the political spectrum. ranging from Charles Krauthammer and George Will on the right to the usual suspects on the left. I do not use the word “ignorant” lightly

        When I say Trump is “ignorant”, I do not refer to how brilliantly he has grasped the concept of “the politics of resentment” and capitalized on it. His ignorance is instead in the area of not knowing anything about how the government works, having any realistic policies in mind on how to get it to work better, or really understanding what America USED to stand for and why there is so much “resentment”. Alexandra Petri comments on Trump’s “ignorance”in a column in today’s Post—-I encourage you to read it.

        John Michael Greer says much that anyone who understands what capitalism and globalization have done to the world economy can agree with, and I recommend that all read this followup to the linked article for its “interesting insight”.

        When I speak of the “ignorance” of those who vote for Trump, I speak primarily of them not knowing that they are being manipulated by an egotistical, bombastic, and IGNORANT blowhard that knows how to stir them up but has no idea of what to do to satisfy their resentment. Abolish the department of “Environmental”? Build a wall on the Mexican border and FORCE Mexico to pay for it? Abandon NATO? That’s ignorance personified.

        I use the term “moron” as a pejorative. As used in psychology, it describes a person with a mental age in adulthood of between 8 and 12 on the Binet scale, which is just about the level that Trump speaks at (see the Petri column). Trump is a moron who speaks like a fifth grader, and those who vote for him thinking that he is the answer to their “concerns” are therefore morons also. This country is indeed in deep trouble, and will be so no matter who wins in November—-if the winner is Trump, IMO we can kiss it goodbye. I am going to buy more guns and ammo.

        • lracine Says:

          I didn’t disagree with your comment that Trump was a moron…. lol My comment was by no means an endorsement of Trump…. it was intended to encourage a deeper understanding of why Trump is so popular. And why every time he makes a statement like the example above, his exposure and popularity increases.

          “being manipulated by an egotistical, bombastic, and IGNORANT blowhard…” interesting assessment.. one I understand and agree with.

          However, have you considered applying those same standards to the Washington Post… aka Jeff Bezos,…. The most recent example that comes to mind would be the coverage of Sanders and Clinton.. Yes WP tactics are more “refined”, but they are tailored to different section of the population.. (a literate one). However, the end results (propaganda, manipulation) are the same, are they not?

          Or how about applying those standards to Rupert Murdoch… and Fox News?

          Or how about the Wall Street Urinal…. since Murdoch has purchased it? Bloomberg???? etc etc…..

          I came across this link in the comment section of ZH early this morning.. (Had to get my daily dose of trash…. after looking at Reuters, NYT, LA Times and of course Russian Times…. RT, their spin/POV can be entertaining…. )

          It is about the “precession of simulacra”, Jean Baudrillard….

          “we have lost all ability to make sense of the distinction between nature and artifice..”

          I have been rolling that around in “my gray cells” as I bush hog on a beautiful Sunday spring morning. Thinking about how it applies to climate change and the perception our culture/society has of it….

          My comments are not intended as criticism, just a polite exchange of POV….

          There are other “gems” in JMG archives…..

          • dumboldguy Says:

            That “precession of simulacra”thinking is great. And JMG does have many “gems” to his credit, but he is just a bit too pleased with himself for my tastes. The Archdruid? Please!

            RE: your question on Bezos and the WashPost? ALL modern media is “propaganda and manipulation”, but mentioning Fox, Murdoch and The Urinal in the same comment as the WP is just an attempt to provoke. (Except that I too DO wonder a bit about what the media’s “game” is in their “coverage” of Sanders and Clinton. I suspect they are just trying to provoke controversy and boost their ratings, except for Fox of course, who are actively doing the Repugnants’ dirty work).

      • ubrew12 Says:

        GW Bush said he ‘thought with his gut’. The problem? A nations-worth of ‘gut thinkers’ took encouragement from that! Today, the problem ISN’T that we have a likely GOP front-runner for President that is keen on closing government agencies that DON’T EXIST. It’s that a majority of Republicans DON’T CARE if he can identify those agencies or NOT! Because as hit TV show ‘The Big Bang Theory’ has made clear: smart people are stupid (also: up is down). Trump is right from ‘his gut’, and if you can’t see that, it means you don’t have the guts to be a true, blue ‘Merican.

      • “ignorant” is not an insult. Nobody knows everything and so we are all ignorant about many things to differing degrees. Trump is ignorant of many more things than most. The only thing Trump has going for him is that he is a brilliant propagandist and populist. As for his followers, they are more than just ignorant of what Trump is about but willfully so and it is this willfullness that makes them morons.

