John Christy, Richard McNider and Roy Spencer trying to overturn mainstream science by rewriting history and re-baselining graphs

April 7, 2016

Maybe best analysis so far of John Christy’s go-to magical graph that gets so much traction in the deniosphere.
There’s a reason, as Gavin Schmidt has noted, that it’s never been published.

My view on climate change

Who are the Flat Earthers?

Before the advent of modern climatology, common wisdom had it that we tiny humans couldn’t possibly influence climate. Modern science shows we can. Yet John Christy and Richard McNider claim the exact opposite in a recent WSJ op-ed, in which they claim that their outdated views on climate somehow make them modern-day Galileo’s (or in their words: Why they are the ones declaring that the earth is round while the vast majority of the climate scientists persist in thinking the earth is flat). They couldn’t be more wrong.

Back then, scientific evidence slowly overturned the religious-cultural notion that the Earth was the centre of the universe. This resulted in a scientific consensus that the Earth revolves around the sun. More recently scientific evidence has started overturning the notion that humans can’t possibly influence something as gigantic as the Earth’s climate. This too has…

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6 Responses to “John Christy, Richard McNider and Roy Spencer trying to overturn mainstream science by rewriting history and re-baselining graphs”

  1. Thanks Peter. Note that this post is in response to a WSJ piece from 2014 though, so the graph in question is not identical to the one making the rounds now. It’s very similar though in how the baseline is shifted for visual exaggeration effect.

    • greenman3610 Says:

      got it.
      the fact is, your response here is a good one, and we keep seeing this nonsense visual pop up here and there – Christy has taken to making minor changes to fit whatever the situation is, but the graph still looks exactly the same.
      would not stand up to peer review.

  2. Any chance of an updated rebuttal any time soon, with current data?

  3. Go get a REAL job. Blogging is the same as teaching… those who can’t do, blog. Every one of you screechers, screech to make money, keep your jobs or gain favor, in the wealth redistribution and power agenda realm.

    What’s your “endgame”? Are YOU really looking out for man and planet? REALLY? Can .04% of the atmosphere REALLY warm it? You can’t POSSIBLY be that stupid. Do you listen to ALL the climate screeching scientists, or do you have a favorite?

    Here’s one you might want to take note of. She KNOWS CO² can’t possibly be warming the Earth’s atmosphere, at it’s present level.

    “We can do experiments on small scales in the lab. We can make
    OBSERVATIONS on a global scale, but you’re right, it is hard to replicate
    in a three foot by three foot chamber (in a lab). It’s a challenge to replicate
    that.” – Professor Kristie Boering, UC Berkley

    Even SHE knows you can’t replicate ALL of Earth’s variables, in a
    laboratory. Whether ANYONE can prove that CO² is a greenhouse gas, is
    irrelevant… man has yet to be proven to cause anything relating to
    weather and climate. We CAN seed clouds and change the weather, but our
    minuscule output of CO² isn’t causing the climate to change… that’s just loony-toons.

    IF CO² CAN cause warming, why aren’t we blaming termites instead of Exxon and Peabody? Oh yeah, termites have NO political power OR money.

    It has only been THEORIZED, that man can cause climate change, with his paltry 6% contribution of CO². The Earth has warmed up and cooled down more times than you can count to.

    Most of what “man” puts into the air, would actually COOL the Earth (particulates such as sulfur dioxide and carbon), but since you wannabe Bill Nye the Lying Guys, think that .038% to 0.04% of the atmosphere can really warm things up, and you’ve been screeching it over and over, hoping that the lie would eventually become the truth in some low-IQ’d Obama voters’ mind, you’re sticking with it, right?

    So little CO² can not POSSIBLY warm the atmosphere. You think, because someone took a 3 foot by 3 foot glass chamber, filled it with the various gases that make up our air, then loaded WAY too much CO² into it, then heated it with a lamp, and the chamber became warmer at the bottom, that the minuscule CO² WE put into the air HAS to be causing the warming.

    I KNOW you don’t really believe that tripe, and I know you only SAY those things so you can blame man so he has to fork over money in taxes and the big oil and coal Republicans have to start abiding by the laws that the Obama-run EPA has put into place… it’s ALL to transfer power, influence and money… wealth and power redistribution.

    • addledlady Says:

      “So little CO² can not POSSIBLY warm the atmosphere.”

      Really? You do realise that the other 99% of the atmosphere – the oxygen, nitrogen and argon – is totally inactive. We really only need to pay attention to the trace gases with their very small quantities for their various effects.

      It’s like saying you can’t recognise a picture in cartoon form because the black lines occupy less than 1% of the white visual space. Reality being, of course, that the black lines are the important part, not a trivial component.

      What is this a picture of?

    • dumboldguy Says:

      Not worth spending much time responding to TBaked, the science-ignorant SHOUTER and denier troll. If he were anything more than that, he’d understand that CO2 can indeed warm the atmosphere (in fact most life wouldn’t have developed on Earth without the GHG effects of CO2 and water vapor). He would also understand that the rate at which mankind has put CO2 into the atmosphere since the beginning of the industrial revolution exceeds what is “normal” by two or three orders of magnitude, and is in fact having serious consequences.

      If Tbaked is not POE-ing us, he is an anal orifice of exceptional “telent”, with all his screeching, SHOUTING, and parroting of tired old denier BS. Go away, Tbaked—go back to WUWT where you belong.

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