Zeke Hausfather: On Buckets and Buoys

March 16, 2016

As always, I’ll try to slice these interviews up and get them online – so anyone can follow the experts for themselves.

More from Zeke Hausfather, San Francisco, December 2015.
Zeke’s experience with Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature project has made him an encyclopedic resource on how global temperatures are measured.

Below, see my interview with Richard Muller, head of the Berkeley group – and how he was skeptical, till he actually started studying the record.

Below, the back story on Muller and his turnaround.



2 Responses to “Zeke Hausfather: On Buckets and Buoys”

  1. Poor Anthony Watts is still denying AGW and has gone off the rails with a new outrageous outrage and is crying conspiracy over DMI removing their 30% ice extent graph. He has deleted contrarian posts, banned the commenters, other comments which replied to the “offending” comments and altered the timeline of his pseudo-science blog to cover up the censorship.
    Even Neven who runs the Arctic Sea ice Blog and ASI forum was caught up in Watts’ purge. Here is a link to Neven’s coverage of Antony’s meltdown which we for the sake of humour have labeled DMIgate. If this sounds eerily familiar to readers of this blog, yes Monckton plays a prominent role.

    Grasping at uncorrected straws – Arctic Sea Ice

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