      • dumboldguy Says:

        Speaking of “ignorant”, here’s the best clip of interviews with Tea Party types at the DC rallies in 2009. I’m sure these folks will vote for Trump this year. They’ve had seven more years of Fox News and Limbaugh brainwashing since this video. It’s a bit long, but there are MANY absolutely jaw-dropping moments scattered throughout.

        • lracine Says:

          So do you honestly think that climate change and it’s implications can be conveyed/explained to the US population?

          Do you really believe that the need to curtail CO emission/green house gasses and the corresponding reduction and/or changes in our standard of living will be accepted gracefully? Without armed insurrection and civil war???

          We are getting close to so many tipping points… time is running short…

          We live in interesting times….

        • Lionel Smith Says:

          I love that ignorance displayed by the lady in yellow top reclining @ C 11:45 who mentioned women coming across the border to have a baby and thereby being able to claim US citizenship. The interviewer the appraises her that any woman giving birth at such a time would have to wait twenty-one years before being able to make that claim. ‘That’s interesting’, she says, followed by a pause, wave of hands and ‘All I know is what my sister tells me she lives in Arizona’.

          Does Arizona produce better fonts of all knowledge?

          One question, what is a ‘White Cracker Baby’ that needs protecting (@ 6:56)?

          • dumboldguy Says:

            “White Cracker” is a pejorative that goes way back, usually directed against ignorant poor rural white folk in the deeper south. It is thought to have originated back in slavery times, when the white overseer “cracked” his whip on the backs of the slaves.

            In this case, the moron wearing the shirt with “Protect White Cracker Babies” on it was a white man, probably from the south, maybe not poor and rural, but definitely ignorant. His message was “the big bad guv’mint is taking it all from me and my ‘babies’ and giving it to those black and brown freeloaders”. Classic “victim” and racist to boot, and in the context of the unreconstructed southern white “cracker” he was actually showing pride in being a loser. Like my neighbor that flies a Confederate battle flag.

            That lady in yellow is my favorite. On top of being as dumb as a brick, she is (sorry to say it) fat and ugly, and that makes her even easier to dislike. (I am getting fatter and uglier as I age, so I hope that helps counter my judgmental remark, but if I were as dumb as this woman I would hope someone would shoot me).

  2. redskylite Says:

    Well there’s news of profiteers without any kind of ethics siphoning money away in the Panama files, keep digging I’m sure other names will surface.

    Vattenfall plans to sell its Germany lignite coal operations to Czech firms implicated in shady offshore dealing, it emerged on Friday.

    • redskylite Says:

      More fossil fuel connections to the Panama Files, surprise, surprise . . .

      The legal services head of the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA), Patience Tumusiime Rubagumya, told the BBC that the “re-domiciliation of Heritage had tax avoidance manoeuvres written all over it”.

      But the leaked email trail is the first direct insight into the thinking of the oil company’s managers and those acting on their behalf.

      “The leaks, if true, only go to validate the position taken by URA as far back as January 2010,” Ms Rubagumya added.

  3. neilrieck Says:

    What will happen if both Trump and Sanders are forced to run as independents?

    • dumboldguy Says:

      Nobody will “force” them to run as independents—-it will be a choice they make because of their egos.

      If only Trump runs as an independent, that will guarantee a huge defeat for the Repugnants and a win for whichever Democrat runs.

      If Sanders also runs as an independent, it will likely guarantee that no single candidate gets a majority of the electoral votes and the election will get thrown into the House of Representatives, which is controlled by Repugnants because of their dirty gerrymandering at the state level. Result will then be a Repugnant president—-bet on it.

      I like where Sanders is coming from philosophically in many areas, but he is doing damage to the Democrat’s cause—-he has served his purpose by pulling the party left, but he needs to exit the race soon. MY big worry is that he has so inflamed the young texting-tweeting-facebooking morons (aka “revolutionaries”) who support him that they may stay away from the general election and pout, which is as good as Bernie having said “Vote for a Repugnant because Hillary isn’t leftish enough”.

      • lracine Says:

        Republican and the Democratic party are two sides of the same coin…..

        Here is a clip of Lindsey Graham (senior VERY CONSERVATIVE Republican Senator) endorsing Cruz…. during the dialog he states….. “we are about to lose to the finest women in America, Hillary Clinton.”

        “Vote for a Repugnant because Hillary isn’t leftish enough”.

        That dog don’t hunt….. lol

        • dumboldguy Says:

          Did you miss the “….which is as good as Bernie having said…” part of that comment that came before “….Vote for a Repugnant because Hillary isn’t leftish enough”.

          That dog most certainly “do hunt”. Remember Nader in 2000? If enough of Bernie’s Babies stay home, it could swing the vote in some states the way Nader voters did in Florida, and that got us 8 years of Dubya.

      • MorinMoss Says:

        No. I want both Sanders and Trump to go the distance.
        Both parties need to find, and define, their identities and it won’t be done through expediency.
        Also, I trust Bill more to tell the truth about his peccadilloes than I trust Hillary to stick to her promises.
        Sanders is far more credible in that respect.

        • dumboldguy Says:

          You say you “want both parties to find and define their identities”? Political “identity” has been in decline in this country since the Reagan Years, and we’re not going to restore it in the next 8 months.. It”s the Repugnant Party that is lost in the wilderness right now anyway, and they are so far into the bushes that they may not “find and define” anything for years (beyond demonstrating beyond a doubt that they are not fit to govern the country).

          The Democratic Party pretty much knows what its “identity” is, and jt has for many years. Even with all her imagined warts, Clinton is the better candidate. She should be spending her time laying out the Democratic plan and attacking the Repugnants, but instead has had to deal with a non-Democrat, a socialist actually, who is as much of a demagogue in his own way as Donald Trump.

          You say you “trust” Bernie?—-that he is more “credible”? Sanders has said that Clinton is “unqualified” to be president, an absolutely shameful comment. He has badly distorted how much campaign money Clinton has gotten from “fossil fuel interests”. He is doing the Repugnant’s dirty work for them, and he and Clinton are SUPPOSED to be on the same side. Sanders has come up with all sorts of pie-in-the-sky proposals with no plan for financing them, and in that regard is no better than the Repugnants. Clinton, on the other hand, has made proposals that are within the realm of reason. I sent money to the Sanders campaign many years ago, and I actually now regret doing so.

          And if you really don’t trust Hillary to “stick to her promises”, I think you have succumbed to the propaganda campaign that the right wing has been waging against her for decades—–you need to reboot.

          • MorinMoss Says:

            Just look at the shifts in position Clinton has taken since Sanders got into the race.
            Why were they necessary? Has Sanders shifted at all? If not, then why not?

            Clinton is far too disliked by the GOP and they’re going to go after her with even more intensity than they did to Obama.
            If she’s elected, it’ll be Benghazi & Whitewatergate 7 days a week and they’ll pick apart everything she’s ever done as 1st Lady & State Sec.

          • dumboldguy Says:

            Why has Clinton “shifted”, asks Captain Obvious? Because her campaign has had to respond to Sanders and his unworkable pie-in-the-sky socialist-populist BS. They’re competing for the Democratic nomination for President—duh!

            Instead of focusing on solidifying her position, attacking the Republicans, and preparing for November, Clinton has had to waste time dealing with Sanders., who has only been a Democrat since 2015—–before that he was an “independent” and way back was a member of the Liberty Union Party and before that the freakin’ Socialist Party of America(!).

            And it hasn’t been a “shift” by Clinton as much as a definition and expansion of basic policies and positions that she and ANY other Democrat would promote. Sanders hasn’t “shifted” because he is pandering to the “revolutionaries” (and in the process damaging the Democratic Party, as I’ve said before). Clinton’s positions are reasoned, workable, and AFFORDABLE (Ask Bernie how he’s going to pay for all his BS—-he has NO idea, but it sounds good to the “revolutionaries”)

            ALL Democrats are “intensely disliked” by the the Repugnants and the mindless conservatives in this country. They have been attacking Clinton for over 20 years, and NONE of has stuck—-it’s all the same endless repeating of lies that has worked so well for climate change deniers. Benghazi-Whitewater-Emails (you forgot Vincent Foster’s murder) is all political BULLSHIT, and the Repugs are counting on people like you to believe it and thereby damage Clinton’s chances.

            All that said, is she perfect? NO politician is perfect, and Clinton, like Obama, has been too cozy with the big money and corporatocracy-plutocracy in this country. If nothing else, Bernie has pulled her more to the center there, his only raison d’etre, IMO. But IMO, Bernie has next to no chance of drawing enough independents and moderate conservatives to get elected over a Repugnant like Paul Ryan—-Hillary does.

            And yes, you heard it right, DOG is predicting that Ryan will be the candidate—-the Repugnants cannot be so stupid as to put Trump or Cruz up there, and the incredible circus that will be called the Republican Convention will dump them both. If Trump then behaves as the spoiled child he is and mounts a third party candidacy, we can all start practicing saying “Madame President” this summer.

          • MorinMoss Says:

            I don’t have time to get into a longer discussion with you but I’ll say this much.
            Clinton started out with Goldwater and even though that was long ago, she & Bill have hewed closer to the Republican agenda than most for a very long time.

            The Clinton years were full of laws that made the GOP very happy – and they still impeached him over a “cigar” while happily support Newt Gingrich as Speaker.
            Sanders staked out his ethics, morals & politics back before 1970 and has been resolute since, waiting for the rest of the country to catch up.

            So after all that’s happened since Reagan was elected, through all the scandals, financial collapses, increased military spending, multiple wars, private prisons, the return of debtors jails, arming cops like they’re preparing for Ragnarok, mandatory minimums that put a casual doobie smoker in jail for 15 years , decades which saw to quote Bill Maher “the Democrats move to the right and the right move into a mental hospital”, there’s FINALLY a real chance to elect a steadfast candidate who’s been on the right side of history for a decade longer than the average American has been alive.

            Or you could vote for Hillary Clinton.

          • dumboldguy Says:

            You have imbibed a lot the Sanders and Repugnant Kool-Aid, haven’t you? Hillary “started out with Goldwater” in high school, soon had second thoughts, and worked on both the McCarthy and McGovern campaigns.


            You say “…she & Bill have hewed closer to the Republican agenda than most for a very long time”. “WHAT Republican agenda”? “….hewed closer than MOST”? “…..for a VERY LONG time”? You may not have the time to get into a longer discussion, but that doesn’t get you a pass when you spew BS like this. If you aren’t going to support all that opinionated crap, you shouldn’t say it.

            Bernie “staked out his politics BEFORE 1970”? Yes, he was a member of the Socialist Party, a Civil Rights activist, and involved in the peace and antiwar movements (and he applied for CO status for Vietnam). Once he grew up after his failures with the Liberty Union Party, he DID become more “steadfast and resolute” and adopt a progressive-independent position that has served him and Vermont well (and the country for the most part). Swell!

            We have been passing laws that “make the GOP very happy” since Reagan got elected, and “have been waiting for the country to catch up” for all that time when the TRUTH is that in many ways the country is falling farther behind and Bernie’s “answers” are not as good as Hillary’s. The presidency of the United States is not waiting to be used as a reward for Bernie’s “steadfast and resolute” adherence to fringe positions that are unworkable in 2016.

            You say we have “….a chance to elect a candidate who has been on the right side of history for a decade longer than the average American has been alive”? Lord love a duck! I give up. Try not to OD on the Kool-Aid. I would miss your voice in the climate change discussions on Crock.

        • markle2k Says:

          All you have done is rephrase “We must destroy the village to save it.” for another context.

          • MorinMoss Says:

            Some houses can be saved; some must be demolished & rebuilt.
            Some infections can be treated & cured; some will cost you an arm & a leg.

  4. May I make a humble point as an outsider from OZ

    It is critical that the US voter does not just focus on the Presidential race, but wisely cast their votes for every political appointee down to the dog catcher.

    That Congressional, Senate and State strangling of government and policy must be ended

    • dumboldguy Says:

      Thank you for that good advice from the Land of OZ, FS. If you could explain how to ensure that our voters “cast their votes wisely” it would be most helpful.

      I look at how “wisely” the votes were cast in the UK, AUS, and CAN that gave us Cameron, Abbott, and Harper (to say nothing of putting W in the White House for 8 years), and wonder if there is some kind of brain virus infecting the English-speaking countries.

      • MorinMoss Says:

        The Canucks did hamstring Harper for a number of years by denying him a majority from his election in 2006 until 2011 – and sent a clear message by electing the largest number of NDP candidates (ie socialists) ever that same year.

        IMO that was more about a loss of faith in the Liberals & Bloc Quebec than anything as the NDP picked up 78% of the seats lost by the other 2 opposition parties.
        And then 1 election later, Harper got dumped unceremoniously with the ascendancy of Justin Trudeau.

        What have the Aussies & Limeys done?

        • Lionel Smith Says:

          “What have the … & Limeys done?

          We are working on it. I figure many turkeys are now realising that they voted for Christmas. However, only proportional representation could level the playing field but with the danger of producing a chaotic disparate factions with elections ever few years a la Italy.

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